Friday, September 25, 2009

25th September 2009 Early Morning

I think I was a pirate, or a merchant/sailor, I can't seem to recall what!
But I remember myself on the deck and sailing... long months at the sea, sailing, partying, confronting minor glitches etc. and occasional fights with another team. I returned home after almost a year and loved my welcome! My parents were so affectionate I was loving every moment of it.
I saw myself wake up in my room (was the previous paragraph a description of a dream in a dream?) and see bright daylight glisten my glass windows. I look at the time, 3 am. I walk out of the room and witness broad daylight. Surprisingly it was so bright that shadows were not clearly visible. I saw Asrar walking towards his room, the room adjacent to mine, and I asked him what time it was, and he said 3 am. He had no clue about the broad daylight phenomenon and suggested I not get perturbed by it. I saw the janitors and others walking in the corridor, asking for money on the occasion of a festival, Eid or Dussehra, don't remember. I took out a Rs. 50/- note and said I didn't have change (cheap, I know. :( ). They replied that it was alright and left. :(
To my biggest surprise, after few minutes the brightness disappeared and it was dark again. It was like the anti solar eclipse phenomenon, or it could have been a supernova!

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