Thursday, June 7, 2007

24th May night ( after 1 o'clock ):

I saw myself travelling in a vehicle at a neckbreaking speed. I first thought that it was a bullet train. It had two compartment ( as far as I could see ). I was sitting in the second compartment. I tried to go to the other compartment to meet Asrar by jumping to the oter compartment, crossing the emptyness in between the two compartments. Everything looked blue, the lighting inside the bogies were also blue. I met Asrar and he said that he would be asked oral questions and some written ones and he had to present his work. Everyone had to do the same in his compartment and that students from the second compartment had to do something extra, which sounded like some interview ! I was tensed but I said that I've seen a lot of bad things ( in this context, I didn't get things I wanted ! ) happening to me in the past and it didn't matter to me anymore whether I succeed or fail. I was sweating and prepared for this one. I later realized that this vehicle was flying and not levitated.
I felt the vehicle stopping ( nothing could be seen through the windows, or doors and everything looked black outside ). I decided not to go out to have dinner, because they usually stopped at some unknown place. I'm not saying that the place is bad or unhygienic, it's just that I don't generally feel like having food during journeys. But someone told that the food will be served by the caretakers of the bus and so I got down. I looked out and saw a long queue and indeed, the food was laid... it was nice, but I can't remember what... except for ice-cream!
I quickly became a part of the queue. I heard someone shouting for participants for playing the game of balloons. In that game, every participant has to get hold of a balloon after it is left in the air and then hold it without getting it bursted. The person doing so for the longest duration wins. While taking my ice-cream, I caught a balloon and quietly gave it to a girl ( participant ). She wasn't even aware that the game had begun! :D
Since she was the first to get hold of a balloon, she won the first prize. This reminds me of an incident in my real life that once I didn't let a pretty looking girl win a game ( since I won it ! ) and I feel stupid about it ( the game was statue dance ). After helping this girl win this balloon game, I feel nice. :)

Then my sleep breaks, I am reminded that I am still traveling in a bus. I watch a few scenes of some Anil Kapoor, Dimple Kapadia movie and then sleep again....

I find myself going from one place to another, the place looked wierd. I was walking, but the distances were long ( does that mean I was walking fast or was I a giant ??!! ). I did hire a 7-seater but most of the time, I was moving from one part of some city ( looked like a mixture of Jalandhar and Hyderabad ) to the other part. Same was with my mother. We both moved from one place to another and came home at night. I later realized what I was doing. I was exploring the place. We were new to that place.
After a few days, my father asked for the balance and the amount of money spent. I started telling him, and my mother interrupted occasionally to show that more money was spent. So, I had to mould my words to fit in her ideas.

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