Friday, September 25, 2009

25th September 2009 Early Morning

I think I was a pirate, or a merchant/sailor, I can't seem to recall what!
But I remember myself on the deck and sailing... long months at the sea, sailing, partying, confronting minor glitches etc. and occasional fights with another team. I returned home after almost a year and loved my welcome! My parents were so affectionate I was loving every moment of it.
I saw myself wake up in my room (was the previous paragraph a description of a dream in a dream?) and see bright daylight glisten my glass windows. I look at the time, 3 am. I walk out of the room and witness broad daylight. Surprisingly it was so bright that shadows were not clearly visible. I saw Asrar walking towards his room, the room adjacent to mine, and I asked him what time it was, and he said 3 am. He had no clue about the broad daylight phenomenon and suggested I not get perturbed by it. I saw the janitors and others walking in the corridor, asking for money on the occasion of a festival, Eid or Dussehra, don't remember. I took out a Rs. 50/- note and said I didn't have change (cheap, I know. :( ). They replied that it was alright and left. :(
To my biggest surprise, after few minutes the brightness disappeared and it was dark again. It was like the anti solar eclipse phenomenon, or it could have been a supernova!

Monday, August 17, 2009

17th August 2009, Early Morning

I saw myself in a train, a train that won't stop. Everyone was afraid, certain that the end of life was close now. I was one of them, uncertain, and helpless. All I remember was someone calling me while I sat among others, doing nothing. I simply got up, followed him, and it was like, "I came, I saw and I conquered" type situation. I saw the problem (had been eyeing it from a distance for sometime now but was even unable to figure out the nature of the problem), and voila, I could see the problem clearly for the first time. I made a few suggestions which were reluctantly tried and, they worked!
While the people celebrated as the train slowed and stopped eventually, I walked away to the back end of the train, then got down as the train stopped. The tracks ran through a barren region with plain lands and wild vegetation, and hillocks scattered here and there.
I saw myself walking into an old stone cave which extended underneath. Glad to see a teenager from the train, and he recognized me, we exchanged greetings and I walked beside him and his parents as we entered the cave. They somehow knew the way into the cave and the way out, and after a few minutes into the cave, I saw many other people, men and women (weird looking though), some with their children, coming from somewhere inside while we walked further into the cave. The cave seemed to expand in space the more we went inside. The center of the cave had some old architectural place akin a temple and I saw people giving away offerings and touching the walls of the temple.
I felt scared for a moment, which aggravated as I looked at the men and women coming from the temple... they looked scary. I turned the other way and walked briskly towards the cave opening, which was still in sight. Only a few steps away from the gate, I stopped. I turned back and wondered, would I always let my fears control me, inhibit me from exploring what could be larger than life experience? I realized that I was an adult now, all my childhood my fear stopped me, not anymore. And I didn't want to die in regret, so with a resolved will, I walked back to the temple.
Back in city, my friend Atul and others attended some seminar or talk or something (probably their convocation!) and Atul exclaimed he wish he had done MBA, or he had done this or that, instead of his current job. I was surprised to hear that because he has a comfortable income.

Friday, July 31, 2009

31st July 2009

I saw myself in a possession of a treasure which had been hidden since very long ago. I had just returned from a long trip to a place with snow-clad mountains and cable-car rides. The cold didn't seem to bother me the way it usually does. I did feel lazy and didn't want to go out in the cold.
The guest house had glass windows and the scenery outside was completely white. The instance that scared me was the cable-car ride on a descending wire. The cable-car caught up so much speed that I screamed my lungs out when I saw the destination place, and it turned before a possible collision could take place. My father scolded the cable-car guy on the other side.

I decided to auction the items in the box I discovered buried in the snow at the tourist spot. It contained some day to day items used a couple of generations ago. I heard the bully brothers presence outside and hid the box. I was sitting in a small room with a desk, a thatched asbestos roof, brick walls and rusted window sill. They must have seen the light on in this rented room as the younger brother who was more impulsive burst open the ajar door, banged the table with his heavy hands, and asked me for hafta(weekly wage to be given to a bully). As always I could pee in my pants but this time, like few other times in the past, I collected some courage, and refused. I knew what was to come... I was ready to get few blows on myself. But he saw the wooden box, pushed me aside, bent inside the desk and took it out, opened it and started going through the contents. In vain I tried stopping me which made him think it must be something important. He asked me why I was collecting such shit stuff... small rusted medals, rusted blunt blades, few bits of cloth, few worn out keys, few badges, few nuts and bolts etc. His anger elevated to a newer level and I realized my final time had come. But his elder brother called him back, saying they should be near their father. Apparently something worried them.
Next scene, I saw the elder brother talking to his father in his father's room. His father was getting ready to go jogging. Son argues that his father shouldn't put so much physical stress on his body since he was aging, but his father asked him not to be ridiculous and suggested he do some constructive physical exercises himself. The elder son was wise after all, but I guess he failed to realize that his father didn't feel any fatigue no matter how much exercise he did. His father did look surprisingly young to be a father of two 20+ year old sons.
I took the treasure box home, something about it fascinated me. I started searching about the significance of the medals and badges...
Next day the younger bully came to little room, riding on his usual aggression but no anger this time. I couldn't believe his behavior and what he said. He asked me to give the box to him as it belonged to his family. I didn't believe him and refused. He was about to hit me but the elder one asked him to bring me along with the box. I visited their house, met their father. He was a pleasant man, complete contrast to his younger son. He seemed overjoyed to see the box. He said it was their family possession, his father and his brothers who were champions in some game they played, similar to soccer and they were the champions. One season a landslide caused them to loose the game and their father. They lost this box as well. The bully's father then took me indoors and showed me a gigantic machine, cylindrical with many big holes for thick wires to plug-in. Bully's father said to me that they were physically and technically superior species from different planet and played their sport on different terrains of different planets to make the game more interesting and challenging. Their source of energy and strength was destroyed, bully's grandfather tried to save the source but was sucked in himself in the landslide. Bully's father said he still felt guilty of being the one standing closest to father and yet not being able to save him.
The father then faced his elder son, asked him, do you still wonder why, or for that matter you two don't feel tired or fatigue?! He then turned to me and said, "Thank you. You've given me hope. I can now resume my search." For some reason I felt like start of something exciting with people I least expected with.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

