Wednesday, February 10, 2010

11th Feb 2010 Early Morning

Atul was sick, so I took him to a hospital where a girl worked as a nurse who used to be in my school, one year junior to me. She was so pretty and I had a big time crush on her. On reaching the hospital, with atul hanging on my shoulder with his arm, I realized the hospital was a military hospital and Atul would have a hard time there. Atul screamed like a baby when he got injections and whenever I visited him, he begged me to take him to some other hospital!
I did meet the girl from my school. She had come to check on Atul. I saw her in her group of nurses giggling in the corridor for some stupid reason. I wanted to say "hi" when our eyes met but refrained from doing so. She was still so pretty, the only beautiful thing (like sunshine) in the morose ambiance of the hospital. Since her first visit, Atul had stopped complaining about the hospital. :)

I saw myself with my sister walking into a colony we had lived in, few years ago. The first house to the left, in the row of houses as one entered the colony looked familiar to us, perhaps because one of our friends lived there. The door was locked from inside but nobody replied to our bell ring. We walked around the house and entered through the backdoor. Most of the house was marooned but for a pizza box that I found lying on the floor in one empty room close to the main door. I looked at it, then found it open but untouched. I looked at the date, more than a year old but the pizza didn't smell stale.

I had this English assignment due next month. I was at home, because somebody had died in the family and everybody was very sad about it. I managed to write some pages, almost half the assignment, till my last day at home. With a few days to spare before submission day, I stood outside in the train, planning my strategy to complete the assignment. When I reached hostel I realized I had left my assignment at home. :(
Later, I saw myself with a lady in white saree, who had some awesome gadgets. She helped me get my assignment transferred from home to college. My sister thought I had lost my head when I told her the instructions. Sadly the first half of the assignment that I had done wasn't on paper but in a liquid form. That lady further showed off her findings/inventions by rolling the first sheet of paper of second half of my assignment and immersing it in a big jug filled with liquid. The sheet of paper that came out was a blank sheet. She drank that liquid and narrated the whole content verbatim! Now I was curious and suggested her that she could make a similar device that could absorb the content in a liquid and read it out aloud. She smiled, then asked for the second sheet of my second half of assignment, immersed it in the liquid in the jug. The liquid in the jug was then boiled. As the vapors of the liquid came out, the jug started speaking out the content verbatim.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Wacky Dreams Collection Volume 1

1. I saw myself pleading to Atul and Prashant that they teach me for an exam. I did so for a few hours till 8 am. When I started to study for the exam, I looked at my watch and the time is 8:20 am, 10 minutes before exam. I lost my temper, and started hitting Atul. Atul hit back, playfully at first but when he saw that I wasn't fooling around, he got serious too. Meanwhile, Prashant slips away for exam I guess. We sparred for few minutes, landed few blows on each other and finally we were on the floor, bleeding. I then saw us on the hospital bed. My plan worked... we gave the exam later. :D :P

2. This was during morning time in bus from Pune to Hyderabad: I saw them transfer some plants to main field. One of the plants couldn't stand in its water filled space and its shoot got submerged in water. In my attempt to help, I pulled it out and put it straight when no one else dared to touch it. Something from the plant stuck to my fingertips and it had teeth. It bit me. :( (although I think I did wake up because of the bite, not sure though!)

3. 3rd Feb 2010 early morning: I saw a lady sitting in front of her dressing table looking in the tall oval mirror. Suddenly her groom comes into the room who looks like a zombie. The zombie attacks her and after initial struggle, tears off her left hand and part of her right hand. She bleeds and shrieks in pain. Her would be mother-in-law comes into the tent room. The groom zombie rushes out of the tent room and into the woods. The bride goes after him, concerned. The would be mother-in-law goes after them, then stops the bride and says, "Oh, you look so beautiful for the wedding!"

4. 20th March 2010 early morning: I was dying. I had a disease that the doctor did know about but he said he could never understand the nature of that disease and that disease always puzzled him. He said that a cure does exist, he gives me a prescription for the medicine but says that medicine would take few months to arrive, and I might be dead before the medicine arrived. I saw myself sitting alone in my house and prescription in my hand, with dim natural light streaming in from the open door on my left side.
One of my female friends asked me about my perturbed state of mind. I told her everything. She asked me to be hopeful and that everything would be alright. I wanted to believe her, but couldn't.

Monday, February 8, 2010

8th February 2010 Late Morning

I saw myself making a trip to some weird city. They had spacious toilet space like big halls. Some relative of mine, an uncle or a cousin, and I with backpacks on them, traveled to that city on foot, on bike, and train or some public transport. I also saw us jumping from one floating (in air) particle to other during last few hundred meters away from the city. We got very strange reception from the city and its people. The people talked rudely to us and to each other even when they didn't seem so. I observed that the city was mostly deserted and I remember mostly finding the cleaners in the city, cleaning I wonder what!
I remember packing for the same trip, a week later, deciding on clothes and accessories. The second trip was also to be a two day stay there. I saw my father talking to me about the trip and how he appreciated that I was helping out the family! (This dream was probably inspired by Arrested Development, a TV show whose finale I finished watching yesterday night.)

Sunday, February 7, 2010

7th Feb 2010 Early Morning

I saw myself as a warrior from a different era because many men dressed as warriors from Spartan's era visited me and convinced me to return, realize my roots and destiny. I remember one of the men saying, "You are destined to be a warrior, what are you even doing here?" looking down upon the work I did.
I was an employee in a corporation. :D On insistence of my colleagues, I tried drinking and smoking after initial hesitation. I didn't feel any beginner's discomfort. The first puff of smoke from my lungs was liberating and whiskey was so smooth! Everyone was surprised!
Later at home, I heard my father talking about whiskey. I realized that my parents had asked me never to drink or smoke. Innocently, I asked father more about whiskey and how it tastes. He seemed to like whiskey and praised it, but didn't offer me a chance to drink! :P

I saw myself as a kid, in a large area surrounded by net. My friends and I were waiting for the boxing training when we all got an option to do attend something else instead, which was something silly and quite boring, but harmless! I just got up and walked out of the net and joined the queue for the other activity. My good friend looked at me, surprised (Arpit Khasgiwala, I think). Some distance from the net, I looked back and saw my friends and others sitting on the sand area lighted from top and surrounded by net. I realized I was leaving behind my great chance of learning how to fight and endure pain. I left the queue, jogged back to the net. My friend saw me, knew my concerns, punched me hard in the face. I fell back on the sand, my nose bleeding a little and my head still confused.
"Welcome back!" he said, offered his hand. I grabbed it and he pulled me up. Maybe he was my friend who later convinced me to return and embrace my destiny of a warrior! :D