Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Initially I was at my home and I had to go to some award function. Me and my sister were to get ready and my parents were arguing as to what we should be wearing. Finally I wore something (got ready!) :D
Surprisingly I was the host at the function. I was just there to attend it, and now I was the host! I think I was wearing a suit. I was given a nice room before the show. One of my school friend was my co-host. Either it was Naveen or Himanshu. Show went nicely. This show was conducted every year. I still don't understand why I was the host ! I don't remember what happened at the show. But after the show, while sitting in my room, I realized that I possessed some extraordinary abilities and that my co-host had them too. I discovered it by wishing for something difficult and out of my reach and abilities, and yes! it happened! It had to do something with a door!
After the show, me and my co-host were walking back and came across a settlement, which looked like an advanced village. There the villagers talked about mythical powers and supernatural powers and believed that we had such powers. He said that we were supposed to protect something.
I was standing in a shop of that village and buying something when a few of them asked me for money. Apparently, I knew those people and thought that it was my duty to help them, since I was not so poor and had money which could help them. I reached inside my trousers' pockets and felt only a few 100 Rs. notes. They were less. I secretly wished for some more money and gently and slowly moved my fingers in my pocket, in a gesture of feeling some more coins. I just wished for it and imagined I have them, and yes! my pocket was filled with extra notes. I gave them the money they required.
Some people saw me doing this and started attacking us. It started as a bare hand fight and one of them hit me and wounded me real badly. Then I saw myself and my co-host and a few villagers behind a cargo truck (it was an army truck) and having a gun-fight with the bad guys. They also looked like a part of the village. I felt like using my special ability here, but didn't since I had this feeling that either someone from that group or someone else also had such kind of ability and wanted to be the sole owner of this ability. I used my revolver to aim well and injure them. I soon realized that I was the main target! and my guess was confirmed because one of the guys tried to shoot me on my legs first, then when I climbed at the edge of the truck, he shot again in my direction and even came close to kill me! I saw one of the bad guys with some special ability. I could sense and feel it. Finally the fight was over, I don't remember how!
It was my first real fight and I was rather excited and happy about it! Later I realized that I was not the main target but only that I was standing in a vulnerable position and was an easy target that I was their aim. Those bad guys were looking for something else and thought that we (me and my co-host) were bad guys. No one was killed.
Apparently, the village was a soldier's colony and the people I met were soldiers.

I saw an army officer knocking from one house after another, looking for something. His chauffer carried only a chair on his head ! and looked fed up by what his boss was doing. Then the officer and the chauffer drove on some dusty downhill kind of road, and they saw the back of a big lion with wings! walking lazily. They were petrified and the chauffer somehow kept a good speed and they overtook it in no time. But it looked that the creature was in no mood to spring into any kind of action. It had beautiful white wings and was apparently happy with his life.
When the officer and his chauffer were returning on the same road, they saw the animal (lion with wings) in rage and people were trying to control it. The two didn't feel petrified this time, but wanted to help and knew they couldn't, so they left. The wings of lion had become brownish and dirty white and kind of bruised.
As a surprise, the army officer was the actual host and was actually looking for the place! :D I wonder what would have happened if he had got those powers.
I finally conclude that the hosts were randomly chosen, but with a definite random function. The person trying to injure me was in the army, then it was me as a mistake in place of this crazy dumbhead officer! :D
I saw the next host, which was a couple. I think Hrithik was the husband! :D They were happy first but then started arguing on something. Husband accused her of hiding something and confining herself in her own life. Suddenly a wall appears around the lady and she breaks the wall facing her and walks out of the walls.
We were linked... but don't know how! I was destined to be there, but why? I don't know!

Friday, June 8, 2007

25th May Night::