25th July Morning and Afternoon

Tension could be felt in the corridors of OBH as all the students were busy preparing for their exam. (In reality I have got into this habit of studying with music on, and last night I slept with I-pod still running and earphones in my ears, and when I got sleep, I couldn't feel music entering my ears, and when I woke up, I could feel music entering my ears again, as if music was shut out and brain was resting, or maybe the music was ignored by the brain, as it does to other things happening in the background, except, of course for something loud maybe. My head does feel heavy though!) I saw myself studying with earphones plugged in my ears, but then I saw I was reading lyrics of the song I was listening, only to realize that the exam was on music and songs, and in my college, students have a huge collection of songs, which they do share through DC++ and FTPs. I was quite scared as I had to listen to so many songs and remember their tune, their words etc. I love listening to songs but under such situations, its a punishment. Besides, some students tried old school methods and asked one of their batchmates or coursemates to teach them the songs, which is stupid, one's supposed to listen to the songs, learn the lyrics and give the exam... anyways that coursemate was Himanshu and I saw a top view of his room and him aggressively listening to songs, his hunched back posture in front of his laptop, and also chatting with others, explaining them about the songs and telling them which songs were important !!
At another instance I saw myself with my friends at some city as tourists, though one of my friends had a small wooden house there, by the lakeside. We hung out there during afternoons and strolled on the streets of the city during morning and evening. My father met us after few days and I left with him. While in the process of leaving the city, we took a break and sat a some place, and saw there was some shooting in progress of some TV show. (probably inspired by discussion on Sach Ka Saamna at canteen last night.) I had this desire to be a part of it. Suddenly, and neither my father nor I had observed him coming, came a cameraman and another guy with a mike and asked me a question in Hindi. I asked him to repeat the question once, but I couldn't answer it, my mind went blank. Two minutes before I knew answers to all the questions being asked to the contestants during the shooting. He then asked me another question, then another, all in Hindi and I couldn't answer a single one. I felt dejected.
I patted a dog, a big reddish violet dog, with less fluffy hair. It generally followed me around when I was in my friend's house, he was my friend's dog. That day he didn't come around me in his usual style, but just came to me and stood there with its head down in a dejected manner. I felt like patting it and this time I did... I touched it on its face and then at the back of his head. "Attaboy !!"

Friday, July 24, 2009

24th July 2009 Afternoon

There was a certain family, I would call them, "transformers". Interestingly, one member of the family could transform into his/her younger/older self and also into each other but only in front of a cupboard mirror, which was their family heritage and also only if two members stood in front of the mirror, one behind the other with taller one at the back, and wrapping arms around each other. The transformation happened instantly and painlessly and would wear off after a certain period of time.
This family of transformers were peace loving people and had lived successfully among the other humans for many generations.
One day the police breaks in transformers family's home and arrests some of them. The others seek people's help. At one instance, a young lady tries convincing a senior police officer while the officer tries to confront his subordinate on the baseless charges on the transformers family members. Finally the young lady whispers to the senior officer from the other side of the door and the senior officer says, "we'll fight", takes the court case papers and leaves.

In another dream, I saw my mother explaining me the reason she kept my name starting with the alphabet 'A'. She said during a certain age group, a kid with name starting with 'A' is best to have, and said that 'P' and maybe 'R' were the worst choices to have as starting letters for a name. Perhaps the age group she was referring was teenage but I couldn't understand why she said that, but I was quite surprised to notice that as many other things, I could see the evidence in behavior of some kids. Suddenly, my mind went back to my childhood and I saw myself dressed in a denim jacket and ready to go somewhere but my mother forbids me to. Next instant I see myself studying, like a bookworm. Maybe my friend whose name starts with P had his influence over me so I dressed like that and made plans, but innately I was a bookworm... does one's name starting with A makes one a bookworm during that age group of teenage, is that what my mother was glad about?! Surely there had to be a better explanation...

There was this instance that I saw in which Atul, Ajay and one more guy of UG2K5 were trying horse riding. They mounted a horse and stood beside each other, each facing the gate of the ranch. People were watching from behind them and media was covering the news. Possibly they were from the same company and this was for a publicity stunt or something. So, all the three together try to turn the horse to face the audience. The guy on extreme right does it slowly but with few glitches, Ajay's horse turns but only half and he turns his upper body the other half to correctly face the camera and Atul's horse doesn't budge at all !!! BTW all the three were dressed as traditional cowboys.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

