Wednesday, February 12, 2014

11th Feb 2014, Late Morning

I saw myself in a mall with Soumi, Radha and Sourabh. We were at the top most floor, playing arcade games at a corner outside, not in any arcade room or maybe those games were from older times, the 90s I guess. While rest of us played and switched between different machines, Soumi kept playing the same game, 'the islander' and by the time we were tired and done, we saw Soumi had reached level 11, something I had never seen anyone do before. Sourabh, in his usual mannerism said, "Abe kitna khelegi, chodh ab aur chal yahaan se." (Hey how much more will you play? Now leave this and lets go), while Radha just smiled looking at him convince to leave her game while she still kept playing, undeterred.
By the time mall was closed, she was still playing, and stopped only when the power supply was cut off. We stood in semi darkness, and could only see the long straight escalator, which was now a staircase since the electricity supply was cut-off. We walked down and the three of them walked out of the mall. I kind of was left behind as I looked back into the darkness, and felt scared for a moment. I saw them walk out of the gate but my mind got diverted and I turned right as I noticed something I had not seen before. While I walked in the alternate segments of darkness and light across the ground floor of the mall, I came to a place where I looked around and couldn't figure out a way out. Suddenly I heard someone say to me in a whisper the way out.
"are you trying to find a way out? that way, go that way."
I turned to my left and saw this guy peek out of his bedsheet wrapped around his body, lying on a hospital bed. I suddenly realized I was inside a hospital. A hospital inside a mall? I followed that man's instructions and walked out of the building.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

2nd Feb 2014, Late Morning.

I saw myself at my parents' new house. I went to bathroom to take a shower. I was at the wash basin looking at my face in the mirror when I think I saw something weird while entering. I turned around and saw a plant bed made of bricks and having small saplings in it. I was taken aback and wondered could this be because these plants need moist climate? But then the bathroom will have so much use of soap and detergent that these plants might be affected by their chemicals. I asked my parents and my sister such questions and next day I saw that only 1/4th of the plant bed was there, reduced w.r.t. the width.

We were looking for some guy in an old building late at night. There was no light inside or in the vicinity of that house. Vegetation was overgrowing on and around that house and there was an old road on which we stood. I think we had just come out of that house, climbing down those stairs, in almost dark, switching off our torches when we could see the foot of the stairs. None of us realized from where he came but this man looked lost, anxious and asked us for some directions. He then sat in a BMW that we didn't notice was standing just beside us. This man who reminded me of Liam Neeson and was wearing his white coat that looked unkempt even in the dark. We saw the BMW zoom out of that old road, take a quick left turn and vanish out of our sights, only for us to realize a couple of minutes later that this man might have come out of the old house upstairs we had been investigating.
We sat for dinner at a similar block of house, outside on a similar old road, but the groundfloor house was inhabited and even had its bush fencing lighted which brightened the old road and my hair a bit. While eating at that table outside on the road, in almost darkness with some lantern type light sources, I felt something touch me and I pulled my leg back, then my chair back, bent down and peered into the dark below the table. It was a small glowing cylindrical thing. I didn't think twice before touching it and then lifting it. Then I saw from the third person's POV that some smaller things started rising while I picked up the bigger one, as if the babies were following their mother, her exact movements, even if it meant they were floating and rising hier in the air. I was about to show these to my friends when I realized... was these one of the many things we were investigating and so was that man in white coat? Did he have these things with him in his briefcase he carried?