Friday, April 30, 2010

30th April 2010 Late Morning

I saw myself at a conference with almost all my friends and batchmates. The talks and presentations were  being held at a grand hall. We were given the conference program and details at the start of the conference at the registration desk. We were sitting in the front rows of the second set of seats from the stage.
Some person had created his own self in a machine. I saw them carry the lookalike of that person which was sitting in a cardboard box and the box was being carried. The lookalike machine was programmed so that it could make a conversation and keep it up. It gave exactly the same responses (verbatim) which the researcher would have given.
I might have gone to wash my face or to the loo but when I came back, I saw none of my friends at our sitting place but others. I looked around, then at the stage where the speaker was. There, around a big table, on the chairs, were sitting all my friends and batchmates. I saw them talking and chatting with that machine. I felt rather left out and neglected. In a sulky mood, I sat on one of the chairs in the second set of seats and stared at the screens which showed the action on stage to people sitting rather away from the stage to hear anything.
That night, we were moving around the town in a jeep. We all had stuffed ourselves in the jeep. The town closed early everyday and had many unfinished or broken shops, narrow streets through which the jeep barely came through. Yeah, daddu was driving the jeep! Although dood fought hard to take the control of the wheel!
Next morning while walking the corridor of our place of stay to leave for the conference, I met an acquaintance on the way. She told me about the dream she had last night and asked me if I had such dreams. I said, her dream was quite interesting and that I had such dreams many times.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

29th April 2010 Late Morning

I saw myself with my parents and sister, all dressed up for a party and walking into this large hall with few long tables neatly covered with red cloth, in the center and chairs all around the hall, by the walls. Few families were there but clearly all the men were higher officials. Although I felt out of place among them, I did feel after a while that I was smarter than many there.
The ambiance was great. The grand hall was well lit; there was a chandelier in the center, I guess. The big silver wares for each food dish and the cutlery felt upper class. One side of the hall had a small door that led straight to the kitchen, the other door led to the bar. The opposite side of the hall had a small lobby which faced the glass door that led straight to a green and well lit park, with fountain and grass and flowers and shrubs, and benches to sit on. All the kids were playing outside in the park when we entered the grand hall.

While in line for dinner, I filled my plate completely. For some more space, I took another plate, a smaller one and put the dessert, gulab jamun, into it. I smiled as I managed to put the gulab jamun into the smaller plate I was holding with my left hand. I then thought, how's this possible. I looked behind my back at others who were staring at me. I looked down and saw the main plate with all the food fallen on the carpeted floor. I was expecting lots of food on the carpet and my shoes but there wasn't food at all, only that big white plate, unbroken. I silently had my dessert, then helped serve the other dessert, which looked like gulab jamuns, but were oblong in shape.
Later at home, I was frustrated for not being able to even take care of my plate of food. My mother consoled me and said she'd make something for me, but I asked her not to bother.

Monday, April 26, 2010

26th April 2010 Late Morning

I saw myself traveling in train but this time I was responsible for all the others traveling with me. Almost all of them were my juniors from college. We just managed to get in the train before it left. Some were sitting on their luggage, some where standing. It looked as if we were in the general compartment but the compartment wasn't really crowded. The train and the platforms etc. looked like in the times before our national independence (early 20th century). Roughage, chaff etc. was lying on the other side of the compartment. We were chatting and laughing.
We got ready to get down. We were at that place for some reason. While keeping our luggage at the entrance of the bogie, we found one of our suitcases missing. I couldn't remember if we had that suitcase with us in the first place. I called one of my juniors (either Akshat or Neeraj) back in college to ask him if we had taken that suitcase for the journey. He said how could I expect him to know that! Of course, stupid of me! I made a few more calls but all in vain. Later I saw myself alone at the station, late at night, waiting for a passenger train to come.

I saw my parents, sister and me outside a temple. We had traveled in a jeep to visit that temple. We had a lot of luggage in the jeep and jeep's backdoor wouldn't close. So my father took the wheel, applied the reverse gear and parked the jeep touching the outer wall of the temple. He did it so smoothly that the backlights were unaffected.

