Thursday, October 10, 2013

11th March 2013, Morning

I saw myself in some fort. I was learning song writing by a renowned expert! I had promised my friend that I'd get better at it and will write more and better lyrics for him. We were a great team. One day I wrote something really good and wanted to show it to my teacher before anyone else could see it or use it. I didn't want to go through the regular stairs leading up to his chamber at the top most floor. I decided to go from outside the fort. I took the stairs circumventing the outer periphery. After a flight of stairs there was steep slope. The fort was made of stone and so wasn't slippery, my shoes could get a good grip and my bare feet better grip but I was standing on the edge. Suddenly the supporting barrier that one often has in terraces to prevent someone from falling, the stone made barrier just moved behind me, got dislocated I think, and fell, leaving me open to fall. I looked up at the slopy path, the stairs above and the steep wall that I would need to climb after that to reach my teacher. With scroll in which I had written the song in my right hand and fear in my legs, I stood there wondering was this ever a good idea.

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