Friday, February 12, 2016

12th Feb 2016, Early Morning

I was desperately searching for a parking space. I had entered this locality which had this wonderful shopping complex from where I preferred buying my daily stuff. But my usual parking space was occupied today and I couldn't find any parking space in the vicinity. Suddenly I saw an open gate beyond which some guys seemed to be discussing something. Without thinking twice, I took my scooty inside and parked it at a nice spot near the gate. I locked its handle and turned to leave when I saw this lady putting up her hand to stop me.
"This parking is only for those men who're participating in this contest." She said and pointed at the big poster with a photo of a man carrying his baby and smiling at the camera.
Presence of mind isn't my forte but that day I was at my best.
"Yes I have come to participate in this contest."
She seemed to soften.
"Your name?" "And where is your baby?"
"Oh the baby!"
"Sir, I'd like to move your scooty out." She caught me!
"But there's no parking space outside. Please help!"
"Sir, follow me."
I thought she decided to help me.
"There, can you see, plenty of parking space." She pointed her index finger at the window through which some vehicles and gaps between them was visible.
"Okay. Thanks." I said and kicked the scooty to start.
"Sir, could you please take it outside."
So I dragged my scooty out of the gate.

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