Thursday, April 30, 2015

30th April 2015, Early Morning

I was walking on this long street like M.G. road flanked with shops on both sides. "Kondapur road" was the name that came to my mind. I saw some of my school teachers as shopkeepers there, perhaps they'd changed profession. Then I saw Rajeev sir at his shop. Sometimes I walk on this road and wave at the shopkeepers, especially my school teachers and greet them as they begin their work-day and I'm on my way to begin mine. Today, on my way back home, I met Rajeev sir who, in the course of our conversation, told me that he'd have to vacate the shop as he had violated some regulation and also didn't have enough funds to keep it going before he breaks even. We discussed all possible solutions to this problem, there were some but at the borderline of feasible and infeasible. I left his shop to head home, hoping it all works out for him.
I was preparing for an exam and the syllabus didn't seem to finish. After office I kept on studying till late at night, then fell asleep. It might have been 3 am when I woke up, refreshed, and resumed my preparation. In my mind I felt I was writing the exam while I was preparing, it felt as if the timelines of the two events were running in parallel. Luckily, because I'd woken up really early I had plenty of time before my exam that afternoon. Also I had to write a new story and prepare for its performance that evening at some club. So next I saw myself at the club where a group was performing some skit. My sister had to leave and I accompanied her to drop her at some class or performance. While we were leaving the skit group stopped their performance and announced that my sister had won some lottery or something and gifted her a box neatly gift wrapped. One of the guys asked me if I also wanted a gift. I agreed and he started doing something on his i-pad which seemed to have got stuck so this other guy said, never mind, next time. I didn't mind and my sister and I left. After dropping her I hurried to my home where I had planned to script the story. But then I recalled the skit I'd seen at the club and decided to perform my famous, "A walk to the toilet" speech for 10 minutes at that forum itself, instead of writing a new story for performance. However, I had to write a new story to submit somewhere, but I had few more days for that.

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