Sunday, April 5, 2009

5th April 2009 Early Morning

I saw myself in an AC compartment of a train. I was supposed to get down at some station and appear for an exam at 9 pm. I was sitting near the wash basin, feeling bit cold and studying hard with the help of the dim yellow light over the wash basin. At one instance my eyes shut for a few seconds and I realized that I was drowsy. I decided on getting off the train at 10 pm instead and take some nap before studying for the exam and taking the exam. But where sleep is concerned, no chance can be taken because one never knows how much time ... finally I woke up at 5 am the next day. I went at the door, opened it slightly and saw the snow covered landscapes outside.
I was supposed to visit someone in an old mansion, and deliver some package. I reached the mansion, parked my two-wheeler and looked at the huge mansion standing in front of me. It was night time dark. I pushed at the huge gates and walked in as they slided backwards. Next thing I remember myself sitting in a TV game show, inside the mansion, with a team mate who had a morose expression on his face most of the time. The audience cheered at every correct answer! :D Three other teams sat on our right side. Also, the participant giving correct answer is given something tasty to eat, like a pie or some pudding. :D I gave many correct answers and had many pies. I used to shout out the answer sometimes as I couldn't contain my excitement, and I got a frowny look from my team mate everytime I did that but I smiled at him broadly and ate more pies. :D
Next thing I remember running in the corridors, hallways and lobby of this huge mansion. I was running away from a madman in a wheelchair but he was a ghost I think because he used to catch up with me and was present before me in whichever direction I ran. Finally I reached the main door, opened it and rushed outside. It was still dark outside. As I walked away from the mansion towards the gate, I saw few stray dogs, some lying, some moving lazily about the pavement on the other side of the road. As soon as I opened the gate and stepped to the other side, they turned wild and started barking at me. They didn't give me time to start my vehicle and rushed towards me. I left the vehicle and started running as fast as I could.
Next thing I remember is running near a railway track at the break of dawn. I found a small pathway away from the rail track towards a small settlement, so I ran on that pathway, and reached the settlement. I ran on the streets of the settlement colony and while taking a left turn, I passed from outside an old house that looked like my grandmother's (naani's). I stopped and peeped inside, panting vigorously. I saw both my grandparents inside. My grandfathers were lying on the two cots that could fit in the small room that I could see through the bar opening in the upper part of the door. My grandmothers were sitting beside them. Only my maternal grandmother spoke, which makes sense as the other three grandparents have been dead for a long time. She told me something important about myself and about our family but I forgot what she said. Her voice was cautious so as not to tell everything but also sounded as a warning. I got goosebumps and I jogged away.

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