Sunday, June 30, 2013

30th June 2013, Late Morning

I saw myself in a big hall where they'd kept us. They seemed to be waiting for the night to pass. I was sitting with some of my friends, scared. They said we were under attack. My mother said to me that all my father wanted for us was to see this part of the country but he had never anticipated this would happen. I said, I
understand, but where is he? He was nowhere to be seen.
My little sister along with other young kids were made to run errands with the understanding that they won't shoot kids. I saw her through the water drops covered glass window, carrying something onto our side. Next scene we were still there, but now we were not under protection but as hostages. This time my mother was not there beside me, only my friends were there. One of my friends felt something was nudging against his lower back, on retrieving it was found out to be a video camera, the big ones journalists are shown to use. The terrorist thought that we had weapon so pointed his machine gun, closely strapped to his shoulder, at us. Ironical it was, a helmet wearing soldier in uniform replaced by a face covering terrorist, although both had same kind of gun strapped closely to their body and same stance of attack.
The terrorist looked rather excited, I could see it in his eyes. He took the video camera from us, fondly looked at it and started fidgeting with its buttons. He showed us the video of this conquest and said they had recorded many such conquests. He told us it was his friend who enjoyed doing all this, who was gunned down by the military commandos, but his camera had survived.
Meanwhile on TV at one corner of our hostage hall, I saw one of my friends getting a prestigious award, it was Oscar I guess but it didn't look like one. It was broader and thinner and wooden. Somehow while giving her the award, the trophy broke from the center into two equal halves being held strongly by its wooden stand. She got angry, really angry and started criticizing how callous the organizers had been for it was no local affair but an international event covered by media all across the world, all into the mike for everyone to hear and know. Within 5 minutes, a new trophy was presented, and to the organizers relief, this one didn't break.
I saw myself looking at my father on one chair and some other guy on the other side, talking to his comrades regarding implanting some I.C. chip, some tiny device in my father's skin as part of their mission. This they did perhaps because my father is an army officer. Later they left, freeing all of us? I was really concerned regarding that device and its effects. I was told by some expert that it only leads to mild amnesia but I still wonder what's the purpose? I visited some remote village to find the twin of the terrorist who did this. This other guy looked like a total wreck, selling chickens to earn enough to live, face covered with beard, red eyes devoid of sleep but full of intoxication.

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