Friday, March 2, 2012

3rd March Late Morning

I saw myself at a shop where I was buying fruits. I was to give a demonstration on how to make fruit salad or some fruit dish. I stood there trying to decide which fruits to buy. I took a lot of things into consideration, like the ease of cutting the fruit and laying it in the assortment, the shape in which I'll cut it will that look good, etc. I saw myself imagining cutting slices of apple, pineapple and pieces of watermelon and other fruits and laying it properly for display.
I think this dream was fusion of two things: first being that I was supposed to present a poster in R&D showcase at IIIT-H the next day, that I didn't do eventually, second being that in Capital IQ in cafetaria floor we get assorted fruits in a plastic bowl for one snacks coupon and all fruits I saw in my dream were amongst those fruits only.
So while I was deciding on which fruits to buy, my friends who had been waiting for me while sitting inside that shop on a bench (atul, rishi, sachin etc.) got irritated and started shouting at me to quickly make my choice. Suddenly I got a call from Lakshman (the DB team manager). It seemed like a conference call. I 'hello'ed a few times but nobody responded while I heard them discussing something amongst themselves. I cut the call. Then I saw my father come to that shop, buy some fruits and without even noticing my presence walked away. It was as if I didn't exist!
Next moment I saw myself faintly waking up in my bed. I heard Rishi, Atul and others walk into the house, and Rishi commenting, "Sainu has become very careless. He bought the fruits but didn't bring it home. I think he needs help. Please take care of him."