Monday, February 8, 2010

8th February 2010 Late Morning

I saw myself making a trip to some weird city. They had spacious toilet space like big halls. Some relative of mine, an uncle or a cousin, and I with backpacks on them, traveled to that city on foot, on bike, and train or some public transport. I also saw us jumping from one floating (in air) particle to other during last few hundred meters away from the city. We got very strange reception from the city and its people. The people talked rudely to us and to each other even when they didn't seem so. I observed that the city was mostly deserted and I remember mostly finding the cleaners in the city, cleaning I wonder what!
I remember packing for the same trip, a week later, deciding on clothes and accessories. The second trip was also to be a two day stay there. I saw my father talking to me about the trip and how he appreciated that I was helping out the family! (This dream was probably inspired by Arrested Development, a TV show whose finale I finished watching yesterday night.)

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