Friday, April 23, 2010

23rd April 2010 Late Morning

I saw myself at the wrong residence. I opened the door, realized my mistake but before I could close it back and leave, the one sitting on the bed called me in. I went in.
The truth is, I was supposed to keep tabs on them and update my friend with the information. My friend and I were working for the government, collecting information on such people. They had committed many cold blooded murders. I knew I had to think of an excuse for mistakenly barging into their one room house which looked like hut from outside but had a lot of room inside. It was among the many hut looking houses in that row, and I opened one door sooner.
I went in, greeted them and sat on the bed, pretending that I was their ally. I began giving them some information on my friend's progress in the case. But before I could tell them much, he stopped me and asked me, "Naam kya hai tera?" (what's your name?). He caught me off guard. I wasn't prepared for that question. At any cost I was not to reveal my real name, or any Indian or American fake name. I spoke some Afghan name. He looked at me and gave me clear signs that he didn't trust my lies.
The style in which he killed the impostors played over and over again in my mind as we sat to eat. I remember fighting few men with rods emitting electric current, and the dead lady officer hanging from the great wall on that roadside. I was hoping to rescue her, so that if she may still be breathing, we could revive her, but those men stopped me and eventually I had to save myself when I saw the lady was no more alive.

My friend was living in the adjacent hut. If only I could switch roles with him because he was more experienced, he could find a way out of this situation. I couldn't just run away from this place, if I did they'd track me down and kill me. We were in their country, so they had the upper hand. The shrieks of the lady, who was an agent from our agency, they killed at the roadside by hanging her on a wall and throwing stones and sharp objects at her.
It was a dream, I told myself. Crap! I thought, why couldn't I opt for the other character, instead of the current character I was in? I thought I had a choice, maybe I didn't. I imagined how it'd feel to die, and since I would die, I wouldn't be able to see how it all ends, which made me sad.
They started threatening me to tell the truth. I was really scared and tried to disguise my heavy breathing with sneezing and coughing. I laughed at their accusations and spoke most of the times in native language of Afghanistan. I knew this mission was hanging on my little shoulders and I could not, at any cost, give in even if it means death. We needed to catch the whole organization, not just those two men, who commit atrocities and cold blooded murder in the name of God and law.
Alas, I was made a bait and my team was asked to show up, else I'd be killed the way the lady officer was. Before they taped my mouth, I kept on laughing hysterically and telling them they had weird sense of humor, putting their own man on the line, pretending he belonged to the enemy and expecting the enemies to surrender. The information I gave them about my friend and our team's plan was all true, except for the end game, which is my friend is a world class expert. But the game had changed now. I was going to die, and I wished my friend and our team didn't come trying to save me. I wanted those savages killed in cold blood, which would only happen when my friend executed his plan (plan B, since I have been captured) as decided.
Alas, I won't be there to see the end.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

22nd April 2010 Early Morning

I saw myself (from above) in an ocean with many others floating/swimming nearby and far. I remember talking to a lady about it who told me that I was in a much smaller water-body, and she told me that there's an even bigger water-body in which many more people swim. I remember myself planning for swimming in this water-body for quite some time.
I remember myself surrounded by many people in that ocean size water-body. Initially I was surprised to see myself there; I look around. I saw the nearest shore, so I started swimming towards it.

21st April 2010 Late Morning

I saw myself at a fort like place. I had to wait at diff. places, then climb stairs through thin paths with stone walls on both sides. The small rooms where others and I waited were spacious but the stair steps were big and the stairs path was very thin, hence only one person could climb up or go down. I felt a little claustrophobic thinking of a scenario when people have to escape the place, they all will fight to go through that thin stairs path, it was horrifying. BTW, among others, I saw aunties with their little kids sitting in a row of chairs, which means that that place was not just a center for karate exam but had other things going on in it as well.
I was probably at that place to take the exam for first belt of karate. While waiting in one of the rooms on the way, I saw many books lying in that room. I started reading those books and became really interested in them. Those books consisted knowledge of fighting as well as various sciences including physics and medicine. So I guess instead of taking the exam, I left that place with those books. I obsessively read for days and days with very little breaks. I was scared as to what would happen if I couldn't finish reading those books. I had to finish reading those books asap.

