Sunday, January 27, 2008

27th Jan '08 Early Morning

The first thing I remember is that I am sitting in some classroom and struggling to learn something. Bhanukiran walks upto me and says, "Dude, it's quite late, it's night time. And you're sitting in the dark staring at something I can't clearly make out what! Is something troubling you?
I stared at that thing again and then replied, "Nothing".
The truth was that I was nervous. And something was troubling me. I was in a situation that I wanted to do something but didn't have the courage to withstand the wrong consequences.
Our college was one of the colleges selected for some martial arts fighting competition and it was to be a 'team fight'. As far as I can recall six members were there. One of them was Gaurav, not sure if Atul was also a part of the team. We had a teacher who was an expert and we had evening sessions for a couple of months.
Evening sessions were cool. I learned some nice stunts/tactics about self defence but the idea of taking a punch or kick in the face is what was making me nervous. Luckily during evening sessions, nothing of that sort happened!
After the two months of training, we were trained in weapon fight. We started with a Bo. It reminded me of Donaltello of TMNT cartoon series. I eagerly learned each and every move with that Bo, but getting a stick in my face added to the list of my fears! :(
Our first match was against some local college which we won convincingly. We traveled in a bus to that college and returned late at night. The task was simple, make all the opponents fall on the ground. I tried to use the Bo as Master Splinter of TMNT and it worked in a few cases because the other team was also smart. I was the first one to fall to the ground from my team but I made 2 people fall before falling. I was happy and thrilled never the less because it was my first experience in a combat and my face was not hurt!
There was a machine which had crawled the whole web, indexed every information available on the web and had made a graph of the hyperlinked structure of web. Our college had built that machine and had given it to students to test run it and tell the bugs and limitations. Me and my team were the only ones left to test it.
The machine had a large bluish screen with a complex graph structure on it. The machine could sense if a person nearby is there to use that machine or to do something else. As we went close to it, a digitalized female voice started speaking and giving instructions. It was simple to use and felt like a person was standing on the other side of the machine and teaching us how to use it. My friends gave a lot of queries and were impressed by it's accuracy in fetching just the relevant documents. It seemed like high level of AI and sensors were used. I gave the name of my old friend as a query since I wanted to find out where she was or what she was doing and I had googled her earlier but it couldn't find any result.
I was again disappointed when this machine displayed at the screen that no result could be found and apologized (which was amusing because the female voice also announced it as "No results found, sorry")
Next week we had a match against a local college in Madras (now called Chennai). Looking at our good performance in the last match, our teacher decided to teach us the use of Katana Blades (or sword). He gave each one of us a sword and asked us to become comfortable with it. I felt it heavier than the Bo and also didn't have much degree of freedom in holding the sword. I lifted it and brought it closer to my face, it's pointed blade pointing to the roof of our practice room ( a wooden room with thatched roof). I looked at the shine of the blade and saw my face in it. My fears were confirmed now... I now feared a long scar on my delicate face! :(
As I got into the bus for leaving to Madras, all I knew was that I was nervous and also had to be very careful... I recalled the conversation I had with Bhanukiran last night and now all I wanted was my face to be safe.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

14th Jan 2008, Early Morning.

