Friday, January 29, 2016

Dreams before my wedding, Jan 2016

Last week I got many dreams related to marriage and relationships.

Other marriage offer
I saw my parents and some other couple of similar age sitting at my house. They were discussing something about me. My mother asked me to sit with them and she introduced me and said few nice things about me, or reiterated those nice things again, just to refresh the other couple's memory. I soon realized this was about my marriage. I felt certain uneasiness which I think every guy feels when his marriage is being discussed. But my gut feeling told me that this was wrong. I felt like my marriage had already been decided and talks about another marriage was a blunder. It seems my parents forgot about my marriage that got fixed earlier. I also had forgotten but my gut feeling made me remember traces of such a recent memory. I looked at the couple. They seemed innocent. I stood up, looked at them again and just walked out.
Somebody had messed up with my parents and my brain. Was this couple so desperate to get their married to me? Or was there someone trying to sabotage the other couple whose daughter I was going to marry? I managed to find contact information of the other couple whose daughter I was to marry. They came to meet us again, relieved now, but anxious earlier since we hadn't communicated with them for many days. I looked at them and their daughter sitting in our living room. Deja Vu, yes they are the ones.

Phony girlfriend
I remember having a girlfriend. But I couldn't remember the person who was my girlfriend. This girl walked up to me smilingly, put her arm around my arm and gently beckoned me to move along. I couldn't remember if she was my girlfriend but she behaved naturally like my girlfriend so I decided to accept her as my girlfriend. No I wasn't drunk or high. But I wasn't sure about how my girlfriend looked. That night when we both were in bed, I tried to do some kinky stuff that I naturally did to my girlfriend and she seemed to enjoy it. But this girl was shocked, as if I was doing this to her for the first time! I thought she was joking so I tried again and this time she showed more displeasure. This confused me further. What was wrong tonight? Did I do something to upset her?
My gut feeling got activated again. No that wasn't it. She isn't upset. She's not my girlfriend. No matter how my girlfriend felt, she'd always enjoy our kinky experience. It was quite dim in the candle lights but I looked at her and clearly see someone I really didn't know. I put on my shirt and left without a word.
It took me one week to find my real girlfriend's contact and address, through my email interactions by searching for the word "baby" and "shona" in the archives. Apparently I'd broken up with her on WhatsApp but I never sent any such message. I couldn't come on call after that because I was apparently in another world. Finally she decided to forgive me. That night when we both lay together, I tried that kinky stuff on her. She enjoyed it. Yes, she was the one.

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