Me and a few of my friends decided to hang out somewhere after our morning classes and afternoon tutorials and lab sessions everyday. I always saw a list (names written on a wooden board floating in front of keane school :D ) of me and my friends who decided to hang out together. In the dream I only saw us watching movie together in some cinema hall ( we went to same cinema hall everytime we went out to watch a movie ). I saw Arjun Chhikara, Prateek G.V. and a few more guys ( I don't remember everyone ).
I had some personal work one day and so I agreed to meet them after sometime. One of my friend suggested a short cut to me, that I could take, to reach that place in less time. He gave me the directions on a wooden board (similar to the one which had list of my friend's) with names of places written on it. He pointed to the name of a place and asked me to take a right turn just before I reach that place and follow the trail, which would directly take me to that place. I agreed and left.
I don't even remember who suggested me the short cut, and that way never took me to our new place of hangout !
When I reached the place later that day, I was not sure if I should be taking the short-cut. I was not even sure if I was at the right place. The bus conductor gave me a strange, surprised look when I asked him to stop at that place. I was now standing alone on the road, with wild weeds and moor on both sides. There was a dusty beaten path and looked like it would take you somewhere, but now I was not sure if I should be taking that path. Nevertheless, I started walking on that path. After a few minutes, I did see some houses at a distance and looked like a colony. I walked enthusiastically towards the colony, relieved since I thought I was lost in the moors. I walked on the streets, stopping people and asking the address of the place I was supposed to be in, for the hangout. Nobody knew the place and surprisingly they didn't even understand the language I spoke ( neither English nor Hindi... no they were not telugu speaking people ). I was perturbed and agitated. My first thought was to return the same way I had come from. But then suddenly, a small child invited me to play his game. It surprised me. He gave me a non-verbal demo of the game with the help of gestures. Perhaps he might have realized that I couldn't understand their language. I was hesitant, but then he caught my arm and gently pulled me into the game. It was a game which included some symbols on the ground and one has to jump and do something with those symbols. After that the child took me to his house's roof and I could view far and wide standing on the roof of his house. What I didn't realize was that nothing but moors and dusty land could be seen and that there was no visible traces of human civilization that could be seen. But what I did notice was the colour of the sky ( pinkish orange ) and that the weather was cool and sun was about to set. I had fun for some more time with the kid till some grown-ups joined us. The kid looked like the kid in 300 and that the closest possible resemblance to this place is the city of Agrabah. So, while I was at the roof with this kid, instead of getting to see the city and the palace, what I could see was dust and moor and wild plants randomly growing here and there.
Next thing I saw I was again sitting in the classroom and attending a lecture. I later told my friends' the reason I couldn't come and that my friend had told me a wrong short-cut. The friend apologizes and I realize that it is Prateek G.V.
Later I see Prateek and I dancing and enjoying on the roof of that kid's house with some kids while the sky dimly glows pinkish orange and the weather is cool.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

24th May night ( after 1 o'clock ):

I saw myself travelling in a vehicle at a neckbreaking speed. I first thought that it was a bullet train. It had two compartment ( as far as I could see ). I was sitting in the second compartment. I tried to go to the other compartment to meet Asrar by jumping to the oter compartment, crossing the emptyness in between the two compartments. Everything looked blue, the lighting inside the bogies were also blue. I met Asrar and he said that he would be asked oral questions and some written ones and he had to present his work. Everyone had to do the same in his compartment and that students from the second compartment had to do something extra, which sounded like some interview ! I was tensed but I said that I've seen a lot of bad things ( in this context, I didn't get things I wanted ! ) happening to me in the past and it didn't matter to me anymore whether I succeed or fail. I was sweating and prepared for this one. I later realized that this vehicle was flying and not levitated.
I felt the vehicle stopping ( nothing could be seen through the windows, or doors and everything looked black outside ). I decided not to go out to have dinner, because they usually stopped at some unknown place. I'm not saying that the place is bad or unhygienic, it's just that I don't generally feel like having food during journeys. But someone told that the food will be served by the caretakers of the bus and so I got down. I looked out and saw a long queue and indeed, the food was laid... it was nice, but I can't remember what... except for ice-cream!
I quickly became a part of the queue. I heard someone shouting for participants for playing the game of balloons. In that game, every participant has to get hold of a balloon after it is left in the air and then hold it without getting it bursted. The person doing so for the longest duration wins. While taking my ice-cream, I caught a balloon and quietly gave it to a girl ( participant ). She wasn't even aware that the game had begun! :D
Since she was the first to get hold of a balloon, she won the first prize. This reminds me of an incident in my real life that once I didn't let a pretty looking girl win a game ( since I won it ! ) and I feel stupid about it ( the game was statue dance ). After helping this girl win this balloon game, I feel nice. :)

Then my sleep breaks, I am reminded that I am still traveling in a bus. I watch a few scenes of some Anil Kapoor, Dimple Kapadia movie and then sleep again....

I find myself going from one place to another, the place looked wierd. I was walking, but the distances were long ( does that mean I was walking fast or was I a giant ??!! ). I did hire a 7-seater but most of the time, I was moving from one part of some city ( looked like a mixture of Jalandhar and Hyderabad ) to the other part. Same was with my mother. We both moved from one place to another and came home at night. I later realized what I was doing. I was exploring the place. We were new to that place.
After a few days, my father asked for the balance and the amount of money spent. I started telling him, and my mother interrupted occasionally to show that more money was spent. So, I had to mould my words to fit in her ideas.