Wednesday, May 26, 2010

26th May 2010 Early Morning

I saw myself at my uncle's house. I saw myself meeting Renu aunty in the kitchen. I touched her feet and she hugged me and seemed happy to have me at her house. I didn't meet uncle I think. I am certain my father was there but not sure about my mother and sister, even though I feel they were there! I saw daadi sitting in a chair in front of a table. I guess her walking stick was standing beside her. I didn't know how to meet her as I was surprised to find here there. Initially we just nodded our face and smiled at each other but finally I went to her, touched her feet and I think she was happy to see me.
I remember getting out of a military convoy vehicle. There were fold-able thin set of steps to be used while getting down and out of the vehicle. I got down from it, then offered my father a hand but he said he was alright, then some other man got down after him, I guess he was a friend or a relative. My father beckoned me to help him get down. I offered to hold his two hands, he put his hands into mine and I tried to take all his weight on me while he stepped down those shaky set of steps.
At a railway station, I got into an argument with some railway workers. I could see the yellow stone board which has name of the railway station but couldn't see the name. Those people were praising some guy who called himself 'Warren Buffet' and said they respect him a lot and are willing to die for him. I told them that the guy they met was probably a phony as the real Warren Buffet was probably somewhere else. They became furious and threatened to kill me if I said another word. I left.
Later I saw that phony guy in common man's clothes on the asbestos rooftop of railway platform. It was early morning or late evening. I realized he had a plan. He appeared in front of the railway workers and started abusing/accusing that 'Warren Buffet'. Those railway workers got angry and were about to hit him when he revealed that it was him, he was the phony 'Warren Buffet' but wearing neat and classy upper class suit and tie. Feeling cheated, those workers ran after him, few managed to hurt him from a distance. I didn't involve myself in his business but observed the event.
Later, I saw myself at a hospital. I could smell the anesthesia. I saw that phony guy there, waiting for his turn to get treated for the wounds. As soon as he entered the room, he saw another patient, who was probably a railway worker because he struggled to get up but because of severe wounds couldn't. It was as if he was tied to the bed with thin threads/strands that he could break but doesn't feel strong enough to. He probably wasn't there at the station when this guy revealed the truth, but others might have informed him about it when they came to meet him. This phony guy, sensing danger, just left the hospital. Looking at that event through an ajar door made me forgot why I was in the hospital!

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