Sunday, May 10, 2009


Today I saw a dream in which there's a Mr. Curious. He's running, running in the woods, through the gaps between the trees, towards his hut. He's being chased by someone and is killed before he could reach his hut. A team starts investigating the murder of Mr. Curious.
What mesmerized me most about Mr. Curious is that he was actually smiling when he was being chased, when he was running away from them. I saw him running in slow motion, he looked back time and again, or sideways and I all the time saw smile on his face. Actually along with Mr. Curious two other cartoons were also killed.
Some lady was killed, made bare and blood sucked out from her neck. She was the love of the person leading the investigating on the murder. The lady who was killed she was loved by none other than the younger version of Sunny da, Sunny Deol! :D
So now he's totally mad and he wants to kill the murderer in the same way as his love was killed by him. So, he bites his neck like a dracula just like the murderer did to his love. Murderer knows he's going to die but he doesn't. Somehow Sunny da leaves him alive but kind of handicapped, sucks up quite a lot of blood out of him into a plastic bag to find out others by studying that blood, as if blood had memory!! He sucked up blood from his mouth and automatically the plastic bag was filled with blood :D
Meanwhile I was attending some classes maybe martial arts classes. I was gifted a long rod by my master, a wooden rod, much longer and thicker than a bo.
He asked me not to shorten it or give it any shape. He asked me to practice with the whole rod itself. It was not cylindrical but had edges. Interestingly, the part of the building, which was a broken flat with broken walls and partial roof etc. was the same building in which the Sunny Da's love was killed and that murderer's blood was sucked out. :)

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