Monday, August 17, 2009

17th August 2009, Early Morning

I saw myself in a train, a train that won't stop. Everyone was afraid, certain that the end of life was close now. I was one of them, uncertain, and helpless. All I remember was someone calling me while I sat among others, doing nothing. I simply got up, followed him, and it was like, "I came, I saw and I conquered" type situation. I saw the problem (had been eyeing it from a distance for sometime now but was even unable to figure out the nature of the problem), and voila, I could see the problem clearly for the first time. I made a few suggestions which were reluctantly tried and, they worked!
While the people celebrated as the train slowed and stopped eventually, I walked away to the back end of the train, then got down as the train stopped. The tracks ran through a barren region with plain lands and wild vegetation, and hillocks scattered here and there.
I saw myself walking into an old stone cave which extended underneath. Glad to see a teenager from the train, and he recognized me, we exchanged greetings and I walked beside him and his parents as we entered the cave. They somehow knew the way into the cave and the way out, and after a few minutes into the cave, I saw many other people, men and women (weird looking though), some with their children, coming from somewhere inside while we walked further into the cave. The cave seemed to expand in space the more we went inside. The center of the cave had some old architectural place akin a temple and I saw people giving away offerings and touching the walls of the temple.
I felt scared for a moment, which aggravated as I looked at the men and women coming from the temple... they looked scary. I turned the other way and walked briskly towards the cave opening, which was still in sight. Only a few steps away from the gate, I stopped. I turned back and wondered, would I always let my fears control me, inhibit me from exploring what could be larger than life experience? I realized that I was an adult now, all my childhood my fear stopped me, not anymore. And I didn't want to die in regret, so with a resolved will, I walked back to the temple.
Back in city, my friend Atul and others attended some seminar or talk or something (probably their convocation!) and Atul exclaimed he wish he had done MBA, or he had done this or that, instead of his current job. I was surprised to hear that because he has a comfortable income.


sm said...

good thriller story

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hey u got nominated for indiblogger of the month. I have casted my vote for u.
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sm said...

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