Sunday, November 6, 2011

5th Nov 2011, Late Morning

I saw myself in a war like situation. We were continuously being attacked from the other side while we were trying to hold our posts. We fired back few times but then we had ran out of ammunition. I started searching for knives or such sharp objects to readily attack in case the enemies infiltrated into our area. After few minutes, few enemy men did infiltrate and managed to slip in through our first line of defense by wounding our soldiers. I was ready for them with firmly holding the dagger pointing towards the entrance. Few men entered, and I expected them to fire at me. Instead they looked around, then asked me, "Have you ran out of ammunition".
"Yes", I said.
Next thing I remember we were all sitting together, the enemies and us, in a long hall on a long table, having dinner, and having friendly conversations.

I was in this boutique store. I didn't find it odd that I was there but I couldn't remember why. So I left that store, walked through many corridors in that mall (or was it a 5+ star hotel). At one place, a diner maybe, I saw this girl who was my classmate in 11th/12th and she was sitting at her table, alone. I entered the diner, walked up to her, and introduced myself. We talked for few minutes but she didn't seem interested enough to continue the conversation. Suddenly it was like an army of men with swords, daggers etc. and shields entered the diner, shouting with anger. Few people who were sitting there ran for their lives. Suddenly my frame of reference changed and I became an observer, and my character became Jackie Chan! I thought that he being the Jackie Chan, wouldn't give up without a fight. There was this white curtain and then the rest of diner was visible. I saw everybody, even my school friend (who was perhaps the last to escape) run out but not Jackie Chan. I saw a glimpse of him but then I think he went back to fight them. Sadly, I then saw the left half of his face was badly bruised but he was still fighting. I saw them lifting him up and taking him away. Next scene I saw him again, in his tuxedo, sitting at the same table beside that classmate of mine and starting a conversation. Was this a Deja Vu, or a local time loop? Or that if one is destroyed, another one is created almost instantaneously to replace him?