Wednesday, June 16, 2010

16th June 2010 Early Morning

I saw myself in a group of few guys and girls going to some isolated, deserted place. The girls seemed excited after reaching the location. It looked like a photoshoot and the girls were the models I guess. I am not sure why I was there but there was this other guy who was a photographer. After a brief session, two older men came to that photographer and whispered in his ear. They turned and looked at me. Next thing I remember seeing two of the girls lying shot dead and the lead actress standing and trembling in fear. The older men pushed the revolver at me and forced me to shoot that lady. I refused. They threatened me that they'd kill me if I didn't obey them. I refused, fully understanding the risks but also aware that they'd kill me anyways (a situation akin to that in the movie 'Nick of Time' which I watched few days back). I was nervous but not scared of them. The photographer guy didn't look comfortable. The actress was continuously gazing at that guy, perhaps wanting to ask him, "why?".
Next thing I saw myself lying on the awkward stony floor of a completely wrecked room with some wall still left around it. I was lying with my head down. I remember seeing a wall on both sides and then looking up and seeing that photographer guy pointing the revolver at me. I looked down again, well aware that I'd be shot dead anytime. I wanted to indicate at the top of my head with my index finger so that the guy shoots me there but I guess I was numb with fear. I quickly tried to recall all the important things in my life, but to my embarrassment could only recall the TV show characters like That 70s Show etc. I focused hard and recalled my father, my mother and my sister, visualizing each of them giving me a kiss and a beautiful smile. After that my mind started recalling the TV shows again. :(
I heard the gunshot and for a second felt like the top of my head had exploded but that was my imagination. I was not shot at, I was still alive. Cautiously, I looked up and saw the photographer guy on the floor, bleeding from his head. Apparently he had killed himself. I guess he couldn't take it anymore. I grabbed his revolver in my handkerchief and started running away from there.
My efforts at running were similar to the end scene in the movie "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" in which Ferris runs hard and a for long time to reach his house from his girlfriend's house before either of his parents could reach the house. I was running for my life. I ran through a wild patch of land, then through a small town and then through an urban settlement. I happened to gaze into one of the houses which had a glass door and was well lit from inside, and saw my father talking to some other man in there. I banged at the glass door hard enough for them to hear me and take me in.
My father was concerned and asked me about the situation. I tried to tell him but was gasping and struggling to breathe in properly. My father introduced me to the other man who was probably his senior because my father addressed him as "sir". Strangely enough he told him that I was from the batch of '97 or perhaps he was talking about someone else but he was definitely talking about some defense force academy student. I recalled that I did my 10th in year 2003 and 12th in year 2005 and am in college. Near death experience does make one remember one's past really quickly!
It was dusk. My father took me outside in the backyard which was covered with grass and had a high hedge, strangely covered with the certificates of many cadets. I wanted to ask my father about reason of his presence there but didn't. I took him into a dark corner, away from the sight of that other man and started telling him about the situation. After what I experienced, I couldn't trust any stranger anymore!
A few minutes later, after all the explanations, my father promised me that he'd find help for me and others but as we turned and started walking back into the house, I saw one of the older men walking out of the house and turning at us, pointing a pistol/revolver at us. I was in front, so I turned back, took my father and ducked back in the darkness. After a few seconds, I plunged out of the darkness, kicked his arm holding the revolver with my knee and then knocked him out. At that moment itself, it was the other older man who was standing in front of us, pointing his revolver at us. This time, either my father or I got shot in the arm. This man was physically stronger than the previous one and I found it hard to hold his arm with the revolver and struggle with him. My father joined in and we disarmed him.
Funny thing happened after that. The man inside the house and I were comparing our biceps and arm size, in front of a mirror and clearly his were far more superior, and reminded me of Bob's (from That 70s Show) thick arms. I was smiling into the mirror and at my relatively fragile physique.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

3rd June 2010 Early Morning

Many of my friends, batchmates and some strangers were beating me, hitting me. I didn't understand why, but I do know that whenever I went outside my house, they attacked me. Later they started attacking me even in my lawn! And eventually inside the house too. Apparently I had been staying alone because my parents and sister were probably somewhere else. Hence, I had to sneak into my own house most of the times! Eventually I started staying in someone else's house, a friend's house I think. They came there as well, so I had to escape so that they follow me and not harm my friend.
I did see that I was not the only one being beaten up. After being beaten, I felt tired but didn't feel much of pain. After a few beatings, I decided to train myself and beat them back when I'm ready. Their beatings made me stronger, and I exercised and practiced. At a grand party/ceremony, all the people who beat me were sitting on either side of me in a long row at a long table. We were having dinner. They started hitting me now and then, I was feeling angry and I decided to retaliate. Within a few minutes, all those guys were lying on the floor, groaning in pain!