Sunday, June 15, 2008


I saw myself in a huge bathroom, with tiling on floor and walls completely covered with mirrors. It had a huge bathing tub, and a shower area with curtains... I suppose I was a guest in someone else's house, perhaps some aunt of mine.
Next thing I saw was being late to a grand party, which was supposed to be in some awesome place. My father kept on asking me to hurry and get dressed. I quickly got dressed in my suit (probably tuxedo) and my parents, my sister and I left for the party. I remember getting down from the army vehicle (gypsy) and walking into the grand place with my parents and sister. My parents walked straight into the grand hall where other officers and their wives were sitting. My sister and I walked up the steep curved lane to the first floor.
For a person looking at that building from outside, from one side it would look like a cylindrical shaped tall structure, because of the curvy path to the upper floors. As we reached the first floor, we saw a few kids with fancy conical caps, masks etc. peeping from a hole in the wall beside the curvy pathway, while one other kid who stood at the entrance of the first floor hall, on hearing someone call his name, ran inside the hall. The curtains had been drawn, and so I looked inside the hall and saw few small kids running all over the floor, chasing someone or being chased by someone and perhaps falling in the process. I went inside and asked one of the persons responsible for taking care of the kids and providing them with soft drinks and eatables, when they asked for some, about the shooting event. He said that the shooting competition was on seventh floor. Surprise was my first reaction, urgency became my second reaction.
My sister and I left the first floor and walked up to the second floor. Second and third floor had teenagers and in one glance at the second floor hall I saw a few of them chit-chatting, talking about all kinds of stuff, and saw a few groups p about stuffs, playing games in groups, and we passed those floors quickly.
Third floor was more or less similar to second floor, in terms of noise levels, movement of persons etc. Fourth floor hall had curtains on. But as we started walking up, someone called my sister's name. We turned and saw her school friend standing outside the hall. My sister said that she'd like to hang out with her friend, so I left alone and walked up the two floors. Surprisingly, the fifth and sixth floor were only lighted in the curvy pathway and the respective halls were closed. This made me wonder why they chose the highest floor for the shooting event.
Finally, when I reached the seventh floor, I saw a few people sitting on chairs lined up on either side in the hall, leaving enough room for the shooter to stand at a distance and shoot. It looked like the event was almost over and it was apparent that I was late. As a matter of fact, the event had to start at about 7 o'clock and the time was about 8:30 or 9 pm. I was hopeful for getting a chance for hitting a few shots. Yes, it was shooting something like balloons, but I felt as if I'd been excited and waiting for this event for some substantial amount of time.
Luckily few more guys walked in and looking at more participants, we all got chance to shoot. When I got up to shoot, I saw my sister walking in the hall, with her school friend and waving at me. I waved back and then I saw myself wearing a hat and yeah, leather jacket, like a professional shooter or a cowboy, and aiming my gun (it was a pistol or shotgun).
I don't remember what happened after that, if I won or not, but I do remember that the feast was the grandest that I had ever seen. Two halls, each having long table with delectable dishes, some delicious desserts, but I don't remember much about what I ate, but all that I ate looked great.

Monday, June 2, 2008


I saw myself running frantically on the corridor of a school/college building. I was on the second floor. I looked at the class numbers on the tiny wooden boards as I passed by each class. I was looking for the exam room in which I was supposed to sit for my exam. After two rounds of the second floor, I went to the third floor to find the exam room. I saw science labs, sports rooms, kindergarden etc. After half an hour of running around, I found Dhingra having water from the water cooler. He saw me and asked me, "Did you complete your exam?"

"I can't find my exam room, did you finish you exam?"

"Yes, a few minutes ago. Others are still writing, but you know me, I leave the exam hall before everyone else."


I couldn't find my exam hall and only half an hour was left when I looked at my watch. I walked into one of the rooms where some students were giving exams. I talked to the teacher/invigilator sitting there about my situation. Surprisingly she got me my question paper and made me sit in one of the seats. I started writing as fast as I could. After the examination time was over, she was kind enough to allow me to write till I completed my exam. She sat beside me which made me a bit uncomfortable because she occasionally read my answers which were not neat (both in presentation and language). She was pretty, though.