I saw the guy I met at the center for the exam. We exchanged smiles. I saw him looking around but he didn't tell me reason for his business there. He said he was just visiting our campus. I resumed my reading. Later Asrar came to my room; that guy saw him from a distance. He came to me and asked me if Asrar was my friend. I answered in affirmative and he said that my friend would die tonight. I was astonished as to what he said.
Later I caught that guy and made him understand that it wasn't worth it, that he should go back and think on it. He said he hated my friend and people like him, he hated all such people. I told him to think if his hatred was worth taking someone's life, I told him that if next time he saw my friend and felt the same way, he may kill him. But that guy wouldn't listen. He called his ally and both stood in the line for the food at our mess. Surprisingly, our mess was bigger and quite spacious. They had firm grip on their daggers but had placed them in a hidden position.
I was confused as to what to do. I went to Dhingra who was near the start of the line and told him everything. Dhingra, in his regular jolly mood said we'd handle them, that I shouldn't worry. Dhingra asked me where they were, I pointed at their direction, but then one person extended his height to hide others behind him and had two window handles snugged in his night-pants. Dhingra said that I told him they had daggers but that guy had window handles, a court case is also not registered for window handles. Akshay was also standing nearby, so I agreed and asked Akshay for his confirmation for participation. Akshay agreed. I said, great, we're four, they're two. But I was still scared because I saw him at that place, which means he knew karate and definitely better karate than me. I told Asrar about it, but he laughed it off and said my sense of humor was strange today.

Had Asrar accepted his fate and felt helpless, or did Asrar and his allies suspect this for sometime now? Did Asrar also know martial arts?

Before I could find out answers to any of these questions, my prof. called me, asking on PAKDD registration status, hence waking me up!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

20th April 2010 Early Morning

I saw Pradeep aunty laughing a lot, laughing with delight, but more with the satisfaction akin to being proved right and making fool out of someone. She laughed out loud when I told her about the colonel/brigadier who turns out to be the bad guy. She paused in between her laughter just to tell me that she had known from the start that the head of the team was the bad guy.
I saw the brigadier/colonel, and few of the other officers serving under him, one of them being a lady officer. One of the officer and the lady officer started having an affair. The head didn't like/approve of that for some reason unknown. The two officers broke up, only had the professional relationship. But the few days' affair had served its purpose and the head started making wonky decisions and the team started suffering defeats. On being questioned, the head dared them to question his judgment and authority. The two officers, who were good friends before their short lived affair, went to the head to discuss the seriousness of his misplaced decisions.
The last thing I see, is the male officer asks the head, who stands a little away from them, his back to them, his hands clasped behind him. He then turns back to look at the male officer, then the female officer. It was then I noticed the head's mustache.

Monday, April 19, 2010

19th April 2010 Early Morning

I saw a drugged/drunk girl lying on my bed in my bedroom, and the guy who had brought her home. I hated that guy, I hated his guts, but I didn't have a reason to.
The girl lying on the bed was someone I loved a lot, perhaps my sister or a very good friend. Her habits did hint towards such an outcome, but I could never have foreseen the present moment. She did get drunk once in a while but drugs...
The guy standing in front of me, I interrogated him severely, and his prompt answers to all my questions did suggest I should thank him for bringing her home to me. I only wish I knew who did that, how all that happened.
That guy and I did, and still resent each other. But he was ready to help in whatever way possible. I wanted to appreciate his help, but was too perturbed at the moment.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

18th April 2010 Early Morning

Yes, I couldn't believe it myself. Do I remember it correctly? I questioned myself.
I saw the grand casino of Las Vegas. The building was glittering in yellow light. I saw myself lying in a black SUV. I saw my father rushing towards us from the casino, he takes the wheel, my mother closes the door and we nearly escaped them. I guess I was shot, but I felt sick rather than in pain. There wasn't much chase and we reached home safely.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

17th April 2010 Early Morning

I saw myself at this hotel which had this vast circular area with elevators or turning door at its circumference. I entered the hotel at one end and saw people coming in and out of those elevators and turning doors. I got a call from my father. He asked me when I'd be home. I told him I'd be home the day after tomorrow. The signal was bad so I had to put my mouth just on the mouthpiece and whisper loudly. The call was cut eventually. I saw her leaving through one of the turning door on the other side.
I had not planned on coming to that place but I was following her who came to that place. I lost her when I walked out of the turning door to the other side.
I was with my friends. We were looking for some place to play, some card games I guess, gamble I guess. I was reluctant at first, but then later we all played, me and many of my batch friends. It was a gala time for us.

