Tuesday, July 22, 2014

22nd July 2014, Late Morning.

I saw myself in a room with many people, guests I presume, but known people like family and family friends. I don't know how but next moment I was in the same room but with fewer people, including my parents and sister. I saw three women dressed in dark white walking into the room from the other door. Their head was covered. The whole room was almost dark and gave a hazy effect. It was like we were in another realm, perhaps the realm of higher spirits. I saw everyone touching the feet of those women, seeking their blessings and asking for their wishes. All this while I couldn't see the face of those ladies which were covered with their saree/hood.
Then someone prompted me to touch her feet, seek her blessings and ask for any wishes that I might have. I started thinking and I take a lot of time to think. I remember my father also prompting me to go ahead and at least greet them if nothing else. But as I recalled my life and everything about myself and my life, I was filled with such intense joy that I almost lunged at the lady standing nearest to me and hugged her sideways, and said, "Thank you!". Such joy I perhaps never felt before. It was the happiness of all the happy moments of my life put together and at that moment, there was nothing else I wished for, but this joy.

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