3rd July 2009 Early Morning

I saw myself on the run. There was this lady and she was running from some guy. She had something with her that she was trying to protect from him. I sat behind her on a bike that we managed to get while on the run. I held the thing with me while sitting behind. She suddenly got excited and accelerated to some impossibly high speed at which everything looks blurred. I got scared a few times as I was worried about the thing in my arms. She took dangerous turns, the bike skidded a few times but we finally managed to get that guy off our back. Then we reached a tall cliff like wall and a road above it which she intend to reach. I was petrified at her idea, how stupid of her !! She then suddenly accelerated to the highest possible speed the bike could offer and took it on the cliffy wall. We almost reached the top but the bike could take us no further. The bike then retraced its own path and we were back at the bottom. She tried reaching the top again, and this time he caught up with us on a scooter and drove his scooter to the top like us and fell short of it like us. We then retraced our path together. The she tried to take the right turn through the check post, but he stopped her by holding her arm. Then we sat in an auto rickshaw and they talked, resolved their problem. She asked me to give him whatever I was carrying. He took it in his arms and embraced it. It was probably their little infant, hence I was afraid for its safety and this women was driving the bike like crazy! :D
Next I saw myself sitting in a classroom and was doing an assignment on sketching a comic page based on a scenario. Saw many of my batchmates sitting in that room. My mind was totally blank on what to do. The teacher kept on blabbering on the fact that the person who has creative mind would do good in this assignment and that we've only been training our minds on technical knowledge and have forgotten to be creative. My neighbor and batchmate Bhanukiran made an impressive one page comic. I asked him if I could borrow the idea and he said, sure go ahead Sainu Bhai. I took a peek into it, I could as I was hidden by few other students in the class and I also bent my head a little to get away from her sight. I started sketching on similar lines. I was amazed that within few minutes I could generate a colorful comic square among the many pages that make up a page. It looked quite similar to Bhanukiran's piece of comic. Besides her continuous blabbering on and glorification of creativity (especially the innate one) got on my nerves, and I submitted the incomplete comic page.
I got out and away from the classroom as fast as I could. Bhanukiran called me from behind but I didn't pay attention. I saw few men in suits, looking like agents standing in corridors and between flight of stairs. At the foot of the last flight of steps, I saw a hole smashed through and short thick green snakes coming out of it as soon as I started walking down that flight of stairs. I got scared and the agents alert. They started shooting out of the hole here and there, many slithered, few flew... I ducked, skipped a few flights, jumped to the other side and ran out. I decided to take the cemented the path to the hostel, avoiding the short cut through the wild grass area which surrounded the classroom building. My laziness did suggest me to take the beaten path through the wild but my fear won and I took the cemented path around the wild grass area towards the hostel building on the other side of the campus, covered by tall trees at a distance.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

1st July 2009 Early Morning

I saw myself in a tricky situation this time. I was getting weird assignments as a part of some coursework. One of them was to swim in an ocean. I know swimming so I knew I could do it, but the conditions was severe. Moreover I had to swim extra for a friend of mine, as one of my batchmate was doing for his.
The day had come. I was standing at the dock with my coursemates, looking at the wild angry waves and feeling the hard push of the cool wind on my face and shoulders.
I saw myself swimming. I kept on swimming. I could not see anything in front of me but agitated motion of waves pushing me sideways. I wanted to come out of water as I was tired but I didn't feel tired. I felt uncomfortable with the thought of swimming so much, while I could only see the turbulent layer of water and the Grey sky above. It was thundering.
Next thing I remember was standing at the dock with others, the assignment had not started yet. I had been thinking. I felt embarrassed and ashamed of myself.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

30th June 2009 Late Morning

The scene opens with a space shuttle nearing a satellite somewhere far in space. I saw a few astronauts (or space walkers) come out of their space shuttle, each tied with a connector to the space shuttle. They slowly and cautiously moved towards the satellite, probably for doing some repairs in the satellite. A few seconds later, while they were yet to reach the satellite, I saw the space shuttle blow up in a huge blast, and the powerful flames engulfed all the space walkers in it. I saw their body char and evaporate, and one person's head separated from his body and the two charred and evaporated separately.
Next I saw myself on the roof of a tall building, walking around, thinking on what else to add to an essay (the topic I don't remember) I had been asked to write by my father. It was early morning, dawn I guess. I was quite engrossed thinking about the essay and finally came up with the exact content and structure of the essay. Quite excited, I left the rooftop, only to find myself in a railway station on the first floor. I climbed down a helix flight of stairs, boarded a train and left.
I reached a housing complex and as I entered it, I saw a girl of my age jogging in the same direction. I recognized her as my classmate from some class in school. We shook hands, she was not surprised to see me and I wished her happy birthday!
I was surprised to find my parents to be in her house, as I was asked to meet them in this address. Before I could speak about the essay, I found myself getting married with that girl and her father showering flower petals on us. I saw my parents happily smiling. The idea of getting married was quite a shock and I couldn't remember anymore.
I liked the girl, that's what I thought in my dream. But getting married to her, I don't think so! :D

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

23rd June 2009 Early Afternoon

I saw Sylvestor Stallone moving in the same corridor as mine. I saw the door open and went inside, into the untidy room, thinking that room to be of the person who had asked me to pay his room rent. He had given me a cheque, which was good because I couldn't find it anymore but it troubled me nevertheless. I entered the room from the left door, the rooms had two doors, mine too, and by the time I realized that the room was that guy's and turned to leave, I saw Sylvestor enter the room through the left door with a bowl of something in his hand and spoon in his mouth, eating something. I acted normally, not showing my excitement. To my surprise, nobody else showed any excitement either. I told him about my sudden intrusion and he said he was fine with it. He was quite a sport, behaved like a college guy. I told him about my problem while we walked outside his room and in the corridor. He cheered me up and said that he would help me find that guy. Then suddenly got hyperactive and started sparring with me, I ran to save myself but he overtook me and then ran towards me from front and gently pushed me. I skidded a few metres and my motion was broken by a pillar. Suddenly I saw Mridul sitting at the pillar on the other side and moaning about something. He refused to tell me about his problem, then after insisting one more time he started blabbering it out non-stop. I told him about Sylvestor Stallone staying in the same corridor as mine and it didn't seem to cheer him up or bother him in any way.

