Friday, February 12, 2016

12th Feb 2016, Early Morning

I was desperately searching for a parking space. I had entered this locality which had this wonderful shopping complex from where I preferred buying my daily stuff. But my usual parking space was occupied today and I couldn't find any parking space in the vicinity. Suddenly I saw an open gate beyond which some guys seemed to be discussing something. Without thinking twice, I took my scooty inside and parked it at a nice spot near the gate. I locked its handle and turned to leave when I saw this lady putting up her hand to stop me.
"This parking is only for those men who're participating in this contest." She said and pointed at the big poster with a photo of a man carrying his baby and smiling at the camera.
Presence of mind isn't my forte but that day I was at my best.
"Yes I have come to participate in this contest."
She seemed to soften.
"Your name?" "And where is your baby?"
"Oh the baby!"
"Sir, I'd like to move your scooty out." She caught me!
"But there's no parking space outside. Please help!"
"Sir, follow me."
I thought she decided to help me.
"There, can you see, plenty of parking space." She pointed her index finger at the window through which some vehicles and gaps between them was visible.
"Okay. Thanks." I said and kicked the scooty to start.
"Sir, could you please take it outside."
So I dragged my scooty out of the gate.

Friday, January 29, 2016

Dreams before my wedding, Jan 2016

Last week I got many dreams related to marriage and relationships.

Other marriage offer
I saw my parents and some other couple of similar age sitting at my house. They were discussing something about me. My mother asked me to sit with them and she introduced me and said few nice things about me, or reiterated those nice things again, just to refresh the other couple's memory. I soon realized this was about my marriage. I felt certain uneasiness which I think every guy feels when his marriage is being discussed. But my gut feeling told me that this was wrong. I felt like my marriage had already been decided and talks about another marriage was a blunder. It seems my parents forgot about my marriage that got fixed earlier. I also had forgotten but my gut feeling made me remember traces of such a recent memory. I looked at the couple. They seemed innocent. I stood up, looked at them again and just walked out.
Somebody had messed up with my parents and my brain. Was this couple so desperate to get their married to me? Or was there someone trying to sabotage the other couple whose daughter I was going to marry? I managed to find contact information of the other couple whose daughter I was to marry. They came to meet us again, relieved now, but anxious earlier since we hadn't communicated with them for many days. I looked at them and their daughter sitting in our living room. Deja Vu, yes they are the ones.

Phony girlfriend
I remember having a girlfriend. But I couldn't remember the person who was my girlfriend. This girl walked up to me smilingly, put her arm around my arm and gently beckoned me to move along. I couldn't remember if she was my girlfriend but she behaved naturally like my girlfriend so I decided to accept her as my girlfriend. No I wasn't drunk or high. But I wasn't sure about how my girlfriend looked. That night when we both were in bed, I tried to do some kinky stuff that I naturally did to my girlfriend and she seemed to enjoy it. But this girl was shocked, as if I was doing this to her for the first time! I thought she was joking so I tried again and this time she showed more displeasure. This confused me further. What was wrong tonight? Did I do something to upset her?
My gut feeling got activated again. No that wasn't it. She isn't upset. She's not my girlfriend. No matter how my girlfriend felt, she'd always enjoy our kinky experience. It was quite dim in the candle lights but I looked at her and clearly see someone I really didn't know. I put on my shirt and left without a word.
It took me one week to find my real girlfriend's contact and address, through my email interactions by searching for the word "baby" and "shona" in the archives. Apparently I'd broken up with her on WhatsApp but I never sent any such message. I couldn't come on call after that because I was apparently in another world. Finally she decided to forgive me. That night when we both lay together, I tried that kinky stuff on her. She enjoyed it. Yes, she was the one.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

