Monday, June 2, 2008


I saw myself running frantically on the corridor of a school/college building. I was on the second floor. I looked at the class numbers on the tiny wooden boards as I passed by each class. I was looking for the exam room in which I was supposed to sit for my exam. After two rounds of the second floor, I went to the third floor to find the exam room. I saw science labs, sports rooms, kindergarden etc. After half an hour of running around, I found Dhingra having water from the water cooler. He saw me and asked me, "Did you complete your exam?"

"I can't find my exam room, did you finish you exam?"

"Yes, a few minutes ago. Others are still writing, but you know me, I leave the exam hall before everyone else."


I couldn't find my exam hall and only half an hour was left when I looked at my watch. I walked into one of the rooms where some students were giving exams. I talked to the teacher/invigilator sitting there about my situation. Surprisingly she got me my question paper and made me sit in one of the seats. I started writing as fast as I could. After the examination time was over, she was kind enough to allow me to write till I completed my exam. She sat beside me which made me a bit uncomfortable because she occasionally read my answers which were not neat (both in presentation and language). She was pretty, though.

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