Sunday, January 11, 2009


Late morning at around 11 am, I saw myself standing inside the building of MH (Military Hospital) beside my father. I was sick, probably the most familiar sickness of bronchial asthma. We already had an appointment, so doctor's assistant came out of doctor's office and took us to a room where I was to be given treatment with nebulizer. I was feeling weak and could hardly walk because I was unable to breathe properly due to my ailment. I had earlier taken treatment of nebulizer so I knew the procedure and had the experience. But when we entered the nebulizer room, some other guy, of same age as me, was lying on the hospital bed. He was on nebulizer treatment. I looked at him and was reminded of my previous experience. He looked at me and my father, his pale face and eyes showed his weakness due to lack of oxygen in his body.
Suddenly he started choking and shaking, as if in pain. He couldn't even remove the mouth cover (oxygen mask) of the nebulizer from his mouth. He seemed paralyzed and then he coughed blood into the oxygen mask. I stared in shock, as my father called for the assistant of the doctor who handled those instruments. The guy was stablized and put to sleep, in another room. Now was my chance to use the nebulizer but my father was skeptical about the safety of that equipment, after looking at the condition of the other guy. He suspected something wrong in the nebulizer and asked the assistant of the doctor and few others to investigate. I sat at one corner of the room, looking at them while they checked the machine. They said the machine was in perfect working condition.
A couple of minutes later the medical report for that other guy came, which said that he had sudden internal bleeding in his lungs due to which he choked. The reason was still unknown but they confirmed the fact that it was not because of the nebulizer. Learning this I wondered, what if the things he inhaled through the nebulizer made his condition worse. Ultimately my father got me some medicines and avoided the nebulizer treatment. The hospital staff was worried about the speculation my father had and that he'd report it to the higher authorities. My father kept his silence on this.
Later that evening I went to a birthday party. After the cake cutting ceremony and the feasting, I saw the birthday girl laughing and standing beside a guy (is he the same guy from the hospital? I don't really remember... what if he really is! How could he be here then?) behind a round table and got their photos taken. Her brother and his girlfriend also joined them. Then the guy and her brother shook hands in bro style and that guy took the birthday girl by her hand and both left. The birthday girl looked really happy and excited. While leaving the guy greeted me good bye and left. I am still not sure he was the same guy whom I had seen in the hospital.
Looking at those two together made me realize that maybe I also should be in a relationship. Looking at the birthday girl I thought that I should also have a girlfriend like her, not her in particular. While my mind was occupied with such thoughts, the scene suddenly changed and I saw a forest with a big lake in between surrounded by trees and mountains partially covered with snow, which reminded me of the movie Chronicles of Narnia. I then discovered the truth about the birthday girl. A voice told me that she is the protector of the creatures who live in this forest and she must protect them during winter season when these small/weak creatures have to come out of their hidden homes to fetch food. During winters, most of the wilder/strong creatures become active and search for food as well, and sometimes this search leads to fight over food, which might hurt the weaker creatures. During summers all the creatures remain dormant in their hidden homes (like burrows, caves etc.). Also, some super powerful beings also stay in those forests and their fights could also hurt the weaker creatures which must be protected to maintain balance of nature in that forest, and in general. So she must return every winter to help them, to protect them. I saw all these things as a movie, by being inside the movie, and saw those creatures fighting and these weaker creatures dying unnecessarily. I saw the birthday girl, spreading her arms and soaring in the sky, wearing white dress and protecting the weaker creatures.
I found it unbelievable but after I decided to believe in this part of the truth about her I realized the reason for her happiness... winters were approaching, the change of weather made me sick with bronchitis, the other guy was dying of internal bleeding but was now enjoying the party. I also didn't feel the sickness while at the party. She was happy because her boyfriend was healthy and well again, not realizing that she made him healthy and well, and her happiness emanated her powers that corrected everything around her, including my bronchitis. She didn't know the truth about her and I learned the truth, so maybe I am supposed to tell her the truth.
She is only an acquaintance so I am not sure that she'd believe me, but maybe I am the best person to tell her, that's why I was the one who was chosen for this task.


Gopal Koduri said...

still 2008? :)

Abhishek said...

@Gopal Koduri: Oh, that's typo error! :D