Tuesday, January 21, 2014

22nd Jan 2014, Morning.

The day was cloudy and windy and the waves were wild. I was standing at the deck of a ship with my parents and my sister, among other tourists who had set sail on that ship with us. I never got to see our cabin  because all this time we were roaming on the deck and inside the ship and exploring the ship. This was the first time either of us had set foot on a ship and we were all every excited. My sister seemed a bit cautious of this new place so was rather silent but I think she was slowly soaking it all in.
I remember peeping into the insides of a big restaurant through the crystal glass panes of the thick wooden doors while we were at the deck. I could feel the ship moving under my feet, that slow wobbly motion of the vessel that gives some people sea sickness. However I seemed to enjoy it.
Next day the weather was brighter and the sea was calm. It felt like post-breakfast hour when we were once again standing on the deck and that faint sunshine was quite beautiful. It was almost noon when someone approached us and told my father about the new sea activity that came within the package we had booked. It involved two people who could take a ride on the sea in a new compact well streamlined model of a water scooter which was even covered at the top so that if it topples, it can be made to turn back to its normal position again. He shared the pictures of this new model and then, since we had nothing else to do, we went to check out this in action.
They were slowly suspending these from the ropes, like they do with lifeboats (and these would make great lifeboats, btw), and I saw a couple get into one of these 'pods' as they looked like. The wife seemed quite thrilled (read: scared) and the husband tried to smile at the camera. Apparently they were the first ones to try these out. The steering wheel caught my attention, it was so thin! I saw the husband hold it and it bent under his grip. I saw the next pod closely and saw the steering, the seats etc. My father was almost ready to send me and my sister down in the open sea. I looked at my sister and she was also looking at the pod, and I realized she had no idea the dangers at the sea. It was like walking on the treetops, what lay beneath was beyond our comprehension. Besides, we've all seen what sharks can do, in the movies and Discovery channels. They assured that this part of the sea was least inhabited and so didn't have any sharks or other sea predators but I didn't want to take any chances.
Very few people get to see a real shark in action before they die but I wasn't going to be one of them! So I refused, my fear evident in my face and voice, so my sister also had to miss out on the fun. She did look disappointed and gave one last look to that empty pod which was then occupied by another newly married couple.

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