Friday, April 30, 2010

30th April 2010 Late Morning

I saw myself at a conference with almost all my friends and batchmates. The talks and presentations were  being held at a grand hall. We were given the conference program and details at the start of the conference at the registration desk. We were sitting in the front rows of the second set of seats from the stage.
Some person had created his own self in a machine. I saw them carry the lookalike of that person which was sitting in a cardboard box and the box was being carried. The lookalike machine was programmed so that it could make a conversation and keep it up. It gave exactly the same responses (verbatim) which the researcher would have given.
I might have gone to wash my face or to the loo but when I came back, I saw none of my friends at our sitting place but others. I looked around, then at the stage where the speaker was. There, around a big table, on the chairs, were sitting all my friends and batchmates. I saw them talking and chatting with that machine. I felt rather left out and neglected. In a sulky mood, I sat on one of the chairs in the second set of seats and stared at the screens which showed the action on stage to people sitting rather away from the stage to hear anything.
That night, we were moving around the town in a jeep. We all had stuffed ourselves in the jeep. The town closed early everyday and had many unfinished or broken shops, narrow streets through which the jeep barely came through. Yeah, daddu was driving the jeep! Although dood fought hard to take the control of the wheel!
Next morning while walking the corridor of our place of stay to leave for the conference, I met an acquaintance on the way. She told me about the dream she had last night and asked me if I had such dreams. I said, her dream was quite interesting and that I had such dreams many times.

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