Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Wacky Dreams Collection Volume 1

1. I saw myself pleading to Atul and Prashant that they teach me for an exam. I did so for a few hours till 8 am. When I started to study for the exam, I looked at my watch and the time is 8:20 am, 10 minutes before exam. I lost my temper, and started hitting Atul. Atul hit back, playfully at first but when he saw that I wasn't fooling around, he got serious too. Meanwhile, Prashant slips away for exam I guess. We sparred for few minutes, landed few blows on each other and finally we were on the floor, bleeding. I then saw us on the hospital bed. My plan worked... we gave the exam later. :D :P

2. This was during morning time in bus from Pune to Hyderabad: I saw them transfer some plants to main field. One of the plants couldn't stand in its water filled space and its shoot got submerged in water. In my attempt to help, I pulled it out and put it straight when no one else dared to touch it. Something from the plant stuck to my fingertips and it had teeth. It bit me. :( (although I think I did wake up because of the bite, not sure though!)

3. 3rd Feb 2010 early morning: I saw a lady sitting in front of her dressing table looking in the tall oval mirror. Suddenly her groom comes into the room who looks like a zombie. The zombie attacks her and after initial struggle, tears off her left hand and part of her right hand. She bleeds and shrieks in pain. Her would be mother-in-law comes into the tent room. The groom zombie rushes out of the tent room and into the woods. The bride goes after him, concerned. The would be mother-in-law goes after them, then stops the bride and says, "Oh, you look so beautiful for the wedding!"

4. 20th March 2010 early morning: I was dying. I had a disease that the doctor did know about but he said he could never understand the nature of that disease and that disease always puzzled him. He said that a cure does exist, he gives me a prescription for the medicine but says that medicine would take few months to arrive, and I might be dead before the medicine arrived. I saw myself sitting alone in my house and prescription in my hand, with dim natural light streaming in from the open door on my left side.
One of my female friends asked me about my perturbed state of mind. I told her everything. She asked me to be hopeful and that everything would be alright. I wanted to believe her, but couldn't.

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