Thursday, April 30, 2015

30th April 2015, Early Morning

I was walking on this long street like M.G. road flanked with shops on both sides. "Kondapur road" was the name that came to my mind. I saw some of my school teachers as shopkeepers there, perhaps they'd changed profession. Then I saw Rajeev sir at his shop. Sometimes I walk on this road and wave at the shopkeepers, especially my school teachers and greet them as they begin their work-day and I'm on my way to begin mine. Today, on my way back home, I met Rajeev sir who, in the course of our conversation, told me that he'd have to vacate the shop as he had violated some regulation and also didn't have enough funds to keep it going before he breaks even. We discussed all possible solutions to this problem, there were some but at the borderline of feasible and infeasible. I left his shop to head home, hoping it all works out for him.
I was preparing for an exam and the syllabus didn't seem to finish. After office I kept on studying till late at night, then fell asleep. It might have been 3 am when I woke up, refreshed, and resumed my preparation. In my mind I felt I was writing the exam while I was preparing, it felt as if the timelines of the two events were running in parallel. Luckily, because I'd woken up really early I had plenty of time before my exam that afternoon. Also I had to write a new story and prepare for its performance that evening at some club. So next I saw myself at the club where a group was performing some skit. My sister had to leave and I accompanied her to drop her at some class or performance. While we were leaving the skit group stopped their performance and announced that my sister had won some lottery or something and gifted her a box neatly gift wrapped. One of the guys asked me if I also wanted a gift. I agreed and he started doing something on his i-pad which seemed to have got stuck so this other guy said, never mind, next time. I didn't mind and my sister and I left. After dropping her I hurried to my home where I had planned to script the story. But then I recalled the skit I'd seen at the club and decided to perform my famous, "A walk to the toilet" speech for 10 minutes at that forum itself, instead of writing a new story for performance. However, I had to write a new story to submit somewhere, but I had few more days for that.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

24th April 2015 Morning

I saw myself sitting in a classroom/lecture hall. There I was surprised to see Divya sitting diagonally behind me on the left side. She was engrossed in reading something. I wanted to call out her name but was too shy.
Next I saw myself sitting across her bench in the classroom during class break and talking to her. She was also smiling and we seemed to have a nice conversation.
Next I saw myself walking her to her place at night. The locality was empty, not one person in sight, and it must have been dinner-time. She invited me in and I went up to her apartment. I walked in her apartment in darkness, with some light from the staircase. The door was still open but I kept walking in while she led me to her living room. She closed the door and asked me if I'd like to have something. I was really happy and excited to be at her place but she hadn't turned on light and we sat in darkness the whole time. I was surprised that in a few conversations we'd come so close. But it seemed too close and I felt like it was late and I should be leaving. I got up to leave, but she refused to let me go. Initially she was polite and gentle but soon she became strict and finally told me that she wasn't my high school crush and that I was her human slave and I couldn't leave the apartment.
I wasn't in touch with Divya all these years to know that she was already happily married and settled in U.S.

23rd April 2015 Morning

So I read a book and when I told someone that they suggested me to read the subsequent parts as well, three in total. They said that anyone who has read these three books within a set number of days will be able to understand women. So I read them and was very excited but I realized I still couldn't understand women. Then someone else suggested that there's been a game made on those books and playing that game may do the trick. So I played that game and completed all its levels but still I couldn't understand women. I asked my sister to help me but she said she'd read those books and it didn't have any such effect and that I was talking absurd.
Later on when I told this to my teammates in office, hoping the ladies would help me, they started teasing me that they won't help me. I wondered if they really could or all this was a hoax, a rumor spread by some people.