I met few other guys before leaving for home. A group of my immediate juniors were playing some game and they called me, asked me for a favor, asked me to do a rolling on my back on a slope inclined at almost 70 degrees. I agreed, thinking it would be easy, but when I started doing it, with the referee shouting the time left, I couldn't do it. I didn't feel tired or stressed at any part of my body but I didn't seem to have the energy to push myself up. "Time's up", the referee, another junior, but I kept on doing and others watched. Finally in two minutes, time limit was one minute, I did it. The juniors who had asked for this favor said that they'd expected me to do it and I said, I did it but took a little more time. While I was leaving I met few other juniors who said, abhi toh aap yaheen ho kum se kum ek saal, milte rahenge, have great vacation.
What I couldn't understand is, the huge palace also would be accommodating naval cadets too.

I saw Britney Spears too, according to the scenario, I think I had chatted with her online and now I had forgotten my online alias. She was standing in front of me, chatting with some other people, I wanted to talk to her so I introduced myself and talked, but like a stranger. We had become good friend online and if only I could remember the alias she'd remember who I am. :D

It was a huge gathering and all the professors and even my school teachers were present, although everyone was scattered around the corridors of the palace. I was under some stress because my parents were waiting for me outside the gate of the area of the palace, which is a tourist place. My father had to leave at the earliest in a separate direction and meet us later at home.
There was a new teacher who sang almost everytime and she sensed my tension and sang me a beautiful song, said all the best to me and left me feeling better, then my school's english teacher came and said, "isn't she wonderful", and I agreed.

Since for 5th year we had to stay in this place, me and Mohit went for a stroll. Few spots including the lake which everyone used as a swimming pool had to be paid for, we paid for it but we saw the filth floating on the surface of the lake and decided not to swim.

Sometime back at home, I compared the tummy of my cousin to my sister and said to my grandmother (naani) that my sister had correct weight as per her age but my cousin doesn't and is thin for her age. Naani seemed to disagree.

I had gone on a tour with my parents and sister, traveling in an army truck, with lots of luggage and proper beds in it, like in a room and backside of the truck open so enjoy the view as the sides and roof is covered. On our way I asked them to stop at the palace so that I could collect few things.

Sunday, May 10, 2009


Today I saw a dream in which there's a Mr. Curious. He's running, running in the woods, through the gaps between the trees, towards his hut. He's being chased by someone and is killed before he could reach his hut. A team starts investigating the murder of Mr. Curious.
What mesmerized me most about Mr. Curious is that he was actually smiling when he was being chased, when he was running away from them. I saw him running in slow motion, he looked back time and again, or sideways and I all the time saw smile on his face. Actually along with Mr. Curious two other cartoons were also killed.
Some lady was killed, made bare and blood sucked out from her neck. She was the love of the person leading the investigating on the murder. The lady who was killed she was loved by none other than the younger version of Sunny da, Sunny Deol! :D
So now he's totally mad and he wants to kill the murderer in the same way as his love was killed by him. So, he bites his neck like a dracula just like the murderer did to his love. Murderer knows he's going to die but he doesn't. Somehow Sunny da leaves him alive but kind of handicapped, sucks up quite a lot of blood out of him into a plastic bag to find out others by studying that blood, as if blood had memory!! He sucked up blood from his mouth and automatically the plastic bag was filled with blood :D
Meanwhile I was attending some classes maybe martial arts classes. I was gifted a long rod by my master, a wooden rod, much longer and thicker than a bo.
He asked me not to shorten it or give it any shape. He asked me to practice with the whole rod itself. It was not cylindrical but had edges. Interestingly, the part of the building, which was a broken flat with broken walls and partial roof etc. was the same building in which the Sunny Da's love was killed and that murderer's blood was sucked out. :)

Thursday, May 7, 2009

8th May 2009 Early Morning

I saw myself taking part in one of the most amazing geeky + adventurous (dangerous) events in the world. This was all because of attending the classes of a lady teacher very attentively and doing class participation. In one of the classes when I couldn't control my urge of having maggi which was in my lunch box, I lowered my head at the bench and took a little bite. I did that a few times, carefully lest the teacher would find out. I felt part relieved and part amused when I saw others also having their food from their lunch boxes. Occasionally teacher did give a accusing look in the direction of those eating food while she was teaching, but I was safe because I was participating in class, discussing and answering questions!
It happened so that she did punish few students for having food in her class, and she also walked up to my desk and asked me if I was having my lunch while bending a little to see if I was hiding anything inside my desk. I replied in negative. When the class was over she called me while I was walking out of the room and asked me which teacher I was working under. I said I was working under prof. P K Reddy. She ignored my reply and said that some of the faculty members were planning to send their students to some international level geeky+adventurous competition. We walked out of the class and she told me all about it, people from various parts of the world competing in almost all kinds of competition, be it mathematical problems, or adventure sports or social events/dances etc. I could see people of various nationalities dancing in a circle. I was flabbergasted about existence of such a competition yet quite interested. Before I could say anything, I was in the competition! :D
The only event I remember was the final one in which a person would be given any number of chances as he/she may desire but the final trophy has to be taken by climbing on a pile of oval shaped stones which were quite slippery and out of balance. Only the daring ones attempted it. I saw myself standing at almost the top of the pile and stretching my arm to catch the trophy. I did curl my fingers around it but at that instant the stones lost balance and I fell on the slimy muddy water below, and wounded myself. I decided it wasn't worth another try. I was supposed to gracefully come down that pile with the trophy in my hand but I fell so I failed.
I traveled back by train and stayed at place of a fellow IIITian for few hours to clean up my wounds when suddenly I heard a doorbell ring. I went to attend it and saw my sister at the door. I was surprised. Actually my fellow IIITian's house and my house were in the New Offrs colony in Dhrangadhra cantonment area, my house being at the same place as it was and his being Gautam Shahi's house, my friend. So, I asked her to come in but she wanted me to come home as soon as possible and that I had promised I would come home. The wounds still hurt and I got frustrated, asked her to give me some space and some independence from her and others. She started sobbing and then started running back towards our home. I shouted after her that I didn't really mean whatever I had said, went after her and stopped her. We stood at the playground between the row of two sets of houses, my being on the other side of the playground. I said I loved her and loved them. I lit a cigarette and was joined by that fellow IIITian of mine, after he heard the commotion. After a few minutes my sister saw father coming out into the playground and she shrieked at me, I dropped my cigarette on the soil in the ground, didn't bother to extinguish it. She urged me
to come home, tried pulling me. I said to her that I'd be coming in a few minutes and that she should go first.
Next thing I remember my father was very sad that I had promised I would come home and I didn't. He didn't mention the cigarette thing but I knew that he saw me smoking a cigarette. He didn't look at me while talking. I felt so guilty about the cigarette thing that I didn't tell him about the fact that I had reached the final round in one of the newest and most exciting events in the world.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

