Sunday, May 4, 2008


The first thing I remember is being in a big closed box, traveling with Alok and Abhinav, on some big and long two wheeler vehicle. They didn't know that I was in that box, and when I couldn't stay in the box any longer, I came out and they were surprised (of course!). Unfortunately, the thing that I replaced myself with, in the box was very important for them and so they started grumbling about the fact that they'd have to go back and get that thing. The road looked dim and things around looked bluish, probably it was early morning time.
Next thing I remember being with my parents and sister, in a tourist bus, going to some place. In the middle of the journey, our bus broke down on a deserted road. It was dusk. We all got down from the bus, and started looking around. My parents, sister, I and a few other tourists walked a little further away from the bus, and saw a pathway on the left side of the road, leading to some place. The pathway was at a certain depth from the road, and was lit by a bulb, which showed human habitation there, or nearby. So we got a rope from the bus, and started going down by holding the rope. During my mother's chance to go, (she was the first amongst us to go) her hand slipped and she fell directly on that path. None of us had noticed (it was getting dark in the evening) that there was a snake beside the tiny plant which marked the start of that path. Beside the plant was a deep trench and hence one had to land on the other side of the plant. My mother did land on the other side of the plant, but she also activated the snake. The snake started hissing and this caught our attention. I saw that and was terrified. I was afraid to go down there, even to help my mother! :(
But suddenly something happened, and I directly jumped near that plant (or was it my father who pushed me?), didn't use that rope), and slipped a little towards the trench. I was flat on the floor, in between my mother and the snake. I started blowing air on its face from my mouth, to prevent it from coming on to me. That thing frustrated the snake even more and it started hissing more loudly. I saw another snake emerge from behind this snake, a little distance away.
Next thing I saw I was standing with my mother in some corridor of a nice restaurant or hotel or some similar place. My mother then started a conversation with some lady and told her that she really liked her visit to Kerala and that although she didn't like south Indians much earlier, she really likes them now and would like to visit this place more often. That lady was also from Kerala and she didn't take the remark pleasantly.
Next thing I saw was myself in some small town market, with shops and people and streets etc. There was some school function going on and I think I was also a student of that school, because I saw students doing some P.T. kind of thing on the ground, or some dance kind of thing, and I was watching that as an audience among other students. Next thing I remember was sitting in some advance class, with professor lecturing on something. I pissed him off by saying something and he gave me some work or shouted at me or something, and I was upset. The professor was a nice person, but I "really" pissed him off by saying/doing something I don't remember now. I was sitting there in the class, wondering about the shop, some shop that was, through which I had reached this place. I was a school student and once I came through that shop I became a student of this advanced class. Now I wanted to go back through that shop to my school life. But I decided to stay in the college life and accept the challenge. That shop was kind of grocery shop or a bakery maybe.
Next I remember asking Asrar that why doesn't he do some exercise and body building and he gave me a genuine reason I don't remember now.
Next I saw myself talking with Yogendra, we were standing beside some vegetable sellers. Yogendra said he was interested in Mechanical Engg. and I told him that many people do two engineering, so can he, and that electronic engineers also do lot of mechanical work! :D (soldering etc.)

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