Tuesday, September 11, 2007

11th Sept. 2007, Early Morning.

Of my first dream, the last thing I remember is telling someone that the lady whom I'd be for the rest of my life need not be pretty, but should be beautiful. Someone who'd be honest with me and vice versa, there'd be trust and affection and blah blah... and I saw her face, and she wasn't pretty but indeed looked beautiful. Can't recall how she looked. I felt her presence and walked towards her, when I was woken up by a knock at my door! :(
Within a minute, I lied down on my bed and tried to sleep again, in an effort to recall what I'd seen, but had a different experience this time.

I saw myself lying on my stomach (sleeping) on some carpet, in front of the throne of the emperor, on which the queen was sitting. I suddenly woke up, raised my head a little, looked around and saw a few members of parliament, dressed in nice shiny robs all staring at me. I felt like sleeping again, when suddenly I caught sight of the paintings/pictures on the walls just behind the members of the parliament. I saw myself in some of the pictures, and it wasn't me, of course! That surprised me to an extent that I decided to sacrifice my sleep and I woke up. I realized that I was sleeping on the foot of the throne of the queen.
I got up a little and moved backwards, looked around, still trying to figure out the situation and then looked at the paintings/pictures again... I saw standing with the queen and a few others in the pictures.
Next thing I saw, I was travelling with queen and her daughter. I was sitting beside her (the daughter). Something got over me and moved forward and we kissed each other on lips. It was an awesome feeling. Then again I kissed her and she obliged. The third time, I had to move back since she got bored and irritated by it! :D Then I hugged her and dozed off (seriously I have no idea what was going on! I'm typing whatever I can recall.) Yeah, her mom was watching all the time. The daughter was of my age! :p I found myself falling for her, she was so adorable!
Next I'm standing in some kind of hospital and I visit this hospital because my sister has some work, either she has to be admitted or she wants to go there to help, I don't know! The hospital is inside a big building (and the princess is standing beside me during all this) and my sister says good bye to me and enters a huge blue colored tent, which looked like the ICU. Some old women accompanied her, I don't know if it was the queen or someone else!
It almost looked like the situation of 'Don'. I become the prince and save the empire while the queen helps my sister by either getting her treated or helping in fulfiling her dream of treating others, being a doctor and blah blah...
Next I find myself again in that hospital building in front of the blue tent. I stand just outside the tent and find my sister severely sick with blood coming out of her lips, red eyes etc.! (shouldn't have watched Dr. House episodes!) Next second I find my father sitting beside her and I try to stop him from doing anything. He says, "Trust me, I can treat her. you have to trust me this time!" and I allow him to do the necessary. He draws all the blood out of her body, cleanses it and again repumps the blood back into her body. She recovers! :D

Of the third dream that I saw, I remember nothing except that, I survived death and was a nice changed person and look at things in a more positive and happy way. In general my life is happy and I shed my shyness and without worrying about what people think, do things which I think is right. I inspired many people in this way, but I don't remember anything specific about this dream.

The last two paragraphs are the result of me watching two episodes of Dr. House yesterday!