Tuesday, May 15, 2007

15th May 2007, Afternoon

I saw this dream after watching 22nd episode of Heroes. Heroes was AWESOME!!

I was somewhere in some island and there was a party or something. People were drinking and having a nice time. I was on vacation but it looked like some people needed my help there. My family went back and I stayed for a few days. I narrowly escaped my death when a guy tried to kill me and fled through the jungles (they were deep jungles with lots of trees and ancient structures and creatures, like in 'age of mythology' and 'age of empires' game) and he couldn't follow me. The guy was not any normal guy and looked like he had special abilities. Somehow I couldn't understand why he left me, was it because something came in his mind that stopped him while he was trying to kill me or was it the jungles which were powerful enough to protect me from any evil powers. The time of attempt of killing was dusk.
There was a death in train, killing of a man in red suit who looked a bad guy and the richest man on the island and I saw him threatening someone I don't know, killing of a lady in some shop with whom I had talked a few hours ago and was talking and looking fine. She was even smiling.
The man killed in the train actually recalled this guy and so this guy appeared and killed him. Surprisingly nobody else saw this guy except the old man in the train and me. People suddenly found the old man drop dead and were shocked. It was just about dusk.
The man in red suit and red pants had called me once earlier and wanted something. I refused to give my services to him. After a few hours, I saw this guy (only a part of his shadow) standing in front of that man in red suit, while the man in red suit was talking on his mobile. I saw this guy killing the man in red suit as soon as the red suit guy turned and looked at him. The man in red suit was a negro and wore a red hat also. It was time, just after twilight.
The lady in the shop was screaming on someone seconds before she died and was acting insane. Was it fear or anger I don't know. I could only see her screaming and not the guy. It was just after sunset, dusk.
Somehow all the people he killed were related to him because they died only when they recalled this guy, especially his name and face. He appeared exactly at that time and killed them. No one else could see him and there was no violence in his killing. People recalled him, looked at him, he did something while standing at a distance and facing them, and they died. Maybe that's why I saw myself lying on the floor while he was staring at me, when someone distracted him and I fled as fast as I could. I was terrified, but not hurt much.

I see this guy with a girl whom he loved and this guy was looking younger now. When he saw his girlfriend dancing with some other guy in an evening party on a beach and smiling and enjoying in his company, he couldn't tolerate it and before he knew it, he had killed him.

I was sitting in my room, doing something on the P.C. when my aunty comes to me and I tell her that i'll go. She says it's not important but I say that my work can be done later also. My mother calls me from the other room. I walk through the corridor(the corridor has barely any lighting in it, it's kind of dark) and reach the other room. I hear her saying that she is unable to do something on the P.C. and that I should be doing that. It's a kind of online competition of a few hours using mouse. It's like covering the maximum distance with the mouse pointer.

I see this guy who is the killer in police uniform walking in the corridor of some police station and would be investigating the same case of murders.

I went out with my parents, sister, uncle and aunty to a fair and there I saw him. He saw me, looked like he wanted to communicate, but with others around he couldn't so he disappeared.
Strange thing, he appeared and disappeared anytime and anywhere he wanted. I think I was present on the spot when people died. Maybe I saw all this in my dream or maybe I am that guy, I don't know. But all this happened after I fled from this guy through the jungle.
Another strange thing is that I meet the people and then after a few hours I see them dying. In this way, I could locate the person he'd kill next. Maybe he kills the people I meet. I don't know!
Maybe I got connected to him after I fled through the forests and so he wanted to meet me, and not kill me this time. Maybe he wanted some help but when I saw him in the fair, he saw me but didn't meet me.
Before I could do anything, I woke up! :D

I am still unable to recall maximum part of my dream. I had slept for 3 hours in the afternoon and there was some fighting and some running and some more exciting scenes which I can feel I'd seen but am not able to recall at present.

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