Tuesday, June 23, 2009

23rd June 2009 Early Afternoon

I saw Sylvestor Stallone moving in the same corridor as mine. I saw the door open and went inside, into the untidy room, thinking that room to be of the person who had asked me to pay his room rent. He had given me a cheque, which was good because I couldn't find it anymore but it troubled me nevertheless. I entered the room from the left door, the rooms had two doors, mine too, and by the time I realized that the room was that guy's and turned to leave, I saw Sylvestor enter the room through the left door with a bowl of something in his hand and spoon in his mouth, eating something. I acted normally, not showing my excitement. To my surprise, nobody else showed any excitement either. I told him about my sudden intrusion and he said he was fine with it. He was quite a sport, behaved like a college guy. I told him about my problem while we walked outside his room and in the corridor. He cheered me up and said that he would help me find that guy. Then suddenly got hyperactive and started sparring with me, I ran to save myself but he overtook me and then ran towards me from front and gently pushed me. I skidded a few metres and my motion was broken by a pillar. Suddenly I saw Mridul sitting at the pillar on the other side and moaning about something. He refused to tell me about his problem, then after insisting one more time he started blabbering it out non-stop. I told him about Sylvestor Stallone staying in the same corridor as mine and it didn't seem to cheer him up or bother him in any way.

I met few other guys before leaving for home. A group of my immediate juniors were playing some game and they called me, asked me for a favor, asked me to do a rolling on my back on a slope inclined at almost 70 degrees. I agreed, thinking it would be easy, but when I started doing it, with the referee shouting the time left, I couldn't do it. I didn't feel tired or stressed at any part of my body but I didn't seem to have the energy to push myself up. "Time's up", the referee, another junior, but I kept on doing and others watched. Finally in two minutes, time limit was one minute, I did it. The juniors who had asked for this favor said that they'd expected me to do it and I said, I did it but took a little more time. While I was leaving I met few other juniors who said, abhi toh aap yaheen ho kum se kum ek saal, milte rahenge, have great vacation.
What I couldn't understand is, the huge palace also would be accommodating naval cadets too.

I saw Britney Spears too, according to the scenario, I think I had chatted with her online and now I had forgotten my online alias. She was standing in front of me, chatting with some other people, I wanted to talk to her so I introduced myself and talked, but like a stranger. We had become good friend online and if only I could remember the alias she'd remember who I am. :D

It was a huge gathering and all the professors and even my school teachers were present, although everyone was scattered around the corridors of the palace. I was under some stress because my parents were waiting for me outside the gate of the area of the palace, which is a tourist place. My father had to leave at the earliest in a separate direction and meet us later at home.
There was a new teacher who sang almost everytime and she sensed my tension and sang me a beautiful song, said all the best to me and left me feeling better, then my school's english teacher came and said, "isn't she wonderful", and I agreed.

Since for 5th year we had to stay in this place, me and Mohit went for a stroll. Few spots including the lake which everyone used as a swimming pool had to be paid for, we paid for it but we saw the filth floating on the surface of the lake and decided not to swim.

Sometime back at home, I compared the tummy of my cousin to my sister and said to my grandmother (naani) that my sister had correct weight as per her age but my cousin doesn't and is thin for her age. Naani seemed to disagree.

I had gone on a tour with my parents and sister, traveling in an army truck, with lots of luggage and proper beds in it, like in a room and backside of the truck open so enjoy the view as the sides and roof is covered. On our way I asked them to stop at the palace so that I could collect few things.

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