5th April 2009 Early Morning

I saw myself in an AC compartment of a train. I was supposed to get down at some station and appear for an exam at 9 pm. I was sitting near the wash basin, feeling bit cold and studying hard with the help of the dim yellow light over the wash basin. At one instance my eyes shut for a few seconds and I realized that I was drowsy. I decided on getting off the train at 10 pm instead and take some nap before studying for the exam and taking the exam. But where sleep is concerned, no chance can be taken because one never knows how much time ... finally I woke up at 5 am the next day. I went at the door, opened it slightly and saw the snow covered landscapes outside.
I was supposed to visit someone in an old mansion, and deliver some package. I reached the mansion, parked my two-wheeler and looked at the huge mansion standing in front of me. It was night time dark. I pushed at the huge gates and walked in as they slided backwards. Next thing I remember myself sitting in a TV game show, inside the mansion, with a team mate who had a morose expression on his face most of the time. The audience cheered at every correct answer! :D Three other teams sat on our right side. Also, the participant giving correct answer is given something tasty to eat, like a pie or some pudding. :D I gave many correct answers and had many pies. I used to shout out the answer sometimes as I couldn't contain my excitement, and I got a frowny look from my team mate everytime I did that but I smiled at him broadly and ate more pies. :D
Next thing I remember running in the corridors, hallways and lobby of this huge mansion. I was running away from a madman in a wheelchair but he was a ghost I think because he used to catch up with me and was present before me in whichever direction I ran. Finally I reached the main door, opened it and rushed outside. It was still dark outside. As I walked away from the mansion towards the gate, I saw few stray dogs, some lying, some moving lazily about the pavement on the other side of the road. As soon as I opened the gate and stepped to the other side, they turned wild and started barking at me. They didn't give me time to start my vehicle and rushed towards me. I left the vehicle and started running as fast as I could.
Next thing I remember is running near a railway track at the break of dawn. I found a small pathway away from the rail track towards a small settlement, so I ran on that pathway, and reached the settlement. I ran on the streets of the settlement colony and while taking a left turn, I passed from outside an old house that looked like my grandmother's (naani's). I stopped and peeped inside, panting vigorously. I saw both my grandparents inside. My grandfathers were lying on the two cots that could fit in the small room that I could see through the bar opening in the upper part of the door. My grandmothers were sitting beside them. Only my maternal grandmother spoke, which makes sense as the other three grandparents have been dead for a long time. She told me something important about myself and about our family but I forgot what she said. Her voice was cautious so as not to tell everything but also sounded as a warning. I got goosebumps and I jogged away.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


saw myself in the main building of my college campus, walking towards the office of the dean. I saw Asrar sitting there, across the table, in front of the Dean. Actually the Dean offered a course and Asrar and I had taken that course. I and Asrar visited his office to submit some course work he had given. His office was a small room in a long corridor, which looked nothing like any part of real campus of my college. It looked more like a underground research lab. The lighting was also quite dim in the corridor and in his office. I was to go home as our holidays had begun. I left for home, feeling happy. I met my mother and sister at home. My mother said that father was busy. I understood that better when we had to leave our house when evacuation orders came. Apparently a large number of terrorists had infiltrated many parts of India, dressed in Indian uniforms of commandoes and other defence officers. I wanted to help, but my mother wanted to keep me close to herself to ensure my safety. We went to Raj Bhavan to ask for help, but before we could enter the gates, we heard a bomb blast inside the Raj Bhavan, done from a helicopter hovering over it. Now we went to the safest possible place, my Naani's home.
Naani's (maternal grandmother) house was like Ayodhya during time of Lord Rama. It was peaceful, safe and many people stayed there. Half of the area was jungle, the other half was houses, temples etc. It was a sunny afternoon and I saw myself, my sister and my mother, along with few other women sitting below a big tree, with branches spread widely to cover a large area of ground for casting shadow. My Naani was talking to all of us, saying that we all should stay together in this place so that we be safe and also contact others who are outside, though secretly so that enemies don't come to know about this place. She and other women, including my mother and sister were cutting vegetables and salad for lunch. I offered my assistance but my naani said that I'm a guy so I'm not supposed to do all this stuff!
I said I'd be safe in my college and left for my college after the end of holidays. I did constantly worry about my mother and sister and others. The terrorists had occupied many parts of India and Indian soldiers were fighting bravely against them was the only news I heard everyday. I felt helpless but all I could do was to stay low and hope that the soldiers come victorious from the battle against the terrorists.
Quite unexpectedly, and I wouldn't have wanted this to happen ever, but my sister came to find me till my college campus. She met Asrar. He said he knew me and both of them were walking towards the lab in which I worked when suddenly some commandoes came from behind and ceased them. They tried to fight but the commandoes outnumbered them and knocked out Asrar. One of the commandoes started harrassing my sister. Clearly they were the terrorists in dress of commandoes. After hearing the news of my sister being in the campus, as told to me by Asrar on phone, I had left my lab and was walking towards the main gate when I saw the situation on the way. I felt a sudden surge of anger I had never felt my entire life. I felt as if I was getting transformed into something entirely different. I caught the commando by his neck and flung him away from my sister. I saw that she passed into unconsciousness. Throwing that man high in the air and knocking him down made me more confident and I realized that I could fight. I was too angry to let those bastards affect our lives anymore. I saw few more commando dressed terrorists coming our way. I started fighting them and knocking them down. I went out of the building into the open. I saw a big garden, and realized that I wasn't in my college campus anymore. I was standing in front of Raj Bhavan. I saw few convicts standing in line, chained to each other, and come "real" army commandoes taking them in a vehicle to some other location. Suddenly, a big truck filled with the "fake" commandoes came and shot many of the real commandoes. Some commandoes fought back and shot some "fake" commandoes. The "fake" commandoes gave guns to the convicts and freed them. I started running towards them and in the blink of an eye, with lightening speed, I reached them and started knocking them out one by one. Then I started fighting the "fake" commandoes. I didn't have problem recognizing the fake ones since they themselves came to fight me. I kept on fighting and felt great about it. I never knew I could fight so well, that I was so quick and so powerful. It felt as if I'd found myself.