23rd Jan 2016, morning

I saw myself living at some place where hundreds of people had come to stay for some event. That morning when we all woke up, we experienced a lot of deadlocks at the toilet, the kind Indians mainly experience during traffic jams. It was peculiar that the toilets got divided based on religion and castes. For example, I was only allowed access to a certain toilet because one Sindhi was the first to use it that morning. So that became a Sindhi toilet. There was another toilet that became a Hindu Brahmin toilet and some other guy tried to get in but was stopped from going in and had to wait in line for using only that Brahmin toilet. Just before I could get in to use the Sindhi toilet, someone else sneaked in before me! There was another toilet inside a bathroom. One guy who was eligible to use that bathroom couldn't get in because the toilet inside that bathroom was in use.
Some of us gave up on using the toilet and came out into the big ground where decorations were ready for the event. And then the first performance started. We were upset and thought we'd wait for few hours so that during noon we could use the toilet. So we were just planning to kill time till then. But by the end of the first performance I think we all forgot about our toilet emergency. We were spellbound. It was a dance that started as an ordinary classical dance, but turned into a nritya of deities. It were as if the Gods had descended from heaven to perform on that holy soil. That ground was quite pious and known for its holiness and that nritya became a living evidence of that and we became its witness. At one time there was a guy looking like Lord Ganesh, big and heavy like him, dancing with 4 Goddesses, the most popular ones I think: Durga, Kali, Lakshmi and Saraswati. He flung his fist heavenwards and unclenched his fist to release some holi colors (gulaal) of various different colors: green, pink, orange etc. With every dance move he sprayed new colors into the air while the other deities added to the beauty of the whole orchestration with their elegant dance moves. It was as if Ganesh and the four Goddesses themselves had descended into the performers and performed their powerful and timeless nritya in front of mere mortals like us, in a way blessing us in this lifetime.
After the performance we went to congratulate everyone, especially Ganesh (his name was also Ganesh). While he seemed normal and ordinary now, out there while dancing he looked different. I still felt myself under the spell of that dance and a part of me still believed that Gods had descended on our world that day.

Monday, January 18, 2016

18th Jan 2016, morning

It was "selfie with a friend" day. While I am not fond of selfies, I enjoyed watching my favorite American shows that were around this theme that day. In Seinfeld they showed how George and Jerry became friends and how Elaine and Jerry became friends. It was a flashback episode. Then while watching Naruto (friendship episode of Naruto and Sasuke) I fell asleep and when I woke up I had skipped some 10 episodes (some other episode in which Naruto had also grown into some monstrous form). I shut down the laptop and slept again.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

17th Jan 2016, morning

I was spying on Obama and had broken into his office. I had to find out about what they were planning next and foil it, to try and stop all unnecessary terrorist activities they've incepted and supported. I had found a secret door to his office. Sadly but not unexpectedly I was found. My spy partner (Katrina Kaif) and I were held for interrogation. We got away when I told them that we had come to reissue our army canteen cards. My dependent card was enough to convince them and they issued me the cards.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

16th Jan 2016, morning

I saw myself at a "party", a late night one. Venue was a water mining site. Blue color of various shades lit the area. I watched as mining machines seamlessly did their work while people talked, and drank to their heart's content. This get-together was to celebrate the successful mining of different waters up to some milestone figure (100 kiloliter?). These different kinds of water existed as ice in their natural form. All of them had different chemical compositions (only original water was hydrogen+oxygen) but they all had all the basic properties of water, like it evaporates when exposed to heat/sun, it dilutes any constituent without reacting with it, it is a terrific coolant, it has high latent heat capacity etc. However some waters had certain taste, but when mixed with drinks or made into soda, didn't seem to influence the original taste of the drink, up to a certain extent.
Some friend of my father asked me to make my father a drink. My father is a reluctant drinker but that day they wouldn't take a no for an answer. He also specified that I should fix him up a drink from the newest mine they'd discovered just today so that he would be the first one to drink from that one. You'll be famous Sainani, they said, which didn't excite my father but he grinned. The chemical reports had not come in so its harmlessness wasn't confirmed yet. This was an unexplored territory and except the water crystals discovered in these mines which miraculously were not toxic, many other things found under this land were. I handed him his drink (whisky 15% + neo water). I didn't bother much about their conversations but overheard them say that they were waiting for him to take the first sip while he said that he wanted to take a few minutes break to let the previous drink sink in (that was a customary drink we all received (some alcohol + water from one of the mines) as a welcome drink. Some women declined so they were given 5% instead of 15% or more).
There was the much awaited phone call regarding the chemical test results. It was reported Category 2 toxic. The next thing I did was to find my father asap.