17th April 2015 Morning

Saw myself at my office, TRDDC. Some of my close friends had come to meet me, including Himanshu, Arjun, Saurabh, Rony and later on Soumi also joined us. They urged we take a pic inside the office campus. I agreed and was about to touch the screen of my Moto X when I remembered its not allowed to take photo inside the office premises. So I took them to a temple across the road from my office. It was a small, newly built temple. We roamed inside the temple, and then I asked them to come together so I could take their pic. Soumi asked me to call someone else to take all our pics together. I urged her to stand with my other friends who didn't know her and she didn't know them. I think she felt awkward and she again asked me to call someone. I got really angry because she wasn't listening to me and I walked out of the temple without saying anything. I stormed into my office, determined not to go back.

14th April 2015 Morning

Went to visit my friend Mux in Mumbai. He had plans for visiting Shatrughan Sinha at his mansion, so I accompanied him. We played table tennis on badminton court. I played a singles match against Mr. Sinha and then he and I were in same team against my friend and another guy.
At home I saw this young teenage girl come to work at our house in place of her mother. I felt I'd seen her before somewhere. While she was leaving, it struck me. I looked at her and she looked at me and I realized she was a national award winner of some sports, yet working as a maid.

11th April 2015 Morning

I was with my mother and we were late for some feast. By the time we reached we saw that mostly the housekeeping and caterers were in queue for dinner. I asked my mother to leave with me and that we'd order something to eat from outside. She asked me to have patience. I followed her into the kitchen and there we discovered so many delicacies that were not laid out, especially different flavors of cakes. Sometimes the backstage is where a lot more is going on.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

5th April 2015, Morning

I saw myself at IIIT-H during the admissions phase of its new batch. I went through the curriculum and felt like becoming a student again to do some courses. I could never be confident enough about my knowledge and abilities. However I was already a full time employee and didn't want to leave work and wondered how I would manage both. I talked to Manish about it and he said I could pursue my studies there part-time and even select my courses based on which I could attend the classes accordingly and rest of the time I can work at office. Feeling happy to have resolved this issue, I went to library, my favorite place. I was feeling nostalgic while walking the lanes of my alma mater. Sitting at a library computer I remembered those days when I used to talk to people online and remembered her. So I searched for her previous email, to see our previous conversations. Just before the search results could load, I saw myself in an open ground in my college in front of a structure with horizontal bars going up to infinite height. It looked like a skeleton of a building. I felt she was at the top of this structure, swinging at the horizontal bar, like a trapeze, and making circles in the air. So I started climbing it like one climbs a giant ladder. Once I reached near enough and saw her swinging, I sat there hidden and watched and admired her skills. Just when she was about to step on my head while climbing down I showed myself and startled her a little. But she seemed happy to see me.
It was almost sunset by then and we bid good-byes and went our ways. I was really excited to meet her in such a supernatural way that I could barely wait to tell my friends, mostly IIIT-H friends who'd also come to the college, perhaps it was a reunion. We were at some big lawn like we have in defense officer's club, and some of us were hanging out and I started telling them my story. I remember Bansi was sitting with few others. Before I could tell them about her, I started fumbling, stammering and then I couldn't even make a sound, and felt as if something was stuck in my throat. They thought I was making fun of them by pretending and they left, mainly to refill their drinks but also to spend their time in a better way than to watch me struggle to try to speak. I found two other guys who are far more patient and they heard and when I started speaking about her, again I fumbled, then stammered, then struggled to speak. Just then someone called one of the guys and he left. The other one stood with me, trying to help me out but it didn't work. So I changed the topic.
I saw myself with three other guys. We were practicing sword fighting, with short sword in one hand and knife in another. We stood in a circle and each person had to tackle two guys on either side. Three of us ganged up against one guy and he was the best so he could tackle two of us since one person is only allowed to tackle two people. Suddenly the third guy gets a phone call so he leaves so the two of us who are novice and this third experienced guy practice, while he keeps giving us tips on how to attack with a short sword (how to push the blade and hurt the person) and how to use knife tactfully (how to hold it and push it in through the gaps). It seems we had to tackle a guy with similar experience later on and at least two of us together should be good enough to overpower him.