Saturday, January 17, 2009


The starting of the dream was quite dramatic. I saw myself against a powerful rival whom I was supposed to stop. We matched equal in strength and wit, but opposite poles as far as morality is concerned. I was the good guy, of course! :D
We got into conflicts, fights, competition and it was our destiny to go against each other. For some reason I started failing and he started winning. At one instance I was lying on the floor, exhausted and drained out of energy. I saw someone wearing a hood in his/her head kissing my cheeks and suddenly I felt a surge of energy through me. I felt as if waking up from a long and undisturbed sleep. The hooded person vanished out of sight. My rival couldn't help but stare at whatever had happened. Next incident was even more interesting. Me and my rival teamed up against a greater enemy. This time, the healer in hood healed my rival. I saw him/her kiss the rival on the forehead. As his/her lips met his forehead, I saw a tiny spark shine as a result of the touch. Within few seconds he was up and kicking. Again, the healer disappeared. I became curious to know who this healer was, who healed by touch of his/her lips. He/She also did some other incredible things like in one instance while I was losing against my rival, the healer came and transferred my rival's energy into me. At another instance, she teleported my rival into some other space coordinates. I couldn't understand why she was helping me.
Next thing I remember was closing a book, as if I had finished reading it. Was it that whatever I saw before was something I was reading in a book? Could be. I started looking at the other books. A couple of books I had were from my college library which I had to read. I saw the due date for return and freaked out. I was 2 weeks late! I thought it wasn't a big deal and started reading some other book when my sister walked in and said, "This is my school's library, you can't stay here whole day. We have to leave now."
"Sure." I said and grabbed some books, and we left the library. As we walked in a corridor towards the exit of the building, I saw some rooms on either side, and it looks like a hostel. A lot of laughter and shouting sound was coming from one room. We went to that room and I saw some people watching something on a projector. Among everything else, I saw Mohit smiling, with a badge hanging from his neck. Someone said, "He got his paper published this year. Isn't that great?" I thought, "Sure it is." and then remembered that Mohit indeed had got a paper published and I was still to get a publication. I felt bit low but since I wasn't in college I didn't want to think of all that. All those people watching the projected things started leaving. Few of them saw me and smiled. I smiled back. An old man among them said something about me, and an old lady standing beside him complimented me about something. I smiled back and felt better. I looked at my sister with a look, do-these-people-teach-you-because-they're-awesome, and my sister gave me a look, unfortunately-they-don't-teach-me-anything. I saw the group of old teachers walk into a room in the other wing in front of this room. It looked as if those old teachers lived in that building. As me and my sister started to leave, I saw a young lady in that room, looking at us. I looked at her and stopped. My sister looked at me in surprise. I looked at her asking, what-is-she-doing-with-older-crowd? She gave me a look, how-would-i-know-but-she-also-teaches-in-my-school. The lady walked out of the room and greeted us.
Apparently she knew my sister and vice versa. The lady and I talked for sometime. I learnt she was a new teacher and had just completed her graduation. My sister and I started walking out when suddenly the lady teacher called us. We turned and walked back. She came to me and kissed me on lips. A deep gentle peck. I felt a tingling sensation. She walked back to the room to all the older teachers, smilingly said bye at the entrace to us, waving her hand and we left. While walking back, I could feel her lips on my lips when I thought of the kiss. I thought that I had kissed in dreams but this one's different, maybe this is how the real kiss is. I was too happy that day! Gosh, I even thought of meeting her again. My sister was also quite surprised and looked excited, as if ready to tell anyone she can find about what happened.
Now, few things are still not clear.
1. Why would a school teacher kiss me, a student's brother in front of the student?
2. What's more important is, why would she kiss me? I don't think I look so awesome that ladies die to kiss me.
Pondering over these questions, I got a simple answer... she is the healer with a kiss. Everything can be explained in this way. She saw me good and alive, so she couldn't contain her emotions and she kissed me. Her kissed felt different which means it had the healing touch, I felt awesome after that and I was healed of all my problems and worries. Also, it was just a peck.
Does this mean, the story of healer and me and my rival wasn't a story but something that actually happened and I had forgotten about it for sometime. The book I closed in the starting of the dream was just any other book.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I saw myself sitting in a train. It was late night and weather was cool. I looked ahead on the platform from the window and was surprised to see my parents and sister and some of my relatives and friends waiting for me on that platform. I collected the luggage and without thinking jumped out of the train. Luckily the train had slowed its pace and I landed safely on the platform. I walked to them and said that they were supposed to meet me few stations later. They said some things which I don't remember but I was really happy to see them. Suddenly, one of them from the group shrieked in excitement. I turned just in time to see the train which I just jumped off from, was taking a U-turn on a rail-track which was bent in a U-shape. The train had to suddenly increase its speed manifold, something like an infinite acceleration. I was mesmerized by the spectacle. The train, in a few seconds, zoomed on the U-shape of that rail track, back in the direction from which it had come.
I saw myself in bed with a girl of my age, probably my girlfriend. She was really pretty and we were lying under the bedsheet, probably undressed. Early morning's sun's rays were lighting the room. She got up and got ready for the day. In this scene, I saw myself and her as a third person. She called my name to wake me up. I was reluctant to wake up but looking at her getting ready I remembered that I also had to be some place that morning. She started discussing her plan for the day. I said that I had to be at some carnival with a friend. She said she didn't require her car (which was a big car like Scorpio) and that I could take it to the carnival, and she threw the key at me. I thanked her, got out of the bed and went to get ready.
I was excited about driving her car, probably because she always drove it. I also felt responsible for taking care of the car. But I wasn't very sure if I would be able to drive the car. I stood in the garage beside the car when she came from inside the house, kissed me and left. I watched her go and disappear out of sight, then got into the car and started it. I had driven smaller cars before, this car felt bigger. I started at a slow pace, slowly taking it out of the garage, then I let it slide till the road, which was deserted. I turned the vehicle carefully to the right, and felt sense of relief after taking the turn. I reached the carnival somehow.
Now I see everything as first person. I was sitting at some stall, eating something, samosa probably when my friend turned up and asked me something about something we had to do. I said I had my girlfriend's car and that we could drive in that. We sat in the vehicle and started driving. At one instance I had to take a U-turn, i.e., change the lane and move in the opposite direction. I started moving the car on a wider arc than required. I saw some smaller vehicles approaching, on the other lane. I saw this in slow motion. Next thing I remember was standing in front of a mechanic store, probably because of some damage done to the car by me, during that turn! I don't remember what happened after that! :(
She would have probably freaked out! :D

