Sunday, February 7, 2010

7th Feb 2010 Early Morning

I saw myself as a warrior from a different era because many men dressed as warriors from Spartan's era visited me and convinced me to return, realize my roots and destiny. I remember one of the men saying, "You are destined to be a warrior, what are you even doing here?" looking down upon the work I did.
I was an employee in a corporation. :D On insistence of my colleagues, I tried drinking and smoking after initial hesitation. I didn't feel any beginner's discomfort. The first puff of smoke from my lungs was liberating and whiskey was so smooth! Everyone was surprised!
Later at home, I heard my father talking about whiskey. I realized that my parents had asked me never to drink or smoke. Innocently, I asked father more about whiskey and how it tastes. He seemed to like whiskey and praised it, but didn't offer me a chance to drink! :P

I saw myself as a kid, in a large area surrounded by net. My friends and I were waiting for the boxing training when we all got an option to do attend something else instead, which was something silly and quite boring, but harmless! I just got up and walked out of the net and joined the queue for the other activity. My good friend looked at me, surprised (Arpit Khasgiwala, I think). Some distance from the net, I looked back and saw my friends and others sitting on the sand area lighted from top and surrounded by net. I realized I was leaving behind my great chance of learning how to fight and endure pain. I left the queue, jogged back to the net. My friend saw me, knew my concerns, punched me hard in the face. I fell back on the sand, my nose bleeding a little and my head still confused.
"Welcome back!" he said, offered his hand. I grabbed it and he pulled me up. Maybe he was my friend who later convinced me to return and embrace my destiny of a warrior! :D

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