Wednesday, February 12, 2014

11th Feb 2014, Late Morning

I saw myself in a mall with Soumi, Radha and Sourabh. We were at the top most floor, playing arcade games at a corner outside, not in any arcade room or maybe those games were from older times, the 90s I guess. While rest of us played and switched between different machines, Soumi kept playing the same game, 'the islander' and by the time we were tired and done, we saw Soumi had reached level 11, something I had never seen anyone do before. Sourabh, in his usual mannerism said, "Abe kitna khelegi, chodh ab aur chal yahaan se." (Hey how much more will you play? Now leave this and lets go), while Radha just smiled looking at him convince to leave her game while she still kept playing, undeterred.
By the time mall was closed, she was still playing, and stopped only when the power supply was cut off. We stood in semi darkness, and could only see the long straight escalator, which was now a staircase since the electricity supply was cut-off. We walked down and the three of them walked out of the mall. I kind of was left behind as I looked back into the darkness, and felt scared for a moment. I saw them walk out of the gate but my mind got diverted and I turned right as I noticed something I had not seen before. While I walked in the alternate segments of darkness and light across the ground floor of the mall, I came to a place where I looked around and couldn't figure out a way out. Suddenly I heard someone say to me in a whisper the way out.
"are you trying to find a way out? that way, go that way."
I turned to my left and saw this guy peek out of his bedsheet wrapped around his body, lying on a hospital bed. I suddenly realized I was inside a hospital. A hospital inside a mall? I followed that man's instructions and walked out of the building.

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