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Things are rather cloudy in my mind about this one. I don't really remember what happened. Only flashes of images remain in my mind.
It was a rainy afternoon. Sky was covered with dark grey clouds and it was mildly drizzling. I was walking on a road inside the campus of my college. I was surprised to see two girls sitting beside the road near the construction site for our new college building. I walked to them and asked about a girl and her younger friend, a guy. They said they had not seen any of them when I gave them the descriptions. I then asked about the man whom I saw torturing the guy for information about the girl and others like her. One of the girls said she wasn't sure but hearing my description she said he might be someone, and they named him, and said that he might be working in one of the research labs in my college, either CVIT or LTRC, and they had heard that there was a conference so he'd have gone there to present his paper since he wasn't seen around since sometime now. I could hardly get any leads from my investigation. I didn't ask anymore question, thanked them and walked away on that wet road, with the drizzling water soaking into my clothes and wetting me gradually in the process.
I remembered going out on a family tour with my parents and sister. But for now I only remember the presence of my father being more dominant than the other two.
I remember shifting my locations of stay, moving from one place to the other, from hotel suites to students hostels, all decent places, but I changed my place of stay a few times.
I remember sitting in a cinema hall, watching a movie when suddenly the lights were on and few rowdies walked into the cinema hall, shouting that they were looking for someone. They had some weapons in their hands, like hockey sticks, metal chains, etc. which is usually seen in movies and comic books! I was shocked and bit scared, but what surprised me even more followed this spectacle. A group of people, more in number than those rowdies, but weaker looking, rose from their seats from beside and behind my seat, and one of them said that they were expecting this thing to happen, by looking at me and then they stormed out to fight them. I quickly left that place. That was one instance I changed my place of stay from a hotel suite to a hostel room.
At some instances I had my parents and sister with me, while in some other, I found myself alone, and some or the other person helping me out or saving me was a stranger. It looked as if it was their duty.
There was another family, the daughter was my acquaintance. I guess we were classmates in high school. Her friend had also come along with the family to that town. I saw a clean shaved neat looking tall man torturing her friend for some information on the daughter and her whereabouts. The boy was confused but sensed danger and didn't tell them anything. Meanwhile, the family tried searching for the kid, but left eventually without him. I saw them climbing the train. The daughter wasn't very upset, which surprised me. This boy then went missing for a very long time.
A few days later, something happened in town, some incident, a few deaths. Little investigation helped me find out that it were those men who were responsible for kidnapping that kid who went missing. The boss however was still safe and breathing. I didn't know who did it, nor did anyone else. But surprisingly, during the next killing, I happened to be at that place and saw the daughter of that family killing that man. Her dress and everything else had totally changed, as if she was a completely new person. I understood she did it for revenge, but the way she had been murdering those men showed it wasn't her first time. She said, "You won't understand, nor do I expect you to, or want you to". I was totally astouned and she quickly escaped before I could stop her.
I didn't know what to expect anymore. I was a visitor for this town and I encountered strange things happening since the day I arrived. People living double lives and fighting against each other in hiding, as if two secret groups or secret societies were in fierce enmity.
But the most surprising thing is, why didn't anyone hurt me?
why were they treating me as a VIP?
That rainy afternoon in the college campus, I tried to remember any other bits of details I could, but this is all I could recall. Does that town have some kind of memory wiping thing that the visitors don't remember a thing after they leave the town, but if that's so then how could I remember some bits of my life in that town?

