Thursday, July 29, 2010

29th July 2010 Late Morning

I saw myself trying to race my toy car by pushing it with a lot of energy. Sadly I couldn't generate much speed. There was this other guy who kept on telling me that my car was much faster than that but I wouldn't believe him. Few hours later I discovered it for myself that he was telling the truth. All I had to do was rewind my car, as in push it back on the ground and leave it, and gently release it from my grip and see it zooming to the other end of the room. Interestingly enough, it bounced back from the opposite wall, and then the wall behind me, and then the opposite wall so as to make four lapses with just one rewind!
Moral: Sometimes you must get back to basics, you must listen to the other person who has more experience.

I saw one of my friend's middle name was "Niranjan", it was inscribed on a metal sheet on some memento or trophy in his room and hence his name abbreviated to ANS.