Thursday, September 9, 2010

9th Sept 2010 Late Morning

I saw myself traveling in a bus. There was this school friend of mine sitting behind me with whom I was talking and a guy in one of the backseats moved his lips to say that my friend was really pretty and showed me a thumbs up. I moved my lips to say, I know and smiled. Later, I got down with my friend at her stop near her house instead. While walking to her house, I took her hand in mine and to make conversation I suggested she don't bite her nails because fingers don't look good with bitten nails. Yeah, the guy in the backseat successfully made me feel conscious in her presence.
After leaving my friend at her house, I decided to walk back home because I guessed by time taken in my regular ride of the bus that my house won't be more than two kilometers from there. In a few seconds, I realized I had no idea which direction to take. I recalled the direction bus takes and walked in that direction. A few minutes later I found myself in a completely different locality with differently colored tall buildings. I was enjoying the experience. I kept on walking for half an hour in various army cantonment colonies and felt as if I had visited different states or countries. Tired and eager to get home asap, I decided to take help when I saw the army jawans on the gate of one of the colonies. When I asked one of them the direction to my house, he showed his palm and asked for Rs. 2 as charges. I was surprised, and amused. As I stood there looking at him, he lowered his charges to Rs. 1, then added that had I given him Rs. 2, he'd have given Rs. 1 to his partner, and pointed at his partner who was looking out towards the gate.
I think I might have given him Rs. 2 and he'd have given me the directions to my house.

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