Sunday, January 11, 2009


I saw myself and Akshay walking inside some ancient building undergoing renovation. Most of the building looked like caves of Ajanta, with some traces of paintings on them. I saw archeologists and workers trying to mend the cracking walls and roofs which might cave in anytime! Most of the area was restricted.
I heard a sound, turned and saw a man on a motorbike riding inside the building, towards my direction. I gave him a side and saw Akshay walking towards an isolated part of the building campus. I followed him, trying to call him back occasionally but he didn't stop. We both reached the entrance of the tiny mansion beside the main building (which was under renovation).
Akshay started looking around and was quite happy and impressed by the architecture and the carvings on the wall. We couldn't go inside because the entrace was locked. We started to leave when Akshay called me from behind. I turned and saw him rubbing his palm on the wall of the mansion. He said, "This is not an 8th century mansion. It can't be."
Now I know Akshay is no archaeologist so I didn't believe him. I said that since the board here says that its made in 8th century so it must be made in 8th century. Akshay replied, "the architecture and the carvings are still convincing, but look at the stones that make this mansion, touch these stones, these wouldn't be used in those times."
I said, "What do you mean wouldn't be used?"
Akshay replied, "People in those days could do better than this."
I didn't know how to react.


Late morning at around 11 am, I saw myself standing inside the building of MH (Military Hospital) beside my father. I was sick, probably the most familiar sickness of bronchial asthma. We already had an appointment, so doctor's assistant came out of doctor's office and took us to a room where I was to be given treatment with nebulizer. I was feeling weak and could hardly walk because I was unable to breathe properly due to my ailment. I had earlier taken treatment of nebulizer so I knew the procedure and had the experience. But when we entered the nebulizer room, some other guy, of same age as me, was lying on the hospital bed. He was on nebulizer treatment. I looked at him and was reminded of my previous experience. He looked at me and my father, his pale face and eyes showed his weakness due to lack of oxygen in his body.
Suddenly he started choking and shaking, as if in pain. He couldn't even remove the mouth cover (oxygen mask) of the nebulizer from his mouth. He seemed paralyzed and then he coughed blood into the oxygen mask. I stared in shock, as my father called for the assistant of the doctor who handled those instruments. The guy was stablized and put to sleep, in another room. Now was my chance to use the nebulizer but my father was skeptical about the safety of that equipment, after looking at the condition of the other guy. He suspected something wrong in the nebulizer and asked the assistant of the doctor and few others to investigate. I sat at one corner of the room, looking at them while they checked the machine. They said the machine was in perfect working condition.
A couple of minutes later the medical report for that other guy came, which said that he had sudden internal bleeding in his lungs due to which he choked. The reason was still unknown but they confirmed the fact that it was not because of the nebulizer. Learning this I wondered, what if the things he inhaled through the nebulizer made his condition worse. Ultimately my father got me some medicines and avoided the nebulizer treatment. The hospital staff was worried about the speculation my father had and that he'd report it to the higher authorities. My father kept his silence on this.
Later that evening I went to a birthday party. After the cake cutting ceremony and the feasting, I saw the birthday girl laughing and standing beside a guy (is he the same guy from the hospital? I don't really remember... what if he really is! How could he be here then?) behind a round table and got their photos taken. Her brother and his girlfriend also joined them. Then the guy and her brother shook hands in bro style and that guy took the birthday girl by her hand and both left. The birthday girl looked really happy and excited. While leaving the guy greeted me good bye and left. I am still not sure he was the same guy whom I had seen in the hospital.
Looking at those two together made me realize that maybe I also should be in a relationship. Looking at the birthday girl I thought that I should also have a girlfriend like her, not her in particular. While my mind was occupied with such thoughts, the scene suddenly changed and I saw a forest with a big lake in between surrounded by trees and mountains partially covered with snow, which reminded me of the movie Chronicles of Narnia. I then discovered the truth about the birthday girl. A voice told me that she is the protector of the creatures who live in this forest and she must protect them during winter season when these small/weak creatures have to come out of their hidden homes to fetch food. During winters, most of the wilder/strong creatures become active and search for food as well, and sometimes this search leads to fight over food, which might hurt the weaker creatures. During summers all the creatures remain dormant in their hidden homes (like burrows, caves etc.). Also, some super powerful beings also stay in those forests and their fights could also hurt the weaker creatures which must be protected to maintain balance of nature in that forest, and in general. So she must return every winter to help them, to protect them. I saw all these things as a movie, by being inside the movie, and saw those creatures fighting and these weaker creatures dying unnecessarily. I saw the birthday girl, spreading her arms and soaring in the sky, wearing white dress and protecting the weaker creatures.
I found it unbelievable but after I decided to believe in this part of the truth about her I realized the reason for her happiness... winters were approaching, the change of weather made me sick with bronchitis, the other guy was dying of internal bleeding but was now enjoying the party. I also didn't feel the sickness while at the party. She was happy because her boyfriend was healthy and well again, not realizing that she made him healthy and well, and her happiness emanated her powers that corrected everything around her, including my bronchitis. She didn't know the truth about her and I learned the truth, so maybe I am supposed to tell her the truth.
She is only an acquaintance so I am not sure that she'd believe me, but maybe I am the best person to tell her, that's why I was the one who was chosen for this task.