I slept early yesterday, at 11 pm. Does this affect the kind of dreams I get? I guess not!
The first thing I remember is that I and my girlfriend are alone in my house (I don't have a girlfriend, though!) and we are together in the attic. The attic has wooden floor and is quite spacious and also big enough for a person to walk erect. I saw all this from a third person view. Even though I couldn't see either of the person's face clearly, I know the guy was me. There was only a bulb throwing yellow light to light the attic and it was hanging in the center of the roof of the attic.
We did some things (I don't remember much. We ate fruits and other things, we read something... can't recall what we did.) and frequently kissed each other then I saw us naked and having sex and then suddenly I saw us dressed again and with her lying on me and smiling at me while we looked into each other's eyes. All of a sudden, the doorbell rang. As a third person view from the attic I saw my parents enter the house and I and my girlfriend greeted them.
My father told me that there's going to be a festival in some place in India (I guess it was Kerala, because what I saw later, most of it looked like the temples and palaces of Kerala since I have lately visited Kerala). This festival is quite famous and also has an event of boxing in it. I thought in my mind, "so what?" but then my father interrupted my future thoughts by telling me that I was good at boxing and so I should participate in it. Now that is news, I thought, but never mind, I'll see a few games then try to do what other participants would be doing. Then I imagined myself standing fully dressed for boxing, with gloves on my hands and wearing a red hood on my head and looking at an ongoing match, trying to learn their moves.
I saw myself in Kerala (my imagination tells me that it was Kerala and this time, I have first person view.) with my parents. We went to a temple to seek blessings for me, I really needed blessings! When inside the temple, I looked around. It was dawn and sun was yet to show it's presence and come up in sky, and people were out of their homes and visiting temples and doing other activities. It surprised me but I was impressed. Hardly a few people, and I think they were the ones responsible for maintaining and looking after this temple, were inside the temple. When I saw the idols of the deities right in front of me, I didn't remove my shoes (I was well aware of the fact that I should be removing my shoes, but didn't worry much about it) and just went in. I didn't go too close to the idols (they were small idols, 5-6 of them and were kept on the two adjacent walls) and joined hands from a distance and prayed to them. As I walked back towards the exit of the temple, I felt that wearing shoes and praying wasn't the right thing to do. So I again went back, this time after removing my shoes and again prayed to them, this time went a little closer, and asked for forgiveness.
My parents and I then went to some place, where a lot of people had gathered, either it was a palace or a place of similar historic importance. I was impressed by the architecture and the design of the place. Suddenly I saw a snake outside, at the entrance of that place. It was big, orange in color and it was FLOATING IN THE AIR. It saw me and I shrieked. Everyone turned and stared at me. They turned and saw in the direction I was looking at and started laughing. They said these snakes often come to this place during this festival season. Snakes are sacred animals to people of that place. In a few minutes, I saw a few more outside the place but none were as big as the first snake (the orange one) I saw. One of them suddenly flew past us, at amazingly high speed and I again shrieked. Everyone laughed again, including my parents.
My parents asked me not to worry. The snakes are good. You are a good boy, you do nothing wrong so you have nothing to fear. In fact, we should join hands and greet them and pray to them. They started to leave and I thought that they might be right. So, I turned to the other side and saw that orange snake suddenly moving inside the palace and came quite close to me by slowly floating in air. It's vision was completely fixed at me, and it moved it's forked tongue inside and outside. I never saw a snake so close before in my life ! The orange snake then slowly went back to the entrance.
I was not convinced. They looked ferocious and scared the hell out of me. "you do nothing wrong so you have nothing to fear", this statement of my father popped into my mind and I remembered wearing shoes inside the temple. I did something wrong and so these snakes were here to punish me. They are sacred snakes and it's confirmed. Now I had a reason to fear. I asked my parents that we should quickly leave this place and go somewhere else but didn't tell them why.
I wanted to go back to the rest house but my father had other plans. He wanted us to see yet another place (a museum or a palace I can't recall) and so we went there. I saw the same kind of architecture there and instead of feeling happy and impressed, I started feeling scared again. There were a few people there. I looked at the entrance and yet again saw the same orange snake. My fears were confirmed that I had made God angry and he has sent these serpents to punish me. These serpents are looking for a moment when I'd be alone and then they would punish me. I decide to stay with other people.
We reached the common room in that palace, which was the place where women prepared food, spices, butter etc. It was like a big courtyard. It had roof but sun rays were also allowed in. I saw a streak of sun rays coming into the courtyard. I looked at the time, 10 o'clock. I looked below at the floor and saw the sun rays striking the stone floor and illuminating it. Suddenly I saw a couple of snakes moving across my feet. I wanted to jump and run from there, but out of extreme fear and also fear of hurting those 'sacred' snakes, I didn't move, but I was shaking within, while standing there. I wouldn't have shouted, but for a snake who came and sat on my neck. It was heavy...
I felt numb and I stopped shaking so that the snake on my neck is not troubled. I didn't want to make any mistake now, after what I'd done in that temple. I wanted to oblige these snakes so that my punishment be lessened. Something happened to me and I tried to rub the snake off my neck and back. The snake was heavy and also stuck to me as if it was a lizard. I had never touched a snake and when I tried to gently rub it off me, I touched it. It had both sticky and slimy kind of skin, and moist as well. The snake slowly moved a little and towards my face, and I could feel it's movement on me. I could see it's forked tongue moving out and vibrating, its' eyes waiting to look at my face and ... I lifted the snake off my back and left it in the air. The snake, not expecting that I'd do so, fell on the ground, rather than floating, as I expected it to do.
The snake immediately rose into the air, in fury and I realized that I was a dead man. I started begging for mercy and said, "please, please forgive me. Please don't punish me. I won't wear shoes into any temple again. It was a mistake, please!"
I felt that the snake was rather amused at what I said. He asked me to look into his face and into his eyes. HE WAS TALKING TO ME, IN HINDI. I could have collapsed but my fear prevented me to do so. I closed my eyes and again started begging for mercy and started chanting prayers and hymns randomly and quickly. He said, "be quiet and look into my eyes and into my face, we are here for something important. The idea of sacred snakes is a myth. If you don't want to be a tagged person, look at me and into my eyes. I'd free you if that is what you want."
I opened my eyes, saw that green snake floating in front of me and a little further away, I saw the same orange snake I'd seen earlier, the same morning. He left me what no other option. I looked at him, and into his eyes. This time, he didn't move his tongue, so that I could concentrate better. He floated in air, his body moving but his head fixed, and we stared at each other for a few seconds. He moved a little back (all this time it was floating in the air and floated a little back) and said, "Sorry sir, I didn't know it was you." and suddenly I saw what he was thinking. I saw a man wearing horn-rimmed glasses and working in his laboratory which was floating in outer space.