I saw myself with my friend who was asking me to hurry lest we might be late for some place we had to go. Actually I was involved in doing something else and he came and reminded me of the fact that we had to be somewhere at that time, which was more important. So, I stopped whatever I was doing and took some essentials like my diary, my ID card etc. with me so that I may be able to enter the venue.
Before we could reach the place, I was kidnapped!
Actually it happened so that I and my friend was walking to that place, on an early sunny evening, on a road with trees on both sides. He walked a little ahead of me and I remember him wearing a light blue shade suit as I looked at him from behind, walking away. Next thing I remember I was sitting with a couple of men, both in their middle ages who were asking me about my identity and some information about the meeting or the place I had to go to. At first I tried to lie, suspecting some conspiracy or danger to me, my family or something or someone else. They looked so desperate. They threatened to call my parents and ask them about it. I
imagined my parents standing there and my father telling me to tell them everything about myself and that it'd be no harm to do that.
Due to fear, I told them everything, about me and about the meeting that I would have attended, had they not have interrupted. I was left alone for sometime, tied to a chair with a rope, in that dark dingy room, with some last sun-rays coming through a broken glass of
the window. They returned and untied me, and told me about their motive of keeping me that way. They said that they had made something, and they showed me the draft and the prototype. They said that their model was much better than that which would be shown in the conference that I'd have attended. I could then imagine people sitting in the conference, with a couple of men showing the prototype for the purpose that they were talking about. They explained that the prototype to be shown in the conference involved fusion of a few things at various stages while their prototype did the same thing in one step, with greater efficiency. As I imagined it, I
could see the difference.Perhaps I saw myself taking their prototype to the conference, a roll of the sheet of papers as I walked out of my car, even though I was one of the guests.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

1st June 2008 Early Morning

First thing I remember was a huge 'Khaai' or canyon. It was deep and beautiful. It was vast and covered with vegetation. I saw it while safely standing on top.
Next thing I remember is our professor coming up with a crazy but interesting idea for a project. It involved the whole batch. It was a big project and had a lot of scope but he asked us to start our work one week before the end semester exams. And no one was in a mood to work for the project as we had other deadlines to meet. I took a part of the project that I would be doing, after few of my batchmates planned and discussed the division of the work of project amongst us. My mind raced through the schedule for coming week and allotted time for the project in that schedule.
Last week of semester proved to be disastrous. After missing two English classes because of staying at home during that week sometime earlier in the semester, this week I missed one class and was late for one, after I overslept due to fatigue. I reached the class half an hour late and sat beside Bhanukiran. He asked me where had I been in all previous English classes. Of course he knew the reasons.
One should never lie in life. I had not good reason to lie but I did the same. I stood at the first floor corridor of school building, looking into my notebook at a half torn page in the bottom half of which I had written a few things that could help me conveniently prepare for exams. I looked at it, both in amazement that I have a shortcut now, and in disbelief that, will this really help me?
I would never have thought this in my worst nightmares, but I sensed it now. I felt that the headmistress was standing behind me, looking at what I was looking at. I turned slowly, cautiously and found a couple of students walk past me. I turned to my notebook, closed it and as I turned to leave, I saw the headmistress standing in front of me.
"I would like to look at the page you were looking at, in your notebook!"
I sensed danger!
I turned the pages of my notebook back and forth in an attempt to find a similar half torn page at the top. I found a close replica scribbled in same way, which I showed her. She asked for my notebook and asked me to leave. I saw myself walking away from her and she looking at that page when I heard her call me from behind, with the notebook in her hand, "It is not a good thing to lie."
I froze at my place. How could she know of the shortcut?!
I always thought she had some magical powers. I saw myself sitting in front of her, in her office. She seemed furious. After few seconds she spoke, "you wanted to take the shortcut, isn't it?"
I couldn't say anything to that.
"Let me make it easier for you", she said. She handed me my notebook open at that page. I did what she wanted me to do. As I read the contents of the page, I saw myself looking at a street junction. I saw the headmistress standing on it, in front of an antique shop I think. I saw a man of almost her age walking towards her. She slapped him or something and he was hurt. A few seconds later, I saw them kissing passionately and that man apologizing.