Sunday, August 19, 2007

19th August 2007 Early Morning

I saw myself as a school student and me and a few friends (didn't see them or meet them) decided to do something. We had a plan and we had to do something important. I saw myself at some place, and I was there to protect/save/look after something. Before that I saw myself driving a car and I was disgusting at it! I drove real slow with lack of control on the steering.
Actually I was at my home, and the stuff I was to save/protect/look after was with me at my home. I was on a holiday from school and suddenly I was attacked by some people. They broke in. I just managed to grab the stuff and left in a hurry. I drove my father's car and tried to get as far away as possible!
I reached an old ruined building and hid there, waiting. In a matter of few minutes, they located me (I had hidden the car well off the road!). I saw bulldozers and giant drillers breaking into the building and breaking it down. I was cornered and I saw what I least expected. The "stuff" was taken by them and the cops instead of doing something to them, arrested me! I was just 19 years old!
I lost the stuff to them and was further taken aback when I got arrested. I was sentenced 2 years imprisonment. I never expected to be arrested for such a thing, I thought I was doing something good!
I was to be taken to prison the next day. So I slept at home that night. There wasn't much talking and my father looked more worried than angry. It looked like my mother didn't want to think about it or about anything and my sister unaware of what had happened, was puzzled by everyone's behavior. That night, while sleeping, I realized the importance of home and that I'd be missing the happy moments that I'd spent at home.
Next I saw myself sitting on a bed, reading something. I expected myself to be going to college, but there I was, sitting in confinement. I'd rather call it confinement because the place was in no way like a prison. I had a room to myself, with two beds with beddings, a cupboard, books, ceiling fan, attached bathroom, toilet. A door and a window which faced huge farmlands. Sunshine poured into the room every morning till late evening. It was like living in a pucca house in a village. I felt ashamed and dejected at first, but the place wasn't bad after all. I started reading as many books as I could. I wanted to use the time I had while living in prison.
Next thing I saw myself standing near the edge of cliff and batman standing at the edge of the cliff. A moment later, I saw myself hanging from the edge of the cliff. A few feet away, batman was also hanging from the edge of the cliff and joker standing at the edge of the cliff and laughing. The next moment, the batman standing at the edge of the cliff, turned towards me and said that injustice was done to me and should be corrected. My first thoughts were that Batman rescued me from the prison but I later realized that perhaps he was the one to help me by arranging for such a pleasant stay during my prison years.
We had to fight for justice and that a lot of things were to be done. My dream was broken by my mobile ringing the alarm!