Sunday, August 17, 2014

17th August 2014, Late Afternoon

The Magician effect
Today I saw a dream that I was fighting with some guys who were from enemy team. I had seen them storm in and take everyone by surprise while some event was going on in this royal palace kind of place. They went on to steal few things which they seemed to have had decided upon and then even attempted to kidnap few girls, perhaps whom they knew were relatives or lovers of the other team members.
I got this urge to stop them so I got in between them and the wall that they were jumping to get away. This one guy who had some girl by her hair, pushed me aside with his left hand alone! I really couldn't fight him but couldn't let him take that girl away. Luckily the other team jumped in and rescued the girl. Few went after the ones who'd escaped.
Happy to get this unexpected help, I decided to sneak out of this mess. But the other team guys thought I was a part of the team they'd come to hurt so they started targeting me as well!
I observed something interesting here. Most of them were sword fighters but there were some sword fighters who didn't need sword. They could fight with anyone since they had magical powers. But could fight them only on their terms, i.e., they could only fight as a sword fighter with a swordfighter. I saw this magician from another team engage with sword fighter of my team (I was soon to be a member of this team) and defeat him. But he didn't kill him.
Next he came after me! But something strange happened. He could have snapped my neck in a second but I started fighting him on his terms, i.e., magician to magician but I wasn't a magician! In fact, I was highly unskilled! But in a few seconds, I became a magician just like him, and perhaps it shocked him to see this change so I could easily push him to the ground and keep him there.
But it didn't end there. I had to fight some other sword fighters also since they kept coming at me perhaps because I had floored their magician. Strange enough I retained my magician powers. But I could barely fight them off since the newfound powers were overwhelming and I collapsed. When I woke up, I saw this guy from my team, wearing this yellow shirt with some designs, standing near me.
Rest of them were standing at a distance but staring at me when I opened my eyes and tried to move. They didn't know me since we'd never met. Moreover, I could be a spy, trying to fake fight my way into the team. They looked surprised that I wasn't a magician but i turned out to be one, even I don't know how. So this guy I could recognize but had forgotten his name.
Apparently I felt I knew all of them but couldn't recall names or code names and if I couldn't speak the code names, it means I wasn't a part of the team. Before the yellow shirt guy could kill me, the name just came out of my mouth, just like that.
I think it was the effect of me getting those magician powers !!

In this other scene I was standing near a table and saw this guy in his late 30s chatting with some girls at that table. I approached the table and in my attempt to be friendly, by mistake blurted out that the guy was a magician. Now all he wanted was a normal night with normal people doing normal conversations without bringing this whole magician thing into the picture and ruining everything, including one's safety since we were after the other team who had stolen from us. Apparently they'd decided to keep me in their team and he and I were teammates but I had ruined this one for him and now he looked scared!
I saw him slightly indicating his finger to his lips, to silence me. In my attempt to correct the situation, I decided to exaggerate. And we know what happens when someone exaggerates. People stop believing even what you had said earlier. So I told them that he can also fly like Superman and produce claws like Wolverine.
And everyone laughed.

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