Saturday, October 6, 2007

6thOct, 2007 Morning

I was sitting with one of my friends in his flat in Mumbai. We both were slouched in a comfortable position and chatting, watching something on T.V. I looked at him and suddenly realized that he was one of the superstars of the film industry. It came as a surprise but I didn't feel any surprise.
Suddenly he switched off the T.V. and remided me of his latest film being premiered that evening and that I should be there with him at the premiere/showcase. Once again I didn't show any surprise/emotion at being invited at a premiere of a film. As a matter of fact, that friend of mine looked and talked like Shahrukh Khan and the film to be premiered looked and sounded like 'Om Shanti Om'. At the premiere party, with a glass of drink in my hand, I looked at my friend and he looked so happy! I had discovered that something bad would happen to him. Perhaps his girlfriend was planning to breakup with him, but I don't know how I came to know that. I was feeling helpless as I couldn't tell him, nor help him in any way.

I saw me and two of my friends trying to run away in a car with my friend driving and the other friend and I sitting at the back. I said that I was afraid to the friend sitting beside me and she hugged me and said that everything is gonna be ok. We drove on a thin road surrounded by marshes on both sides. The situation was that we had to reach somewhere at sometime and we were late. Also, I was the person who'd be playing the major role in something. But at present I can't recall what it was because I overslept !

Two of my friends and I attended some classes on logic, which included the real significance of symbols like '<', '>', '>=', '<=' etc. The teacher taught really well. Apart from that he taught other things that could really help us understand the functioning of human brain. The teacher did teach in school but we wanted to privately learn from him. It was her (one of the two friends) idea, not mine. It was a surprise to see that a teacher teaching in a good school lived in a marshy area. A few days later when We went to his house, we found his son (who looked like one of my seniors) collecting things from the cupboard and stuffing them in a bag. The teacher wasn't there. His son told us that his father won't be coming back.

I received a lot of sweets and toffees and all my favorite ones and I really loved the idea of having so many sweets to eat. One of my father's friend had come to meet me and he told me that my sister was not doing well in her studies and that she'd got bad grades not only at school level but they were very bad even at national and international level. He had brought me some more sweets, chocolates toffees. I thanked him for coming. I thought of calling home but decided to do so the next day. In the next scene, I saw my sister and I offered her the sweets. she declined saying that the sweets were for me. I asked her why she got bad grades and she said that did study for the exams. My father interrupted saying that she played games like quake 3 more than studying. She shud have devoted more time towards her studies. My sister shouted that she didn't. My father switched to a softer tone, saying that it's good to play video games but one should balance his/her schedule in a way that includes everything necessary for work and enjoyment in desirable amount. I agreed, saying that had I played anything/something, I'd have been a better driver. My sister said that I was a better driver than I thought I was, and shut the door on us.
My mother saw so many sweets, toffees with me and looked worried. I reassured her that I'd brush my teeth before and after sleep. Although she wasn't convinced, she smiled and agreed. When I had a handful of those toffees, I understood why she was worried. My right side molar teeth had started bleeding and was getting worse than what it previously was. I had to make a choice... those sweets, toffees or my teeth. I imagined the pain of dental operations/surgeries, the cold atmosphere of the AC, the bluish white light of the tubelights along with the light of the dentist's chair shining over me, and compared them to the taste of those sweets/toffees. I chose those toffees/sweets over my teeth and decided to have the rest of the sweets with my left side teeth.

Then I saw myself standing/waiting with the two of my friends for some event, either a marriage or some feast... and we'd done some makeup to look older and one of my friends (who had consoled me while we were sitting in the car) had done heavy makeup so that no one could recognize her.

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