Sunday, May 4, 2008


I saw myself as a school student, with same teachers teaching me who taught me in 11th and 12th class. I saw myself sitting in the same classroom, wearing that same uniform and having that same school backpack. This week the teacher teaching computer science had given some work to me, which I had to show her on monday. Also, there was this movie being aired that weekend. Me and my friends decided to go for the movie. That evening, we reached the cinema hall but we were not allowed to go inside because we were not invited, or rather not eligible! I couldn't understand what did he mean by "not invited". We stood outside the entrance, looking for a chance to sneak inside. The cinema hall was small and had one small screen hall, like a small town cinema hall. A few of my friends also tried disguising themselves differently (rather as adults) and tried to get in, but all in vain. Eventually I, and also my friends saw that the gate-keeper wasn't there, so we all rushed in. I was hesitant, as I saw the gate-keeper coming from a distance. All my friends had entered and were signaling me to hurry up! I looked at them, then at the gate-keeper who was chewing something and moving towards the main-gate, with a long stick in his hand. All I did was pretend that he wasn't there, and coolly walked in. My heart beat stablized only when I was well inside the corridor. I saw the door of the hall open. I went inside and saw nice cushion chairs covered with white cloth, and the floor covered with carpet. I was suprised to see only few people sitting inside. We waited for about half an hour, then started to leave. I saw my computer science teacher, and looked for a place to hide. But she also saw me and called me. She told me that the movie had not yet arrived, and that she and her family had also planned to come by and watch this movie (why weren't we allowed in, then?). I was happy she didn't mention anything about the work. As I walked out of the main-gate, I turned my head around and saw the gate-keeper sleeping on his chair and the dusk slowly filling the sky and the small town, with darkness.

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