I saw myself in a seminar hall with steps type seating arrangement for audience. I saw someone giving a lecture on some topic of social science/sociology and I saw many of my batchmates, including Atul, attending that. And they were really enjoying it !!

Friday, April 16, 2010

16th April 2010 Early Morning

I saw myself sitting at some neighbor of ours. They had those village kind of wooden cots. My parents, especially my mother was concerned because they had arranged for their daughter's marriage but their daughter already liked/loved someone else. My mother, with all her wisdom gained by watching India TV and other stupid news channels said that children commit suicide if parents force them to do anything. She tried to convince the neighbors, don't know how far she succeeded.

I remember climbing down some curvy flight of stairs. I saw my parents and some other couple who had just bought a puppy because I remembered that they didn't have one before. It was amusing to see that puppy trying to climb the stairs on its own. It put one leg on a stair, then tried to heave itself. I saw my father using a stick to support the puppy from behind and raise it horizontal. The puppy pushed itself ahead and reached the next stair.

I saw myself, among others, doing a series of events, which included writing, performing, reciting etc. in front of a large audience. I remember being nervous and the environment wasn't very hostile. Later I saw myself looking at my answer sheet. I was writing an exam and things like performance, recitation, large audience etc. was my imagination. :D I was surprised to have got one of the highest marks. I saw the answers I had written and the teacher told me that most of them were just perfect! The subject was English. Many of my classmates congratulated me, including the girl I had crush on. It felt good but I was so happy about getting highest marks in English that I wanted to think about English and marvel my own work more than thinking about her or talking to her.

I heard people talking about research and development in our country, India. They saw me, asked me to join the conversation and told me that my country needs me for R&D, and I agreed. :)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

15th April 2010 Early Morning

I saw a local don walking towards me with his minions closely walking behind him, in a corridor of some building that looked like the building of Imperial College of Engineering in 3 idiots! I was feeling a little uncomfortable, but then he saw me and patted me, then wrapped his arm around my shoulders from behind and hinted me to walk with him. He was there to attend some meeting with his associates. They had a meeting in some classroom, as I could see the green board on one side. That classroom was in the league with the best office conference rooms, with AC and good furnishing.
The meeting commenced. After few minutes, I saw a sexy lady, of my age group come and sit on the chair beside me. Most of my attention was now diverted to her hair, her scent and those cursory glances I gave her. In a while, I noticed don's khaas aadmi (right hand man), who had long hair and beard and looked stupid with his sunglasses on, frequently looking at her, so I stopped glancing at her.
Later that night, the don called me. I never wanted to be his friend but he seems to like me and trust me as a friend, and can't say no to a don! His mansion was like the ones shown in Bollywood movies! I climbed up to his room and saw him in a pathetic situation. He looked sick, and scared. He wouldn't tell on being asked, but after some cajoling and reminding him that he can tell me anything, he realized he could trust me and told me all about it.
"But you never killed a woman in your lifetime, you promised yourself you wouldn't."
"Yes, but that's not the complete truth. I did kill a woman, unintentionally. She was bent on exposing me. I got a little violent and her death was an accident."
"Oh crap! That's really bad. But that must have been long time ago. Why today?"
"Because I saw her today."
"The woman you killed? What? Seriously? Are you drunk? High?"
"Don't be stupid! I'm sober now. I saw her walking towards me. She didn't say anything though. But that's not all."
The idea of the mansion being haunted scared me. I saw a ghost walking through the walls of the mansion, then out of the mansion and towards me, standing in front of it. I didn't want to die with that don because of something I wasn't involved in. But he never looked more scared. I was a little concerned.
"I saw many woman's ghosts. I know they were ghosts because they were walking in air, just like the woman I killed walked."
"Did you kill all of them?"
"No! I didn't. I need your help. I'm scared."
He walked to the bar, made himself a drink, gulped it immediately and turned towards me.
"I don't want to die. I am really sorry for whatever I had done with that woman."
I did think that was coming. But I was puzzled as to why he saw other woman's ghosts he didn't kill. Could it be that his minions killed those women?
"I think that's a sign that I should give up my evil ways and become a good person. I'll do anything to reduce the damage I've done, as long as I live in peace."
A don confessing, I was amused. I wanted to smile but couldn't. I didn't feel scared or nervous of him anymore, but started feeling better in his company. Finally he might become one of the good guys.
"I think the only way to nullify the effects of your bad deeds, is to start doing good deeds. You've to become one of the good guys. Sir, I'm with you. You must become a good person and use all your capabilities and resources towards it. The ghosts of all the woman would feel satisfied to see you do good work and would leave."
I encouraged his desire to survive the spirits. Alas, the right hand man thought the don had gone crazy and decided to take over.
I don't remember what happened after that, but I do hope the don became one of the good guys!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

