Friday, July 31, 2009

31st July 2009

I saw myself in a possession of a treasure which had been hidden since very long ago. I had just returned from a long trip to a place with snow-clad mountains and cable-car rides. The cold didn't seem to bother me the way it usually does. I did feel lazy and didn't want to go out in the cold.
The guest house had glass windows and the scenery outside was completely white. The instance that scared me was the cable-car ride on a descending wire. The cable-car caught up so much speed that I screamed my lungs out when I saw the destination place, and it turned before a possible collision could take place. My father scolded the cable-car guy on the other side.

I decided to auction the items in the box I discovered buried in the snow at the tourist spot. It contained some day to day items used a couple of generations ago. I heard the bully brothers presence outside and hid the box. I was sitting in a small room with a desk, a thatched asbestos roof, brick walls and rusted window sill. They must have seen the light on in this rented room as the younger brother who was more impulsive burst open the ajar door, banged the table with his heavy hands, and asked me for hafta(weekly wage to be given to a bully). As always I could pee in my pants but this time, like few other times in the past, I collected some courage, and refused. I knew what was to come... I was ready to get few blows on myself. But he saw the wooden box, pushed me aside, bent inside the desk and took it out, opened it and started going through the contents. In vain I tried stopping me which made him think it must be something important. He asked me why I was collecting such shit stuff... small rusted medals, rusted blunt blades, few bits of cloth, few worn out keys, few badges, few nuts and bolts etc. His anger elevated to a newer level and I realized my final time had come. But his elder brother called him back, saying they should be near their father. Apparently something worried them.
Next scene, I saw the elder brother talking to his father in his father's room. His father was getting ready to go jogging. Son argues that his father shouldn't put so much physical stress on his body since he was aging, but his father asked him not to be ridiculous and suggested he do some constructive physical exercises himself. The elder son was wise after all, but I guess he failed to realize that his father didn't feel any fatigue no matter how much exercise he did. His father did look surprisingly young to be a father of two 20+ year old sons.
I took the treasure box home, something about it fascinated me. I started searching about the significance of the medals and badges...
Next day the younger bully came to little room, riding on his usual aggression but no anger this time. I couldn't believe his behavior and what he said. He asked me to give the box to him as it belonged to his family. I didn't believe him and refused. He was about to hit me but the elder one asked him to bring me along with the box. I visited their house, met their father. He was a pleasant man, complete contrast to his younger son. He seemed overjoyed to see the box. He said it was their family possession, his father and his brothers who were champions in some game they played, similar to soccer and they were the champions. One season a landslide caused them to loose the game and their father. They lost this box as well. The bully's father then took me indoors and showed me a gigantic machine, cylindrical with many big holes for thick wires to plug-in. Bully's father said to me that they were physically and technically superior species from different planet and played their sport on different terrains of different planets to make the game more interesting and challenging. Their source of energy and strength was destroyed, bully's grandfather tried to save the source but was sucked in himself in the landslide. Bully's father said he still felt guilty of being the one standing closest to father and yet not being able to save him.
The father then faced his elder son, asked him, do you still wonder why, or for that matter you two don't feel tired or fatigue?! He then turned to me and said, "Thank you. You've given me hope. I can now resume my search." For some reason I felt like start of something exciting with people I least expected with.

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