Monday, January 27, 2014

28th Jan 2014, Late Morning

I saw myself in so many different alternate realities at the same time.
In one there was a gathering in a big ground with arch shaped seating arrangements with increasing heights. There was no audience and everybody was either singing in the chorus or at least standing there with them. It was past dinner time and I stood there looking at the crowd turn into a well arranged group of chorus singers singing their regional songs as a symbol of solidarity. There was a cake kept at a high stand and it seemed it had been cut into pieces and some pieces were already consumed and my attention was mostly at the cake. I saw Rajesh T walk in and sit there with others...
I saw myself in some get together of my friends where they were making up games. It was like morning of Holi. I saw Snigdha, Rajasekhar and few others, they were standing in line and doing some dance steps and some other funny things and were asking silly questions to passerbys. I became one such passerby and they asked me silly questions. Snigdha asked me something and I replied something fruit something, and for every question she asked, I talked about fruits! Rajasekhar responded, 'bakwas'.

I saw this guy meet this girl for the first time at her house. It seems the guy crash landed in another reality with his house while his parents were out somewhere for the night. The girl and guy seemed to like each other instantly. Even though the girl's father was hesitant about them hanging out, he didn't object to it too much. So they spent all their time together, driving around, sitting in the meadows and sharing laughs, or kissing each other after every joke. They spent nights at the open air cinema, just the two of them, watching the movie from their convertible and then falling asleep in each others arms. They loved each other so much that the guy gradually became fat and I said to myself, the girl will leave him now and go with a better looking guy. But while I was there I saw her with him only, she even kissed his big fat lips on his big fat head.

I saw myself in the house of that guy which was now abandoned. It was late at night. Somehow I felt lost in time, realizing that this is not the first time I am in someone else's reality and thought hard, really hard to get back to my reality. I remembered I was a little kid who had got lost while playing with his soldier toys. In my mind I recalled that this one man would save me, this one man with a funny name, and then I heard someone shout, 'Sherlock' and I said to myself, that's him! He had saved me when I was lost that evening and he will save me now. But then I ask myself, what if he doesn't come to rescue me this time? Think buddy think! There's always a way out, I know my reality and I will get back to it.

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