Friday, March 2, 2012

3rd March Late Morning

I saw myself at a shop where I was buying fruits. I was to give a demonstration on how to make fruit salad or some fruit dish. I stood there trying to decide which fruits to buy. I took a lot of things into consideration, like the ease of cutting the fruit and laying it in the assortment, the shape in which I'll cut it will that look good, etc. I saw myself imagining cutting slices of apple, pineapple and pieces of watermelon and other fruits and laying it properly for display.
I think this dream was fusion of two things: first being that I was supposed to present a poster in R&D showcase at IIIT-H the next day, that I didn't do eventually, second being that in Capital IQ in cafetaria floor we get assorted fruits in a plastic bowl for one snacks coupon and all fruits I saw in my dream were amongst those fruits only.
So while I was deciding on which fruits to buy, my friends who had been waiting for me while sitting inside that shop on a bench (atul, rishi, sachin etc.) got irritated and started shouting at me to quickly make my choice. Suddenly I got a call from Lakshman (the DB team manager). It seemed like a conference call. I 'hello'ed a few times but nobody responded while I heard them discussing something amongst themselves. I cut the call. Then I saw my father come to that shop, buy some fruits and without even noticing my presence walked away. It was as if I didn't exist!
Next moment I saw myself faintly waking up in my bed. I heard Rishi, Atul and others walk into the house, and Rishi commenting, "Sainu has become very careless. He bought the fruits but didn't bring it home. I think he needs help. Please take care of him."

Sunday, January 1, 2012

1st January 2012 Late Morning

We were at this place, a resort maybe. I could see that I was with my colleagues from office, the technology team. It seemed like a harmless team outing. We had few events and the place itself was exotic!
Suddenly they told few of us standing in a group that some person in our team was taken down. One of the DBAs surprisingly produced a gun and handed it over to me. Few of us who were standing near the bar were seemingly cornered by them. My seniors started retaliating to their shots. Maybe they ran out of bullets or something but I was perhaps the only one left to fight them off, and they were three. I was hiding behind a crystal closet. They urged me to start firing back. I gathered some courage and started shooting. They fired back. I felt a certain pain in my arm and realized that I got a flesh wound as a bullet fizzled past my arm. Once I tasted the bullet, I somehow didn't feel afraid. I didn't hide back behind the crystal closet. I stood up, walked out and shot one of them in the head, during this time constantly feeling that some bullet will be flying in my direction and ready to make a hole in my chest or my head. The other one I couldn't aim properly so he got a bullet in his arm. The third one was taken care of by my senior.
I just stood there, exasperated. Some people came and praised me for my accomplishment. I was feeling thrilled and the bullet wound felt like a medal of honor! I had this feeling that some of them were not convinced it was me because they'd not seen this in person. Two of my office friends who drive bikes really fast decided to give me a ride. I sat behind the taller one in a bullet. At the end of the kaccha road, he took a swift turning, hoping to see some reaction from me but I was holding the bike to keep my balance, but didn't feel scared. He started speeding up and it looked like he'd take a sudden turn at the main road too, so I jumped off his high speeding bike and landed on my four legs. I felt this animal strength in me and quick reflexes. To the other friend coming from behind on his bike, I pretended that I was still scared of speed and asked him to drive slower.
I saw her walking out of her yatch with her mother. I guess she heard about the bullet wound and tried to make sure I was alright. I asked her not to worry, but I was quite surprised to see that I felt taller than before, especially when I wrapped my arm around her while we were walking and talking.