Tuesday, November 23, 2010

22nd Nov 2010 Early Morning

I saw myself in a seven star cruise ship, at dinner time with candle lights, bulbs, chandeliers etc. I saw myself talking to a lot of high profile people, one at a time. We had a meal in person and I ordered something for every date. When the time ran out, I excused myself and went to another table to meet the next person. Eventually, the party was over for me when I had met everyone I had to. From among the last set of people I met, a girl came over to me, poked me on the arm and asked me if I wanted to hang out, and I replied, "Let me get my food first."
The thing is that I had some leftovers after meeting every person and I wanted to go back to those tables and finish them. But the place had closed down for the night and the cleaners had begun their work. I couldn't find my leftovers, and I was still hungry. I walked up to the end of the ship to the small hall facing the ocean which had a long table with some leftovers. I started scavenging for untouched food among them. The cleaner approached me and asked me to stop doing that but a lady asked the cleaner to allow me to continue.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

2nd Nov 2011 Late Morning

I saw myself backstage, few minutes before my speech or announcement but a stage presence nonetheless. I was nervous, but quite excited. Some people looked at me, few of the onstage ones also, as I frantically went through my speech. Maybe it were the large audience, the bright stage lighting or both that made me feel overwhelmed about the whole situation.
Next I saw myself in a pool of crystal clear blue water. I was swimming and keeping away from sharks which were sharing the pool. The pool was small in size but when a person is in the pool, the person shrinks perhaps because the pool seems much bigger. I was in the pool, preparing for my speech when a shark advanced towards me with its open mouth and large, uneven knife-like teeth. I swam for my life, and did a rookie mistake. I went deeper into the pool. I got myself a much needed push from the pool floor (which was all soil and tiny water plants) and heaved myself upwards, but the shark was prepared to block my way. I lost most of my momentum while changing direction away from the shark. To my relief, Inderjeet came to my rescue. He knew how to deal with the sharks and helped me out of the pool. As we both sat staring at the tiny sharks in the pool, I thanked him. He said that we're trained among the sharks to improve our public speaking skills so that stage feels much less scary.
I was at my house, with my mother and sister (I think) and few other kids. I wanted to have bath but couldn't because of cloudy weather. I was waiting for the weather to change but my wait had been too long so I had to take a bath asap. I looked at the mirror to check my hairline. I was scared when I saw that my hairline had reduced almost a centimeter since the last time I had taken a bath.