Friday, June 8, 2007

25th May Night::

Me and a few of my friends decided to hang out somewhere after our morning classes and afternoon tutorials and lab sessions everyday. I always saw a list (names written on a wooden board floating in front of keane school :D ) of me and my friends who decided to hang out together. In the dream I only saw us watching movie together in some cinema hall ( we went to same cinema hall everytime we went out to watch a movie ). I saw Arjun Chhikara, Prateek G.V. and a few more guys ( I don't remember everyone ).
I had some personal work one day and so I agreed to meet them after sometime. One of my friend suggested a short cut to me, that I could take, to reach that place in less time. He gave me the directions on a wooden board (similar to the one which had list of my friend's) with names of places written on it. He pointed to the name of a place and asked me to take a right turn just before I reach that place and follow the trail, which would directly take me to that place. I agreed and left.
I don't even remember who suggested me the short cut, and that way never took me to our new place of hangout !
When I reached the place later that day, I was not sure if I should be taking the short-cut. I was not even sure if I was at the right place. The bus conductor gave me a strange, surprised look when I asked him to stop at that place. I was now standing alone on the road, with wild weeds and moor on both sides. There was a dusty beaten path and looked like it would take you somewhere, but now I was not sure if I should be taking that path. Nevertheless, I started walking on that path. After a few minutes, I did see some houses at a distance and looked like a colony. I walked enthusiastically towards the colony, relieved since I thought I was lost in the moors. I walked on the streets, stopping people and asking the address of the place I was supposed to be in, for the hangout. Nobody knew the place and surprisingly they didn't even understand the language I spoke ( neither English nor Hindi... no they were not telugu speaking people ). I was perturbed and agitated. My first thought was to return the same way I had come from. But then suddenly, a small child invited me to play his game. It surprised me. He gave me a non-verbal demo of the game with the help of gestures. Perhaps he might have realized that I couldn't understand their language. I was hesitant, but then he caught my arm and gently pulled me into the game. It was a game which included some symbols on the ground and one has to jump and do something with those symbols. After that the child took me to his house's roof and I could view far and wide standing on the roof of his house. What I didn't realize was that nothing but moors and dusty land could be seen and that there was no visible traces of human civilization that could be seen. But what I did notice was the colour of the sky ( pinkish orange ) and that the weather was cool and sun was about to set. I had fun for some more time with the kid till some grown-ups joined us. The kid looked like the kid in 300 and that the closest possible resemblance to this place is the city of Agrabah. So, while I was at the roof with this kid, instead of getting to see the city and the palace, what I could see was dust and moor and wild plants randomly growing here and there.
Next thing I saw I was again sitting in the classroom and attending a lecture. I later told my friends' the reason I couldn't come and that my friend had told me a wrong short-cut. The friend apologizes and I realize that it is Prateek G.V.
Later I see Prateek and I dancing and enjoying on the roof of that kid's house with some kids while the sky dimly glows pinkish orange and the weather is cool.

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