9th April 2010 Early Morning

I saw myself at some get-together in some dim lighted big room. It looked like some seminar hall of a 5 star. Few of my immediate juniors had this list of marks and grades for a course I was TA of. Those were a year old records. One of them said that I had the authority to make changes in those records and since they were old records, others won't bother verifying it. He said I was the TA, so I would have the password which would still be valid! He wrote something which looked like 'm' and 'n' in his ow writing, but sideways. He explained those were the current marks and marks to be updated (which were fake of course!). I looked at them for sometime to figure out the numerical figure they resembled.
I remember Kamal sir addressing all of us after that. Perhaps we all were at Dean's Dinner. He said if we could all promise him that we would stop drinking from that moment onwards!

I happen to meet two students of Police Academy sitting at a table, in a small room/back of a big vehicle. I met them for the first time but they seemed friendly. Some other friend of their walked in and sat on the third chair and then some other came in and stood beside me. One of them already sitting there asks the ones who just came in about their training and if the gun was issued to them. The one sitting said that he'd be issued the gun next week/month. The table had a plate with some confectionary stuff but I can only remember brown muffins. They offered me the whole pack of big brown fresh muffins. I took it, hesitatingly.

Later that night, I had to struggle to recall the name of my destination. I started taking names of all the stops in between till I could say "Gachibowli" after which the 7-seater driver said that the 7-seater would turn from the Gachibowli bus stop to the right.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

7th April 2010 Early Morning

Underwater temple and paper piano

I saw a couple jumping into the water and from inside the water I saw them kissing each other once, then swimming deeper towards the Sri Ram temple at the bottom of the lake. I swam to the temple and visited it. I saw a hawker distributing prasad so I accepted a packet. I opened it and ate a little boondi from it. I realized I couldn't stay without breath under water for a long time so I started going back upwards. I called my sister and asked her to leave with me. She was puzzled but she did. I pushed her upwards, then started swimming towards the surface. I had to go through a thin opening which had stairs below it. I then realized that the temple was submerged in the lake but wasn't when was originally built. Sensing that I might be out of breath, I left the packet of prasad at the start of the opening for better comfort in swimming.
On reaching the surface, I started feeling hungry and regretted leaving prasad back at the lake. I looked around for vendors selling prasad but didn't find anyone selling the same prasad. Finally I asked one of them for 3 out of 5 diff. kinds of prasads that he was selling but he refused, as he sold them all as a set and not individually and I didn't have enough money to buy the whole set.
My sister and I were to wait for a vehicle to take us home but we waited for sometime and it didn't come. Coincidentally I saw Alok, Sachin and other IIIT-H friends who are currently working and staying in Bangalore leaving the temple in their car. Alok looked out of the window and in his usual style greeted me.
Apparently some of the guys in that car were to be dropped somewhere so it would take more time than usual for us to reach home. We made a few minutes stop at their place. I told them that it reminded me of my school and the place looked like a part of Army cantonment area. It did have small rooms arranged in a circle, a TV room, a playground and a large area for exercises. I saw a playroom with a paper piano in it. My sister went there and started playing the piano. I was astonished to see that piano make music. My friends and I walked around the place and talked for a few minutes. I asked them if there was anything available to eat and although I had a biriyani and something else, still I was hungry. My sister came to us from the other room and said that the paper piano was dismantled. I saw the broken into pieces piano and got a little worried. My friends said it can be fixed easily and that I should not worry.

