Saturday, January 16, 2016

16th Jan 2016, morning

I saw myself at a "party", a late night one. Venue was a water mining site. Blue color of various shades lit the area. I watched as mining machines seamlessly did their work while people talked, and drank to their heart's content. This get-together was to celebrate the successful mining of different waters up to some milestone figure (100 kiloliter?). These different kinds of water existed as ice in their natural form. All of them had different chemical compositions (only original water was hydrogen+oxygen) but they all had all the basic properties of water, like it evaporates when exposed to heat/sun, it dilutes any constituent without reacting with it, it is a terrific coolant, it has high latent heat capacity etc. However some waters had certain taste, but when mixed with drinks or made into soda, didn't seem to influence the original taste of the drink, up to a certain extent.
Some friend of my father asked me to make my father a drink. My father is a reluctant drinker but that day they wouldn't take a no for an answer. He also specified that I should fix him up a drink from the newest mine they'd discovered just today so that he would be the first one to drink from that one. You'll be famous Sainani, they said, which didn't excite my father but he grinned. The chemical reports had not come in so its harmlessness wasn't confirmed yet. This was an unexplored territory and except the water crystals discovered in these mines which miraculously were not toxic, many other things found under this land were. I handed him his drink (whisky 15% + neo water). I didn't bother much about their conversations but overheard them say that they were waiting for him to take the first sip while he said that he wanted to take a few minutes break to let the previous drink sink in (that was a customary drink we all received (some alcohol + water from one of the mines) as a welcome drink. Some women declined so they were given 5% instead of 15% or more).
There was the much awaited phone call regarding the chemical test results. It was reported Category 2 toxic. The next thing I did was to find my father asap.

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