Thursday, January 30, 2014

31st Jan 2014, Morning

I saw myself sitting at a restaurant, waiting for her. I was supposed to have lunch with her. However I saw that her whole family, some 20 people walked in and took seats in the restaurant in the row in which I was sitting. I was sitting in one corner and one of them, an old man probably her grandfather, came and sat with me and made me feel comfortable.
The service at the restaurant was really good and as I was feeling shy and overwhelmed by presence of so many family members, the grandfather helped me out by asking everybody to quickly order food of their choice and I took out my meals coupon to pay for it but grandfather had already paid him in cash. I started to argue with him but he and everybody else had got busy eating so I didn't pursue it any further.
I was having a good time and had almost forgotten why I was sitting there in the first place, i.e., a date with her and only her, not her whole family, when she walks in with two of her friends, and they occupy a small table in my line of sight in the middle of the restaurant, meant for 4 people. Someone from the family asked the waiter to call for them. All this while I was just sitting there looking at her in utter disbelief. I think the grandfather and few others looked at me with sympathy.
She really didn't seem to know we all were there at the same restaurant, based on the way she reacted when the waiter told them and indicated them towards our tables. She introduced her friends to us and greeted everyone except me. I know she felt my presence because she paused for a moment and felt something because her expression changed but she didn't directly look at me. I was sitting at the place where I always sat during our lunches but still she didn't look at me! She simply took a chair adjacent to me and everybody resumed their lunch. It was so good to see her again, laughing and chatting. But she didn't seem to notice me at all or remember that we had a lunch date.
Once the lunch was over, while everybody started leaving, I was hoping that now she'd say something to me but she didn't. Next I saw myself fighting with the manager that they might have paid him more and tried to stop them when he said it was Rs. 700. He repeated himself saying it was Rs. 700/person. I saw this other guy paying up remaining amount and leaving while I was in a conversation with him. And now the manager left me in the middle of a conversation.
Later I learned about her fiance, a surgeon. Reminded me of my friend Harsh when I saw him, in conversation with her and her family. I was okay with her marrying him, I just wanted her to meet me once.

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