I was at a marketplace (sadar bazar, Jalandhar, lookalike) with my father and some friend of his. My father left me with him to buy something from some shop a little far. My father's friend asked me if I would like to have something. I said, and he brought me a large hot-dog and something else in packing. My father called us outside so that we may leave. While leaving the shop, I forgot to take my half-eaten hot-dog and the something else in packing. Halfway out of the marketplace, I remembered that I had left my stuff at that shop. My father and his friend looked at each other, concerned. "Never mind, it'll not take long," my father's friend said and we went back. It was closing time for all the shops. Initially we were not sure if we were at the same shop because the place looked like an abandoned patch, as if nothing ever existed there! There was a man taking rounds of the street, asking everyone to close down their shops. He wore a uniform similar to the security guards' at IIIT-H. On watching us enter the abandoned shop, he walked to us and said we were not allowed to enter that place because it was past closing time for shops. We tried reasoning with him that we'd left our stuff inside the shop but he wouldn't listen. Finally we had to give him a little something, which my father and his friend debated upon, and went into the abandoned shop, only to find my stuff lying there, untouched, among the emptiness.
Later, we walked the empty streets of the city. There was enough lighting, both natural and artificial to confuse a brightly lit night to a cloudy daytime. I saw a big banner of indibloggers on our way back and got excited about it. I pointed to it, saying that they'd have their meeting in the same building which hosted the banner. My father asked me "What do you guys really do in such meetings?" not convinced those meetings and get-together serve any purpose.

I saw myself in a long table conference type of meeting, sitting close to the head of the meeting. Somebody, I think it was Mux, greeted him, "Konbanwa" which the boss interrupted saying it was morning time. The boss asked others if they knew the Japanese greeting for "good morning". Many, including me and Mux said "Oya sumi masen" with a little hesitation. He repeated the greeting with better intonation and pronunciation. He finally asked who knew basic Japanese. Many hands shot up, and it was then I saw Mohit sitting in the meeting, a couple of chairs away from me.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

6th April 2010 Early Morning

It must be 8 or 9 am, we were trekking, me and few others. Among others I remember a couple of families, some other middle aged people, and few of my friends. We were walking through a posh colony, akin to an army cantonment colony. We looked around and saw only few people around. One of my friends pointed to a house and said, "This is house of Rocky, Sylvestor Stallone." I thought he was kidding but when I looked at him, I knew he wasn't.
I slipped away from the group, walked up to his apartment on the first floor. I knocked at his door. He came out in his night clothes. He stared at me for a few seconds. "What is it that you want, kid?"
OMG, Sylvestor Stallone talking to me !!
I introduced myself and said that I really wanted to meet him, since forever. He invited me in. :)
His apartment was really huge from inside. It looked as if he lived alone but there was a lot of stuff at his house that suggested otherwise. I saw collections of bollywood movies/songs from the 70s, especially Shammi Kapoor's. I saw a big poster of Shammi Kapoor at one corner of his living room, below which was his big stereo music system.
I went to his verandah, and peeped below. I was surprised to see Ruhela sir. I asked him what he was doing there. He said he was waiting for someone, and that I should leave at once and suggested an escape route, other than the front door. But I went back inside.
I was surprised to see my mother come to his house. I asked her what she was doing there. She didn't reply. My mother was with others on trekking, how come she was there as well? Maybe she was some other woman of my mother's age, and not my mother. She started making something in the kitchen. Mr. Stallone had prepared something snacks so we ate that and talked for sometime.
I saw Ruhela sir from the window beside me, he was beckoning me to urgently leave that place. I said I had to leave, and asked that woman who looked like my mother, if she wanted to come too, but Mr. Stallone said she'll leave after she was done with her work. I left from the front door, with Mr. Stallone closing it behind me.

Friday, April 2, 2010

2nd April 2010 Early Morning

I saw myself at a mansion. I was alone. I remembered looking at a pack of hounds tearing apart an alive human body from a window while standing over the fireplace stand. He was an acquaintance, but I was too scared to go out to help him, I was too scared to move. I ate cold food, didn't leave the mansion for the fear of those hounds. I couldn't contact anyone. I was cold, had a blanket to keep me warm. I wanted to get rid of those hounds, preferably destroy all of them.