Tuesday, June 30, 2009

30th June 2009 Late Morning

The scene opens with a space shuttle nearing a satellite somewhere far in space. I saw a few astronauts (or space walkers) come out of their space shuttle, each tied with a connector to the space shuttle. They slowly and cautiously moved towards the satellite, probably for doing some repairs in the satellite. A few seconds later, while they were yet to reach the satellite, I saw the space shuttle blow up in a huge blast, and the powerful flames engulfed all the space walkers in it. I saw their body char and evaporate, and one person's head separated from his body and the two charred and evaporated separately.
Next I saw myself on the roof of a tall building, walking around, thinking on what else to add to an essay (the topic I don't remember) I had been asked to write by my father. It was early morning, dawn I guess. I was quite engrossed thinking about the essay and finally came up with the exact content and structure of the essay. Quite excited, I left the rooftop, only to find myself in a railway station on the first floor. I climbed down a helix flight of stairs, boarded a train and left.
I reached a housing complex and as I entered it, I saw a girl of my age jogging in the same direction. I recognized her as my classmate from some class in school. We shook hands, she was not surprised to see me and I wished her happy birthday!
I was surprised to find my parents to be in her house, as I was asked to meet them in this address. Before I could speak about the essay, I found myself getting married with that girl and her father showering flower petals on us. I saw my parents happily smiling. The idea of getting married was quite a shock and I couldn't remember anymore.
I liked the girl, that's what I thought in my dream. But getting married to her, I don't think so! :D

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